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Alright guys, I totally forgot about this experience up until a few hours ago when I was shopping at a liquor store and saw a bottle of rumchata. Which by the way is the GROSSEST thing I have ever tasted (sorry rumchata lovers) but, that will be explained later on in the story.

PS: If you wish to begin right at the start of the experience, scroll down to the ~ symbol.

On one sunny afternoon, 2 of my friends, Brianna and Aaron, invited me to go on a trip to Big Springs, Texas to help one of their highschool friends move out of his dorm room. Having nothing better to do that day, I agreed.

Alfredo, the person we were going to help didn't sound familiar. Not his first or last name, so I was sure I didn't know him.

When we arrived, to my complete surprise I noticed we had pulled into the parking lot of a college for deaf students. I've never been to one. I'm not picking on deaf persons to be clear before I get into this. I've had only one deaf friend in high school. We only communicated using paper and pen or by phone. We got along great. I was just a bit nervous because this wasn't high school. This was a college of deaf persons. Adults mostly. I'm going to go ahead and embarrass myself and say I'm really awkward when it comes to the deaf or blind. Simply because I don't know what to do. I mean I'm awkward with people in general so I was just afraid of making a complete fool of myself.

We signed in at the lobby desk and were given directions to Alfredo's room. We past through the lobby itself which was full of people. You see...I'm awkward enough as it is but, I'm even MORE awkward when people are staring at me. Any group with over about 10 people. There were about 30, waiting to leave I was guessing but, it felt like I was the one being stared at out of the 3 of us. So, what do I do?

I turn towards the group and say "How are you!" while waving... It didn't make things better because they kept the same facial expressions while watching my every move. When I realized that I was an idiot for thinking they heard me and face palmed myself, they all laughed at me. Talk about embarrassed.

When I saw Alfredo, I instantly remembered him from my history class in our freshman year in high school. I greeted him excitedly but, he didn't remember me at all and apologized for not having the brain of an elephant (for real that's what he said) and remembering things probably from childbirth. In his way, he was complimenting me in such a way it sounded like an insult.

While Brianna, Aaron, and Alfredo started talking about old times, I walked back out into the hallway and eventually started analyzing the red button on the side of his door. They were on every door. Red buttons. Now, I've never in my life seen a red doorbell. I've also learned from cartoons to never press blank red buttons. But it was in a college so they must be safe right? Or maybe an emergency button?

Just then, I heard the most loudest, scariest, and disorienting, "HEY!" I have ever heard in my entire life. It came from within the same hallway so it echoed, making it so much worse. It scared me so bad, I shrieked my manly yelp, crouched down, and put my hands over my head and instantly regretted it, for I was being hysterically laughed at.

I stood up to see a student down the hall next to his door slightly bent over and holding his stomach because he was laughing so hard. At me. I felt so ashamed. When he calmed down, he fell into a sudden eerie silence and locked eyes with me. Just when I thought he would bolt in my direction, he gives out another disorienting and shrieking, "HEY!" making me jump backwards, slamming my back onto the wall and holding my chest, as if I was just shot. Oh this sent him into another hysterical laughter. You know the kind of laughter that makes you want to laugh too? It was one of those. I couldn't be mad at him for almost giving me a massive heart attack.

Anyways, I'm getting side tracked. Long story short, while the three of my friends were moving things from the dorm to the pickup, I was talking/ communicating with the student. 23 year old, Erik. We were communicating by typing into our phones and showing each other. I personally think it's the most coolest thing ever. He told me that he wanted to become a doctor and that he wanted to prove his parents wrong. I assured him he would for he didn't lack the confidence at all. I didn't ask about his past at all but, it seemed pretty rough from the bits and pieces he decided to trust me with.

When everything was ready to go, Erik and I exchanged hugs. He apologized for scaring me half to death earlier along with giving me the most beautifully folded paper flower rose I had ever seen. He had a whole bunch in the back of his room just sitting there on his desk. It must take 30 minutes MINIMUM to make only 1 flower let alone multiple from what it looked like.

Of course Brianna and Aaron made fun of me most of the way home saying that Erik had some hidden love for me. Of course I defended the thought in case it were really true declaring that they were just jealous of my breathtaking paper rose. I mean guys... This paper rose was fascinating I tell you! Alfredo explained to all of us of how Erik had a girlfriend and that he hands paper roses out to anyone he grows fond of. I remember sticking my tounge out at Aaron since most of the blow came from his side while Brianna was just egging it on.


