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Never Really Gone


We have a two-story house; the family room and bedrooms are upstairs, while the living room, dining room, and clean kitchen (rarely used except for baking) is downstairs. There is a door in the clean kitchen that leads outside to the dirty kitchen. The dirty kitchen is considered the main kitchen where all the cooking takes place, so it's not literally dirty.

Back in 2003, a gas tank in the kitchen inside our house exploded, burning half of our house. My dad is an architect, so he had our house renovated. He had a separate small building built outside the main house; now known as the dirty kitchen, and the dog area.

My home consists of four people: my mom, dad, housekeeper, and myself. Our housekeeper has taken care of me since childhood, and we share a very close bond. Every 15th of the month, she goes on a day off and doesn't return until evening. So, I usually make dinner when she's gone.

One night, I was alone downstairs making dinner, while my parents were napping upstairs in their room. The only other living things in the kitchen with me were my two clingy, but lovable little Shih Tzu dogs, which were both sleeping within an inch away of my feet on both sides.

While cooking, it felt like someone was behind me, peeking over my shoulder as if to see what I was cooking. Hoping that it was the housekeeper, I immediately turned around to look but no one was there. I saw that my dogs were awake and wagging their tails at the doorway behind me. I enjoy playing pranks on people, so I assumed that the housekeeper was back, trying to get at back at me for all the times I played tricks on her. I called out to her but got no response. As I was walking around searching for her, the doorbell rang. It was the housekeeper. I would have thought that she was pretending to have just arrived to make her prank more credible, but seeing her taxi drive away meant that she definitely had just arrived.

I told her about what happened, and she told me about how her father (who would watch over our house occasionally while we were all gone) would always see a shadow walk towards the dirty kitchen. She didn't bother telling me this because she knew I would get scared. It also seemed like my dogs were familiar with whatever or whoever it was, because they usually bark and avoid strangers, unless they see them a lot. Her father claims that the entity is harmless and has been living in our house, along with others for a long time, but only that particular entity manifests itself.

A few months later, our housekeeper's father passed away. Whenever she wasn't sleeping in my room with me, she slept downstairs in the living room on the floor with a mattress. She would bring my dogs with her for company.

The first night after her father passed away, she woke up to one of the dogs' tails hitting her face. She sat up to move the dog but then froze. It seemed like someone was playing with the two dogs. They were wagging their tails, and one looked like he was licking someone, when he was actually just licking air in the wide empty space between the mattress and couch. She instantly knew that it was her father, because she knew how much he loved dogs and how they loved him back. He always took good care of my dogs and played with them whenever he was around.

At one time during the day, our housekeeper's brother had just left after tending to our garden. About half an hour after he left, we heard a man's voice loud and clear call out to our housekeeper. Neither of my parents was home, so I thought that her brother came back. I was heading to the door when the housekeeper came in the room and asked if I had heard it too. She called her brother on his phone to check on him, but said that he got home 10 minutes after he left my house. He then said that before he left, he thought that he saw their father walking towards our house. He told us to not be afraid, and that he was just visiting. Our housekeeper admitted that the voice did sound like her father's.

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iambec (9 stories) (30 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-20)
Sam222, If you put it that way... I guess I do feel a little bit more at ease knowing who the entity is lol. Although, the one in the kitchen still freaks me out so I try to avoid being alone there at night. Same goes for the guest room and my bathroom, but I'm still working on those stories 😆
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-20)
iambec, I guess itwas good to know that you actually knew who this entity was, that must feel much comfortable than not knowing! 😁
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-03-19)
Thanks for the additional information, iambec. Sometimes it saves a lot of questions 😊
iambec (9 stories) (30 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-19)
Just to clarify, when the house burned in 2003 my parents weren't permanently living in it yet at that time, they just had it built in 1998 as a vacation house. We just visited 2 times a year. Until I moved to the Philippines in 2010 for college, and my parents decided to settle there for good.

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