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This year I had the opportunity to go with a good friend of mine on a tour of historic homes and landmarks in my hometown. I'd been hoping to go for years, though this tour was second to the haunted homes tour done in October. Still, this was quite a treat as many people were willing to open their homes to curious and interested people, and there were a few exceptionally old locations belonging to the town museum that would only be open for tours this one day a year.

I am an empath, and this is something I've had a hard time accepting. I feel the presence of spirits, often with their moods, emotions, and occasionally a message. More rarely I receive an impression of gender, their lifetime, and age they project. These encounters affect me physically, and because of that I often hesitate to join these tours as interesting as they are.

There were several homes on the tour, but only a handful had any activity. This is one of the active locations.

Portal Home (again, address omitted):

Most of the homes on the tour (at least the ones that were being lived in as private homes) had been gutted and rebuilt on the inside. This particular home was just a few hundred yards from one of the main streets on a little residential road out of sight. As with most, it was small with additions that had been added over the years to accommodate a more affluent lifestyle.

While this house wasn't a stark, modern shell, it was still very different. I felt a real sense of concern as my friend and I came up to the house with others on the tour. The front door felt almost hot, the way a campfire gives off an uncomfortable heat as you get closer to it. At the same time, I felt an unpleasant but strong pull that gripped me right at the center of my chest and steadily pulled my attention and direction toward it.

I don't know what I expected to experience when I crossed the threshold. Maybe I thought it would ease up, or that there would be a spirit there that would specifically manifest. I don't know, but whatever I expected, that wasn't it.

Inside the house, it was like every door, every archway into a hall, every window had that same pull as the front door. It almost made me nauseous enough to throw up. I didn't want to stay, but my friend (who's older than I am, and very skeptical) doesn't know I'm sensitive to spirits. So rather than risk her disbelief and possible mockery, I tried to suck it up.

The only spirit I actually felt, and felt clearly, was a young boy who was sitting on the stairs immediately inside the front door to the right. He was seated about six steps up, holding one of the rails. The stairs had a real rope across them to let the tour members know that upstairs wasn't part of the public area. The little boy felt around 10 or 11, kind of messy brown hair that was smooth and had a part down his head. I didn't "see" see him, but, like all spirit I get images of, these things were more like impressions, or a kind of intuition. I feel it rather than see it. Strange, yeah, but that's how it works. These are more details than I usually get, so I think the amplitude of energy in the house increased the clarity for that split second.

Once past the front area, things just got even more uncomfortable. I wanted to hone in on individual spirits, but the whirling pull of all the doors and windows was too much to get anything. Instead, it just felt like every door was trying to pull energy in, push it out, or send it spinning. I've never been in proximity to major spirit portals (I try and avoid places said to have that kind of activity) because I guessed it would make me motion sick. This was a guess since I react physically to spirit energy anyway, and in this case I was right.

I got a breath out in the back yard, but had to come back through the house to exit. I would have certainly thrown up if I had to stay in there the whole time without the small break in the yard.

I'm not sure what charged that house, if it was that way for years, or if this came about because of renovations or through people meddling with spirit energy, but this was clearly portal activity.

My friend still doesn't know, even though she was plenty curious why I almost got sick all over those people's expensive floors.

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allisonbeckert23 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-23)
Thanks for the support! Yeah, it's disconcerting. I'd be interested to hear your input on the other stories I've shared here. It's always helpful to know others have felt similar things! 😊
Para-Hunter-Anne33 (19 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-23)
Wow! That had to have been a major roller coaster of motion sickness. Being a sensitive and empath myself with the ability to discern spirits, I have felt those types of physical feelings and responses myself. It started for me when I was around 12 or 13 years old (in the 6th grade), and frightened me to near death because I had no idea why all the strange ghosts and spirits seemed to magnetize and materialize to me. I never had any idea of why I had been given such a 'gift/curse'-- (depends on my mood as to how I describe the ability).I've never told anyone except 1 person I have this ability. And it surprised me that she believed me--since she told me she (and her own mother-) were able to sense the strange things that happen in life that others without these capabilities can only read about. I know how sick I get. I hope you bounced back to normal healthy pretty soon after. And tho' I do feel bad you got so sick,... That was a cool story experience worth the telling. Stay safe in Spirit-- SLAEM.:)

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