When we helped Alfredo put all of his things in his parent's shed, he invited all 3 of us to hang out late that night there while his parents were away for the weekend. He also mentioned that he would raid their alcohol cabinets. Me being the goody I was, I declined the offer kindly for this good boy doesn't drink -or so I thought. I didn't really know how persuasive Aaron was until that day...

So, there we were, sitting at all sides of the dining table late Friday night playing a simple game of uno, the most amazing card game ever. I was enjoying it up until Alfredo declared it was time to raid the cabinet full of alcohol. Since I had never drank before, he suggested that everyone take a "pre shot". I cringed at the thought. He set down shot glasses for all 3 of us. Brianna had a Hello Kitty shot glass. Aaron got the Captain America, and I the Deadpool... I traded with Aaron the minute I got the chance lol.

Alfredo poured green crown apple into the glasses. Brianna and Aaron took theirs the minute he was finished pouring theirs. Then there was me... Who was staring at my own glass. Thinking about how disappointed Captain America would be of me and my poor decisions in the next fee hours. I took the shot as quick as possible and gagged just as quickly when the burning gross liquid hit the back of my throat, making it come out of my nose as well as down my throat. You talk about IMMENSE pain... Plus crown apple is just gross!

After I cleaned myself up and everyone had a great laugh, I sat back down to see that Alfredo had filled my glass with rumchata. It was the color of milk with a tint of yellow. It looked gross but it smelled amazing and just as I thought, it tasted even better. Alfredo claimed since I hated the crown apple, that I would dislike every other alcohol that was available in the household EXCEPT for rumchata. Said it was his secret weapon, just for me. He had went out earlier that day and bought a big bottle of it just for me. He went on a rant explaining how when he met me today, the only vibe I was giving off was an "innocent" one and that he pushes "innocence" to its limits.

What freaked me out the most, is that in the middle of me drinking this delicious rumchata, he leaned into my face and said "everyone has their demons." As if he were trying to hint to me that he knew something about me that I didn't even know about myself. Now, I was about halfway done with this rather large bottle of rumchata (drinking it straight from the bottle at this point) when Aaron told me that I was "done" and needed to drink a glass of water and "lay down." That was politely telling me that I was drunk and no longer able to stay up with the "cool kids." I wasn't even drunk.

Or so I thought...

I rebelled against his requests of course and told him that I wasn't laying down until I was the last man standing. Another hour went by, I was done with the rumchata bottle and had moved on to sharing cans of bud light with Alfredo. I couldn't taste it but it made me feel better I remember that.

Alright guys, this is the part where my memory gets foggy but, I remember most of the bits and pieces. I also threw in what my friends told me what I was doing later on.

Alfredo and I were outside on his patio drinking bud light and watching the lighting light up the entire sky. When it started to sprinkle, I jumped up, ran down the stairs, and onto the sidewalk, where I did my dance. What kind of dance? I have no idea. I was told that I started dancing with my shot glass in hand. Why and how did I have my shot glass while dancing in sprinkling rain? I have not the slightest idea but, I remember having a blast. I've always loved the way rain and sprinkles felt on my skin. Especially... More now that I was drunk...

I eventually dropped the shot glass onto the concrete and screamed "Captain America!" as his face went everywhere. Alfredo was furious and claimed he had to get the broom but I took it upon myself to clean up Captain America's face since I was the one who dropped him and he agreed rudely.

As I was on my knees roughly picking up the pieces of glass, lightning lit my surroundings and I SWORE from the corner of my eye, I saw the figure of a man standing behind his oak tree. I didn't whip my head around to look as most people would for confirmation. Instead, I immediately closed my eyes and started shaking my head as if to say "no"..."no"...

I opened my eyes to see that my left hand was bleeding badly. I was so afraid that I had my fist clenched, impaling my soft wet skin against the glass shards. I frantically finished picking up all of the pieces, threw them in the NEIGHBORS front yard, and bolted inside. All 3 friends were immediately asking what was wrong as I hurriedly rushed to the restroom while whispering "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

This was the part I thought I had dreamt but, I later on found out I didn't...

As I was washing my hands, I noticed an old lady sitting in the bathtub, which was next to the toilet and the toilet being next to the sink where I was washing my hands. She was nude. One arm lay propped on the wall and the other dangled out of the bathtub. She was looking up at the ceiling with a kind smile on her face. She seemed like she was enjoying herself. She didn't talk to me. I didn't talk to her. I was more concerned about my bloody hand and didn't have time think about talking to a naked lady.

