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Ghost Pushes Things, I Heard Its Voice On The Baby Monitor


I am about to turn 26, and I live with my boyfriend and our now 9 month old son in an apartment (which is actually a house that has been made into 3 apartments inside). There's the upstairs floor, the downstairs one, and a smaller one next to the downstairs. The original part of the house was built in 1796 (the side where our baby's bedroom is).

So, when we first moved in we lived in the upstairs apartment. It is a one bedroom and I was about 8 months pregnant at the time. The first day we started staying there, I was home alone and my stepmom came over to see the place. We were in the living room. My boyfriend collects action figures and has this big stand with four shelves that he keeps some on. We were on the opposite side of the room facing away from it, and we suddenly heard this quick scraping sound, and we turned around and saw this small plastic batman ring whip across the shelf, which was what the sound was that we heard. It projected off the shelf and onto the floor. We both just looked at each other in silence and didn't say anything for a minute because it was so strange.

After our son was born, we experienced things such as action figures projecting off the shelves, and pictures too. One time in the living room I was bent down in front of my son when he was about four months, and I felt like someone was standing right behind me, and my son looked over my shoulder and started smiling. I thought it was my boyfriend, and I turned around and no one was there. He was in our bedroom.

So here's when things started getting weirder.

The man downstairs moved out and our dryer broke, so the landlord gave us a key to downstairs so we could use the dryer. One night, my boyfriend brought me down there to show me the apartment because the landlord said we could move down there if we wanted (it's bigger and has two bedrooms). We walked in, which is the dining/kitchen area. There is a hall after the kitchen. It's one long straight hall, and all the rooms stem from that hall. At the end of it is the bathroom, a bigger space and a hall closet, and then our (now) bedroom to the right. As soon as we walked in, I looked down the hall and saw a shadow/silhouette of a person move away from the stepladder that was in the hall and go toward the bedroom and out of sight. I just thought in my head that it was our landlord because he had been repainting a room and fixing up the bathroom that week. So my boyfriend shows me all the rooms, then we get to the end of the hall to the bedroom, and... There's no one in there. No landlord. I said, "Isn't there someone in here?" He said, "No, why?" I then told him I saw someone when we came in. He thought it was weird, as did I, and then we went back upstairs.

A few weeks later we moved downstairs.

The storage closet in the hall is really just space above the cellar where its stairs are. When they added more onto the house, they decided to cover that up and turn it into a closet. We never go in that room, and the door is always completely closed. A few times I've gone down the hall and noticed the door is suddenly opened though no one had gone in there. The computer turned on by itself and had a website open, even though you need a password to get on it. That was pretty much the extent of the type of things that were happening at first.

Up until about two weeks ago our baby had been sleeping in our room. We just put his crib in his own room and he's been sleeping in there now. Ever since then, more has been happening. I've suddenly started getting an eerie feeling when I go in his room, like someone is in there behind me. About a week ago I was in the bathroom doing my hair and a toy that was sitting on top of the dryer started playing music. There is a power button you have to press first, then a big button in the front you have to push to play the music. It did it a few times. Yesterday my boyfriend was standing in the kitchen doorway which leads to the living room, and I was on the couch. Suddenly we heard a thud and he was staring down the hall and looked pale. He saw a can of soup project off the pantry shelf. He had his hand on his chest like he was really freaked out. I looked and sure enough there was a can on the floor across from the pantry. It had been sitting in the very back of the shelf. Later that day, he was joking around and threw my lip balm through the living room and into my son's room. Then he went in our room and got on the computer. I went in there too a minute later. When I came back, the lip balm he threw was sitting on the couch in the living room. Then last night we were on our bed and heard a rustle and a thud in the kitchen. We went and looked and saw that a plastic grocery bag that he had tied and knotted to a towel handle on the side of the counter had fallen to the floor. Except, the bag's handle didn't just tear and fall. The knot had been completely untied. There was hardly anything in it either so it wasn't heavy.

So now here's the scariest part to me. Later, in the middle of the night, we were sleeping and our son was in his room sleeping. We, obviously, have a baby monitor. Our son suddenly woke up crying. Sometimes he does a little cry then falls back asleep, so I waited a second to see if he did. He kept crying harder and harder, so I started to get up out of bed. Suddenly and very abruptly, he stopped and was completely silent. Then I heard rhythmic tapping, sounded like on the crib. I sat totally still and listened, and I swear to you, as clear as day with no static, I heard a man's voice on the monitor. It wasn't a conversation or even an actual word. It was like an "Uhhhhhhhh" throaty sound. The best way I can describe it is... Have you ever had a dream where you were trying to call out or scream and no sound would come out, until finally it was just a groan type of sound? That's kind of what it reminded me of; like someone was trying hard to communicate or say something. I got goosebumps and immediately shook my boyfriend awake and told him. It was also bizarre because my son stopped crying so abruptly and then I heard that right afterward. I told him what I heard and we went in there, then our baby woke up again and we put him in our room to sleep in the Pack and Play for the rest of the night. My boyfriend slept with the monitor on his chest to see if we'd hear anything else but we didn't. It's like our son attracts it or something. Also earlier that day he crawled into his room and I was in the living room (which is connected to it) and suddenly he busted out laughing. He only laughs like that if you play with him or tickle him.

