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To Be Heard Pt. 2 (update On My Experiences)


Its been a while since I have visited this site... And I managed to get back into my old account, wow where do I even begin.

I want to clarify I hadn't realized just how many visions/paranormal experiences I blocked out from when I was younger until I read my old post... Now to be clear the experiences definitely didn't magically go away, but at least they're not as bad as they used to be.

I have to say I must've tried endless things to "get rid" of those disturbances... No, exorcising doesn't work, it makes them annoyed yes, but... It doesn't banish them. Went to several priests, even the "best" in the city.

I even went the more extreme route of pushing the limits and trying to get my doctors to give me something, anything that could ease up these "sleep hallucinations/elaborate visions" and "delusions" of mine.

With great reluctance, they did, low doses of a variety of strong schizophrenia medication. Crazily enough they had next to no effect except working as laxatives. Not uncommon, they said, for those who don't actually suffer from hallucinations, or paranoid delusions. Guess how frustrated that made me when I first heard that.

What made things worse, is that whenever I tried to search online for if anyone else had experienced this, surely there must be SOME people out there like me, the most I would find are tarot card sellers telling me "you have a gift, you are sensitive" which felt both condescending and useless to me.

To even the most self proclaimed spiritual people, they never seemed to be realistic about spiritual experiences, like the negative/weird/chaotic aspects of it. They talk about it like its a childhood fantasy dream, or they would be so minimal about describing it.

Well for me, its a little more graphic than that.

Like the bitter, problematic, resentful dead people that aren't "angels up in heaven" just because they're dead now. The stupidity and chaos in the "unseen/spirit" realm. The animals, oh god the obnoxious dead "spirit" animals and hungry pests that sneak in in the evening and take the essence of your food and ruin its taste, the kleptomaniac child spirits, the reckless yet terrifying and physically powerful non human Unseen beings, and their awkward attempts at communicating for afterlife "contracts/deals/friendships/relationships" and other vain/superficial/manipulative aspect of their culture, I could go on...

What DID manage to clear up my home of what seemed to be most of the "activity", was the most simple thing. Human occupancy. We did some simple repainting where teams of workers would occupy the most vacant abandoned corners of the house for a couple weeks, and that seemed to usher the big stubborn "guys" out, eventually.

Backstory on why my house has been "haunted"/"occupied":

My country is tropical and mountainous, meaning acres and acres of wild jungle have never been molested for 1000s of years, due to landsliding and preservation laws. The land has a sacred level of overabundant life and legendary history. Like a desert, but not barren. This naturally makes a lot of southeast Asia one of the most "spiritually alive"/"haunted" places on Earth.

Now, at my home's exact location used to be a big ancient tree, naturally when this house was built most buyers brought in all kinds of priests as we believe the trees are the homes of spirits and "djinns".

For almost a decade, no one stayed in that million dollar terrace and would always move out after at most 3 years. The realtors got really desperate, and drastically lowered the price.

Enter my lower class 9 child family with exceptionally bad luck, my mum felt there was something wrong with the house, my dad sees it as a steal as it was a terrace around the price of a small bungalow, in the middle of an upper middle class suburb.

Naturally, because of this my family members have had their fair share of poltergeists, possession, levitation apparitions, etc.

Like in the master bedroom, my mum got "taken over" by a strong non human entity (I will say Unseen being/Djinn), who entered through her mouth and made her eyes turn black, and voice turn into a low manly one, my dad was the only one to witness.

She levitated a few inches off of the bed completely still for a few minutes (she was quite overweight from post pregnancy at this time so this was exceptionally weird).

She coughed up lots of phlegm after finally pushing through and purging the pitch black misty mass from her throat, which pushed out reluctantly.

My mum only told me this story once, "he" said he wanted her, and was going to have her, whatever it takes. He was an old big fat heavy man of an entity. My mum obviously went to go get exorcised soon after, but wasn't sure if it fixed anything. The priest claimed to have caught the "guy" in one of his glass bottles he was to throw away at one of the local mountain rivers.

He was one of the first big entities to be banished, I'm assuming either through that priest or by over the years of human occupancy, and my family's collective banishing commandments we unintentionally stated during occasional prayers.