As I raided the mirror cabinet for bandaids, I looked at the old lady again from only the corner of my eye once again to see that her gaze had shifted towards me. Her head was now facing me. It gave me an unsettling feeling and I suddenly didn't want to dare look at her directly. So, once I found the box of bandaids, I took the whole thing, turned off the lights, closed the door, and rushed to the dining room table where everyone suddenly stood at the sight of the glass cuts on my hand.

This is a part that I don't remember, and Aaron claimed that my personality changed completely.

Alfredo asked me furiously if I had picked up the glass with my hands.

"Well what else do you think he did?!" I snapped at him.

There was a short silence before it was interrupted with the bandage wrappers. Once my hand was wrapped, I stood up, and analyzed my hand while asking, "What's with the lady in the bathroom? She started watching me out of no where."

Instantly after I said that, Alfredo gripped his head and stormed off towards the couch while saying, "No! No! I knew it I knew this wasn't a good idea! He has to go! Now! I don't want this in my parent's house they've been through enough!"

While Aaron went to go calm him down, Brianna came up to me and started rubbing my back because she saw only a few tears running down my face. While keeping my gaze fixed on my hand, I said calmly, "Fine...then I will go and never return."

As soon as I walked out onto the patio, I felt like I was in a dream again. Everything was dark, the rain was coming down hard with occasional thunder. I had suddenly felt afraid but, kept my composure and sat down in a chair, fixing my gaze into my lap.

As soon as the lightning illuminated my surroundings, I instantly stood up immidiately fixing my gaze towards the tree, remembering what I saw earlier.

My eyes are starting to water just thinking about this again... (and goosebumps)

When my eyes adjusted, I saw it. A guy wearing a top hat from what I could tell. The image I had of him in my mind was one of those sketchy men who wore black suits and top hats back in the early 1900's. It was a brief moment but, I think I pictured him.

He was only a shadow leaning upon the tree with his arms crossed. Like he was waiting on something. I didn't dare take my eyes off of him.

In a split second, the lightning illuminated my surroundings but, he had vanished only to reappear but, this time, standing in front of the tree with his hands by his side, facing me. He had vanished when the lightning illuminated the surroundings but, reappeared CLOSER when the lightning stopped!

It didn't take me long to realize that lightning was working against me. Without taking my eyes off of him, I slowly backed up towards the door and started frantically banging on it and calling out to Brianna and Aaron for help. I guess I should mention that from the moment I had walked outside, Alfredo had locked the door behind me.

I called my psychic, Lorie, immidiately. I only text her. I made calling for emergencies only in the past. I was currently in the process of almost going into shock or having an anxiety attack. I felt cornered.

When she picked up, to my ultimate surprise, I screamed, "I can't get off the patio!" She didn't ask what was wrong. She instead, frantically asked, "why?" And I told her about the guy in the top hat that I was still staring at in front of the tree. She asked if it was raining but, before I could answer, she screamed "you need to get inside now!" At this point I'm crying, "I can't they locked the door!"

"How far is it away from you?"

"It's by the tree!"

"Is there a chance for you to run off of the patio and to the opposite direction?"

"I can't! I'm not allowed too!"

She was silent for a moment. In the moment, came the roar of thunder and the flash of lightning, making me shriek when the top hat man moved a bit CLOSER now but, didn't change poses. I instantly crouched down, pressed Lorie to my ear (a sense of comfort), covered my head with the other hand, shut my eyes, and gave out the most pathetic long cry/scream of my life. It was one of those airy squeals from a broken squeaky toy.

In the middle of it I heard Lorie panicking, "Oh my god. Oh my god no!" I had scared her badly, I heard it in her voice, as if she was about to cry, as if she had given up. She was states away and she couldn't do anything to help me. She has never heard me in panicked fright before. I haven't either.

"I can't do this! I can't Lorie! But I don't want to die!"

"No sweetie! It's all in your head!"

"No! I saw it! He's still there! I can't do this. I can't do this..."


"I'm not strong enough."

Just then, the door swung open and I was yanked inside by the collar of my shirt and fell on my back on the carpet. It was Alfredo. I jumped up to see Aaron slam the door shut and swung my body against Brianna's when I saw her coming towards me. I was in tears. Everyone was frantically asking me who it was but, I ignored them...almost...

