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Spirit At Child Care Center


I used to work with this amazing woman who I called the baby whisperer. She had been working in early education since she was a teenager and had 60 plus years of experience in this field. Two years ago, she fell ill and we lost her. She was the heart of our center, she was everybody's Grandma, and everybody loved her.

During the funeral, about 30 new and old co-workers, teachers, and families who she had impacted, all sat in the same section of the big church that the funeral was held. We joked that it was the *company name* section. Anyway, about half-way through the funeral, the speaker was talking about her career and how much she loved taking care of her babies - during this moment, a giant wreath hung on the church wall, right next to our section, fell to the ground. We all looked at it and each other. We giggled because she WOULD do that, the little spitfire.

About 6 months after her passing, a co-worker and I were talking while working in her old classroom. I was changing a diaper in the diaper changing area while she was in the classroom section. Two classrooms were connected by a diapering area with a gate to each classroom. All of a sudden, the gate to the other classroom (which was empty) flew open and hit the wall. I thought that someone had walked through the classroom or something, even though we didn't see anyone. I finished up and checked the room. Empty. My co-worker said "NOPE!" and moved her and her two babies to the back of the room.

Last year, a co-worker of mine and I were having a conversation. She was getting ready to go on break and had her phone sitting on the half wall in the classroom, about 5 ft from where we were standing. During our conversation, her phone flew off of the half wall onto the floor. We both stopped, looked at the phone on the floor. She calmly said "Well okay, then."

The building is 40 years old, our work Grandma worked there since it had opened. I'm not sure of the time frame, but a long time ago, the center had sadly lost an infant to SIDS while being at the center. This was not the only occurrence that happened at this building - there was one other before she had passed away.

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lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-05-22)
I have to agree with RCRuskin. I don't think it'd be a coworker. At least not a nice one! Sounds like something more.
TheTruthIsOutThere133 (1 posts)
1 month ago (2024-05-20)
🤔 That's really weird. I have also had experiences like that. Maybe it was one of your coworkers, or it really was your work grandma or the baby you lost due to SIDS.
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
1 month ago (2024-05-20)
Perhaps she's still around the place that was close to her heart, she must have been really attached to that place and the people there.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
1 month ago (2024-05-20)

So your former coworker is one who plays pranks? They can be good and fun, like knocking a wreath down. They can also be mean and destructive, like throwing a child proof gate across the room. Now, I wasn't there myself, so I don't know what kind of force the gate was thrown with, so maybe it isn't as bad as I think. But I'm not certain that the ghost in the daycare center is your coworker.

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