My parents never really talk about those things. Their marriage was also messed up pretty badly, my dad couldn't bring himself to come home, my mum couldn't bring herself to clean it.

They hated this house for the first 5 years.

They ended up separating when I was ten. It was one of the most relieving moments of my life. My mom moved out, dad started managing everything and the house began getting cleaned with hired help.

This was just back when we started living here for the first few years. It was always so scary and occupied but not by humans. By unseen previous owners who seemed too stubborn to leave and were used to pushing out people that came before us.

But I can't write much more here, so that's my update and some explanation surrounding the background of these disturbances...

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ladydarke (113 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-26)
Hi AmbitiousSlave,

Do you not cook with salt at all? Maybe salt in food is more a New World thing. Anyway, a pinch of salt in prepared food is enough to dissuade spirits from chowing on it. Additionally, you can cover food with a white paper towel or napkin while preparing it or over food you have set out. More important is the intention while adding the salt or placing the covering: "This food is only for the living."

Your post carries versimilitude in its description of spirit activity, but some details are weird. Essence ≠ flavor. I heard about a guy who purposefully shares liquor with alcoholic spirits because he gets full flavor and enjoyment of the drink but less inebriation. Non-drinker over here so I've never tried to verify that. Anyway, going to take you at face value because if this is true, you need help, and if you're a troll you're going to have a laugh and that's okay. Glad you mentioned having discussed mental illness with your doctors because there is a scrambled, world salad quality to your post along with some pretty extreme sightings and activity. No offense, if I didn't assume you were telling tall tales, I would have suggested talking to a doctor.

So your tree is still there. Giant ancient tree like that is going to maintain an astral presence for a long time after it's removed from the physical world. The djinn and whatnot living there might not even know its physically gone. Moreover, trees cross worlds; roots in the underworld, trunk in the material world, crown in the heavens. It's why they sometimes stand in as the center-pole in a sacred space. So your demolished astral tree is probably still full of djinn and still functioning as a bridge. Creating a more solid divide between the astral and physical world in that space would be a good solve, but that's pretty advanced. If you can find a shamanic practitioner, whatever the Malaysian version of spirit and nature magico-religion is, maybe they could do that for you. If you're doing things like burning certain incenses at home (ie myrrh) that would be worsening the situation by making your home even more inviting and accessible.

Also, you evidently don't have the focus of will and intention to keep spirits out of your food, so no wonder any cleanses, exorcisms, etc haven't worked to keep them out of your house. No point recommending yet more cleanses because rituals and components are interchangeable and the key element is intention... Which for whatever reason you aren't bringing to the table.

You say you have found success by 'filling the house with humans.' What's happening with that is you're creating energetic turbulence such that the environment is less amenable to spirits; like having to deal with rough water or high winds. When the workmen have been gone for a while, the original energetic state is likely to return.

Since cleanses aren't working for you, I recommend two things:

1) Get a feng shui guy in, have the energy currents in your home modified to continue being as turbulent as possible. It's basically doing more of what worked for you. To help this out, you can also put mothballs in the corners of your rooms, change about every three months, and also small pieces of camphor in glasses of water in the corners to weaken spirits. You can burn camphor incense too. Don't put any mothballs or camphor where pets and children can get at it or eat it.

2) Tree vs tree. Plant dogwood around your property, maybe have some little ones growing inside even. Plant more in pots on the terrace (that's like an open roof balcony right?). Since you're dealing with the astral remnants of a tall tree, it's just as well to have dogwood protection up high too.

You should probably start off any other measures with a full cleanse of the house in whatever form your culture and religion supports just for whatever oomph you get from it before you feng shui the property. Try to muster as much intention behind the cleanse as possible, not just going through the motions. Intention would work all by itself without the other stuff in a cleanse if it was strong enough, and the other stuff without intention is pretty much just mumbo jumbo.

So yeah, sorry you have problems. Hope that helps some. Your region of Malaysia sounds beautiful across both physical and spiritual metrics. I wish you the peace to enjoy your home there.

Rajine (14 stories) (769 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-25)
Hi AmbitiousSlave

It must have been nerve wrecking to have to experience all of this, I do hope you find a solution and some peace of mind

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