I turned towards Alfredo and at the top of my lungs, shouted, "A**HOLE!"

He just stood there, looking down at his feet, ashamed. I on the other hand, realized that I had shouted so loud and exerted so much force onto my body, that the room started to darken and spin a little bit. I guess I was falling because Aaron went from being at the door, to underneath my arm, helping me stay upwards.

He laid me down on the couch, where I finally passed out into my drunken sleep.

I woke up and saw that Alfredo was watching TV across from me in one of the recliners. I had THE most massive headaches in the history of headaches. As I sat up, he turned off the TV and fixed his gaze towards me. He had this look on his face as if he wanted to say something but, just didn't know how. I tried to break the ice and asked, "How um... How bad was I?" Unaware that what none of last night WASN'T a dream.

I apparently had dropped my phone when I was pulled back inside. I had forgotten about it. Alfredo had picked it up and he got to talk to Lorie (I still have the eerie recording of the entire experience). At first, they got into it because Lorie was furious that Alfredo had me drink after I declined the first time. She claimed she was afraid that alcohol could possibly make me "sensitive".

Here's where everything started to come together.

She talked with him about the man in a tophat that I had saw outside in the rain. He asked her not to talk about these things because him and his family were against it.

   She asked if I were seeing anything or saying anything else. He immediately brought up the old lady in the bathroom. There was no lady to begin with. After Alfredo locked me out, he went to check to confirm that there was nothing. That I was just drunk and dumb. Lorie started getting personal and asked if there was ever (or still was) a family member who wore a top hat and suit at all and he replied with a stern "no."

     She paused for a brief moment and asked about the old lady in the tub. If she was a family member and he fell silent.

    While he was telling me this, I saw his eyes water. It made my heart sink.

     "My grandma drowned in that tub 4 years ago..."

Guys... I know this sounds insane but I am telling the honest truth. If those who have come this far and claim that I'm not, I'll spare you the next few minutes and suggest you stop reading here, because it only gets more crazy from here.

For those who wish to keep going, bare with me. I'll try to explain and decipher the best I can.

So Alfredo was basically telling me that I saw his dead grandmother. In that bathtub. My first reaction? I laughed. I laughed hysterically and told him that the joke is over and to quit playing and this made him furious. Truth be told, I was really just scared. Me being me... I was in complete denial. He made me leave after that. I had my friends drive me home, where I listened to the recording on my phone of him and Lorie after hearing what had happened to me.

I gotta tell you, there's nothing that made me never want to drink again, other than the sounds of my drunken fright. My whimpers. Lorie's worry in her voice.

Before I get into the rest of the conversation between her and Alfredo. Take my word for it, you may never need it because I thought I wouldn't but, personally, a phone call recording app CAN be very useful.

Alfredo was right, everything that he had told me about the conversation was dead accurate,  I had just heard it for myself. Yet I was still in disbelief. After he told her about his grandmother's incident. She assured him that she was just trying to watch over us and keep us safe. Alfredo's voice was shaky with sorrow and fright. I mean I wouldn't blame him.

     Lorie asked if he ever had the house saged or anything and he said that the family has a priest that comes in once every year to protect the inside of the house. At this point, Lorie's voice was confident. Like she had just put 2 and 2 together, "but I'm guessing not the outside?" He answered with "no".

Lorie amazes me. She went into depth and started putting pieces together telling Alfredo that I was seeing an apparition that was outside with me and that it was intended to harm from the way I was sounding. She thinks it was trying to scare me OFF of the patio. Just what it wanted and how it couldn't get to me ON the patio because the patio itself was part of the yearly clensing. It was protected from bad spirits like him. The patio was basically another small room with glass windows all around. A roof and everything so it did make sense. What caught me off guard, was that I rewinded the recording to the part where I was in my drunken panic while I was on the phone with her.

"How far is it away from you?"

"It's by the tree!"

"Is there a chance for you to run off of the patio and to the opposite direction?"

"I can't! I'm not allowed too!"

I couldn't believe what I had said... Why wasn't I allowed to? Could it be that I was being held back by Alfredo's grandmother? Was she trying to protect me?

Chills shot up my neck as I replayed it over and over. As if I were expecting it to change...

"I'm not allowed too!"

I was so drunk and afraid... But still.