It seems like this spirit wants us to know it is there, for whatever reason. I've had very creepy paranormal experiences in the past, but this one is the biggest for me. People say monitors can pick up cell phones or whatever, but this wasn't a conversation or actual words, and it was not static or hard to hear. It was crystal clear and I know what I heard. There are no neighboring houses. I wish I could learn more about the history of this property and who lived here in the past.

My boyfriend told the landlord (Tom) how I saw someone in the hall, and Tom told him that a woman who used to live upstairs said she kept her bread in a breadbox (I think that's what it was called) and she'd leave the kitchen and come back in later and the bread would be in the trash.

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ashar123 (guest)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
Like others too the websites have attracted me. I think you should gather more information about them as I think that it can have a close connection with the paranormal happenings.

Take care of your son, I think he will not harm him.
Elise_89 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-07)
Thank you for all the comments and suggestions! I will respond to all of you on my laptop, as it's harder to on my phone
salonisolo (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-07)
Well I just want to alert you that such type of soul, according to my experience and what all I heard from my elders are that these spirits won't harm you but if any person said anything harsh or mistreated the person with whom it is attached, It won't leave that person, and even can make that person sleep forever.
Agnet201195 (1 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-07)
Hi Elise,

Oh well I would like to say maybe the spirit loves children or something? And what was the website that was opened? Did you check it out?
Femaelstrom (1 stories) (56 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-06)
Well, after 200+ years it's not surprising that there would be some spiritual energy around. There's a house sitting vacant that I drive past daily and it's about 100-130 years old, and I can feel the energy from the house as I drive past. I can't say it's negative, so I'm not certain that living with it would be a BAD thing.

People don't realize that it's TOUGH to live with a stranger. The little niggling things that may annoy you in a friendship, would make you want to outright STRANGLE someone if you lived together for any extended amount of time. Chalk it up to something like that.

Putting a spirit in their space might remedy your situation. When you next 'feel' the presence, simply TELL the presence, in a calm voice, that it makes you uncomfortable, and you do NOT wish it to make its presence known when you are around. You do NOT wish to see it, nor have your child or any children see it, or you will take that as a threat, and see about removing it from your space. It's to respect that the space is YOURS now, and as long as it will be peaceful and not interrupt your life, you will show it respect as well. (Even if it never poke English in life, I believe the INTENTION behind your words will be felt as though you were in communication in whatever language it spoke when alive. If it was never alive, it will understand regardless)

I don't think it means harm, as you would have felt terror & malice. Maybe its stumbling through its existence as so many of us do in our real lives.

If it then STILL disrupts your home, take steps to remove it.

Best Wishes and Blessings,
Femaelstrom ❤
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-06)
Hi Elise,

When I read the title I was geared to sprog a bunch of crap about monitors picking up outside signals and such.

But boy was I wrong!

What were the websites that were opened when you found your computer on? Or if you can't remember them, what was the nature of the sites?

I'm wondering if there's a connection between those websites and food that gets thrown about.
Just trying to cover all perspectives here in case your ghost is harmless and merely frustrated. I'm not saying I think this is true, but it's possible.
What if the food items have a pattern to them. Are they foods that could lead to or aggravate diabetes for example?
As this has happened to at least one other person before that you're aware of with a woman's bread. Maybe the ghost suffered from some food related allergy or illness.

Don't know but I'd defiantly question the significance of those websites. Plus you said yourself the voice sounded like it was trying to talk. Was there a particular vowel sound to the voice?
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-06)
Another thing I always suggest is have courage. Start praying to what ever gives you strength. Even if you are not a religious person, like myself, I just pray to God (I don't question who or what God is), and to Goodness and Light. Believe in yourself and gather all the courage you have each time you feel watched. You can even tell it "I live here now, if you mean no harm you can stay, if not I demand you to go away". Say it like you mean it. Just be brave when you do. Brave, not mean hahaa I do believe in being humble at the same time when dealing with things we don't understand, you don't want to piss anything off. You just want a mutual understanding right?
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-06)
Hi there! I believe the younger a person is, the more in tuned they are with the spirit world. Reason being is, their third eye is still open. As we get older, we are told many things aren't true and we begin to shut things out. Also, children are most innocent and pure in soul, so they are more prone to see or encounter things we cannot.

Many people could go their whole lives not having a single paranormal experience until they have a child. Whether this entity is good or not, I could not say, but you definitely have the right to freaked out. Heck, I would had I heard a man's voice in my baby's room! Do you feel scared or threatened? Often the entity will produce a certain energy so you can try to read it through that.

If it is not welcoming, I do suggest a cleansing. Even though your baby is laughing, after all he is a baby and may not know the difference between a good or bad entity. If you don't know yet then I can only suggest you wait for more incidents before deciding if a cleansing is needed. Also I would ask the landlord about the history of the place, and do some research yourself. Old properties most likely come with tons of history and the land it sits on. Lord knows 1796 to now, you got a lot of history on yor hands woman! 😊...keep us posted. Hope I was able to help in anyway.

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