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That Creepy Child


This happened about 5 years back, when I lived with my family in our old apartment in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. It was a rented apartment and we had been living there for about eight years before this incidence happened.

There lived a lady on the ground floor and there were rumours about her being involved in black magic (though I don't believe in such things). She was also blamed for killing her husband. Well, I shouldn't say these types of things about someone. Moreover, I never believed in this ghost stuff and I still don't up to some extent.

Anyway, I'm a Sikh and in Sikhism, 3 to 4:30 is considered as the best time to worship. So I used to wake up early at 3 in order to worship. I used to do it in my room while sitting on the floor.

One day, while I was worshipping, I saw a black cat sitting beside me. As we lived on the top apartment of our building, cats usually came inside as there were two balconies, at back and at the front. At the back side of our building, there was a big old plot and a piece of land. Also, my room had two doors, one opening up to the balcony at the back. So, I had a habit of leaving the back door open as there was no window in my room.

I hardly paid attention to the cat as I did not want to get distracted. Moreover I love animals, so I did not mind it either. But this turned weird, as the cat kept on sitting beside me quietly, constantly staring at me for at least five minutes. I ignored and I went asleep after doing my prayers. But I became a little restless when the same thing happened again the following night.

After that, the lights started going off each day at the time of my prayers. It disturbed me and I stopped waking up at 3. It seemed like something didn't want me to worship.

After some days, while sleeping I started feeling like someone is walking around my bed. Sometimes, I heard the sound of footsteps too but I never saw anything. I thought it could be my hallucinations because I used to watch too much horror but I never believed it to be true. This footstep thing went on for several days but I just ignored maybe because I didn't want to believe in such things.

Another instance, I had a habit of listening to music while walking around in the balcony late night. While walking I suddenly saw something, it looked like a child, standing in the balcony facing outside looking down at something. I couldn't see it properly due to dark. By the time I tried to reassure myself about it, it vanished.

Another night, I suddenly woke up out of my sleep as I felt like someone had clutched both my wrists, and I saw the same child sitting next to me. I could hardly utter anything and was all wet due to perspiration. He whispered something to me, but I didn't get that. I thought I dreamt of it but it was more real like. It left me breathless.

I became really annoyed as I started getting sights of that child more often. I was too scared those days that I even started waking up, crying out loud and running out of my room in the middle of every 3rd or 4th night. My parents thought that I'm going through some mental depression. Even I started feeling the same thing about myself. I consulted a psychiatrist too but it didn't help. I became more helpless instead.

After this continued for about 2 more months, we left that apartment and moved to our own new house. I was expecting this to go on in our new house too, but I can't even explain how peaceful was my first night at our new place. Nothing happened. I felt like being recovered from a long illness. It felt so new and fresh. And these things never happened again. Thank God.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-23)
I agree with the view of Vague_Raaj I think it is a restless spirit who want to say something to you. However I am happy that you are not facing anything now:)
Vague_Raaj (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-10)
hi kimi
I like your story or say it experiance. May be the child is some restless spirit and you being very religious it made you sestive to these kind of things. Or it may be connected to the lady you mention doing black magic. But that's good you are ok now. Plz share any other experiances if you have. Bye:-)

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