Lorie never did conclude this for me in the conversation between herself and Alfredo. She probably didn't remember it. She didn't have the recording of the whole thing like I did so she couldn't go back and listen to it closely like I could. So I was left to wonder but, it seemed like it was a plausible cause for me to say something so strange.

Lorie went about asking him WHY the family started doing these yearly clensings to begin with. Alfredo said that it was because the mother was attacked in her sleep. She woke up with scratches on her neck for a week straight. A new scratch every morning on the side of her neck. It all made sense. Lorie started to put it all together for him. She explained that the scratches were coming from the tophat man himself. That when they clensed the house with that powerful priest, the top hat man was pushed outside, where he now remains.

She suggested that the priest clense the entire property as soon as possible if not, on the next cleaning and he agreed to it.

When I finished the recording, I called Alfredo and apologized for being so inconsiderate and rude. I told him about the recording and he was furious but, he accepted my apology. We went out to eat that day, where I talked about Lorie and answered any questions that he had about what I've experienced with the paranormal. When I had first brought it up about his grandmother the night before, he didn't want anything to do with the paranormal. He acted as if it were illegal to talk about but, he was just asking as many questions as he could while we ate. My guess was is that he was afraid of me because I had literally brought up his grandmother and how she died without knowing it and out of no where. He was just afraid and didn't know what to do so, he panicked.

We are still good friends to this day and still communicate every once in awhile, even though he moved out of his parent's house to Big Springs, Texas to be closer to his college.

If you made it all the way through this long story, I thank you. I would also very appreciate comments, questions, concerns, thoughts on this. Thank you all💙

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valkricry (49 stories) (3274 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-22)
"...ATTEMPTING to lip sync my words"? If you mean talk without making a sound, so that someone can lip read, that's totally unnecessary. If someone lip reads, all you need to do is look at them and talk. Period. Although a really good lip reader, can 'read' profiles as well. If, I misunderstood what you meant, sorry.
Gh0stHunter (10 stories) (71 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-22)

That sounds like a plausible cause actually that makes sense.

There were some lip readers there. They exist lol but not all of them can do so.

To this day, I'm half and half on Lorie's theory honestly. I mean though if it WAS all just a great big fantasy, that's freaking scary...
Gh0stHunter (10 stories) (71 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-22)

He chose the deaf school to be fluent in sign language. That's one of his passions.

They did see me wave, yes. The embarrassing part was when NO ONE waved back because like you said, I was using the universal sign for hello. Plus I was being really awkward because I didn't know what else to do.

About Erik, not every deaf person knows how to "professionally" lip read. Erik was one of these people. For one, I would feel odd for even ATTEMPTING to lip sync my words, so I did not.

Knowing this, I can't clarify HOW he was able to live in the dorms being 23. I wasn't aware of the regulations. So I'm puzzled about that too lol
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-10)
Maybe the key word in the dorm regulations is 'required' - he didn't have to live in the dorms but elected to because home was inconveniently far away and perhaps rent in the dorms was what he could afford at the time?

And just because someone is deaf doesn't mean they are necessarily unable to speak. Some may only be partially hearing impaired or lost their hearing after learning to speak through some illness or injury. I was quite curious about the utter lack of lip reading though.

I liked Lorie's theory about alcohol making one more sensitive. Granted, some may hallucinate under the influence but I have a hunch that not all drunken visions are strictly fantasy.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-07)
I don't get it.

Why was Alfredo living/studying at the school for the deaf if, according to several statements in your narrative, he ISN'T deaf?

"...apologized for not having the brain of an elephant (for real that's what he SAID)..."
"While Brianna, Aaron, and Alfredo started TALKING about old times..."
"... Alfredo explained to all of us of how Erik had a girlfriend and that he hands paper roses out to anyone he grows fond of..."

Why were you embarrassed when "realized that I was an idiot for thinking they heard me and face palmed myself..." Even if they didn't hear your voice they would have recognized the universal sign for "hello" when you waved your hand, wouldn't they? Besides, many deaf people are able to lip-read what speaking people say to them and it's possible that's the reason why they're looking at you.

Same question about Erik "... We were communicating by typing into our phones and showing each other..." I mean, it was nice that you two were able to hold a conversation but, I'm puzzled about him not lip-reading what you were telling him.

"...when they clensed the house with that powerful priest..." - Cleansing the house with a POWERFUL PRIEST...? Ha ha, reading this made me think about the adds of Mister Clean!:D

Also, I'm puzzled because, according to the Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (SWCID) regulations for dorm living:

"Students taking nine or more hours are required to live in college residence halls unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

21 years of age or older

Refer to the following link for whole article:

But Erik was 23 and had a room in the dorm.

I'd appreciate any information, if you know it, about 'not impaired speaking' Alfredo, and 23 y/o Erik living in campus.

Gh0stHunter (10 stories) (71 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-02)

I feel you there! The only sign language I know is the alphabet and I'm way too slow at it lol so, to spare my own embarrassment, I never used them lol.

Oh my goodness THANK YOU! I mean as much as him and I are still friends, when he said that to me, I knew he was that "bluntly rude" type lol. I wanted to hit him too trust me!

We were young and dumb. Sadly, back then, given just the right amount of persuasion, I was easily influenced due to peer pressure. I'm not like that anymore thank goodness. I'm also not an alcoholic because of that night. I hate the sight and smell of rumchata because of what happened. It makes me want to vomit just seeing a bottle of it lol. As far as I know, I have no idea if I had gotten a bit of alcohol poisoning that night. That is a good point!

Lorie did say that being under the influence makes you more sensitive to things like that. Which is scary to think about. It makes you vulnerable and open. Just like how I was that night.

As for the actions of Alfredo, he was acting on impulse and out of fright. He was afraid of me because I was talking about seeing his dead grandmother in the same bathtub she drowned in. As mad as I was, in the end, I don't blame him. He was just afraid is all and didn't know how else to act being under the influence and all. When we went out to eat he did give me an apology. Many actually lol. I do like your point though. As bad as things went that night, I did remain safe so thank goodness (:

Lorie described the grandmother as a type of guardian over her property as well as her guests. She had fallen asleep in the tub one night while everyone was out of the house. Which is another reason I don't blame Alfredo fully about his actions. The whole family blames themselves for her death. None of them were there. She was asleep when they left. They had no idea they would be coming home to what they came home to. So I empathize on Alfredo's level somewhat. I understand.

Before the family moved in, there is a history of a suicide but, not of a man but, of a woman. So, the mystery of the top hat man remains at large. I believe that the grandmother was trying to protect me that night from harm. Which I thank her for, because she did. Even under the influence, she kept me on that patio, where it was safe when I wanted to run instead. Who knows what would have happened if I stepped on level grounds with the top hat man. Scary thought.

I do stay away from the rumchata for sure haha. The most grossest thing ever haha!

Thank you for commenting!
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-02)
Hi Gh0stHunter, I learned sign language once so I could "talk" to a friend who's partially deaf. He always laughed at how I often 'signed' for him to slow down his fingers when he answered me. I've since lost touch with him but I still remember how to sign the letters of the alphabet, a few simple words and wish someone "happy birthday". ✋

When I read about Alfredo, I had this urge to smack him for his elephant remark. Translation: You weren't important enough to register in his memory. I would've developed instant amnesia on the spot as far as he was concerned! 😠

I was quite troubled when I read this account. Not so much at the ghostly experiences, but at the behaviour of the people around you. As for Alfredo urging alcohol on someone who's never drunk before...? Mixing your drinks would have also compounded the effects of the alcohol. From your words "my poor decisions", I hope you're not likely to do that again? Not that I'm a medical expert, but I wondered if your binge drinking brought on a bout of alcohol poisoning. Among the symptoms would be confusion, lack of co-ordination, seizures, dehydration and loss of consciousness.

But I agree with Lorie that since alcohol lowers inhibitions, it also increased your sensitivity to any paranormal phenomena in the vicinity. Not a good combination and not a good idea to allow yourself to be rendered so vulnerable. Oh dear, not another lecture - sorry, you got me quite worried!

Why did Alfredo lock you out on the patio in your state, out in the weather with the lightning? Why did your friends not stop him or decide to leave straight away? I feel that Alfredo should have also apologised to you. After all, he set the chain of events in motion and should have acted more responsibly towards the welfare of his guests. He supplied the alcohol, gets you drunk and then got upset at the results?

From what you have described, I didn't get the feeling that the grandmother meant you harm. She seemed peaceful in the vision and didn't stop you from getting the bandaids. Did you ever find out how she drowned?

Were you able to find out more about the history of the house and the possible identity of the man in the top hat? I can't help feeling that he was somehow responsible for the grandmother's death and that is why she's staying around to help stop him.

Thanks for sharing and do stay away from the rumchata. 🥃

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