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Shadow Wolf Problem


Growing up, my family has always been into the spiritual side of life. I was always told not to mess with spirits, to not fear the unknown but be leery of it, and to never use Ouija boards since there was no real control.

That being said, I was always fascinated by the spiritual side of things, and couldn't get enough of it. My great, great-grandmother came from Poland with a Ouija board that had been in the family for quite some time. It was rumored to be cursed, but that is just hear-say, with no real evidence to back it up.

At fourteen, during the summer of 2010, my aunt decided that we should play with the Ouija board as a way to end the summer. We always did something fun on the last night before everyone headed home a good two weeks before school started, and since it was raining we couldn't really go out. Only girls were involved: my aunt, my two cousins, and me. While, yes, the Ouija board spelled out some things, nothing came out correctly. Everything was jumbled up and didn't spell any kind of word I knew no matter how much we mix matched the words. Everything about that night is a bit foggy, so I can't really tell you everything in detail. That really wasn't the important part anyway.

The important part is that after playing with the Ouija board I started seeing this shadow wolf. It was like a wolf made of shadows that could only be seen when it emerged from the shadows. I first noticed it racing through the trees, following me as we drove back to Baltimore. I thought that I was just seeing things out of the corner of my eye, but it became more prominent and started showing up more and more.

I've never been scared of it, and I can't really explain why. It just became a part of my life and I was getting used to it being near. It always stayed at a distance, and never came inside or anywhere close to the house. I only ever noticed it when walking somewhere, or when driving in a car.

Fast forward two years, and it began getting extremely close. It went from being across the street, to maybe three feet away from me. I was unnerved by this because within the course of two years there, was always that established distance.

A week later I was in the hospital with a busted appendix. I wasn't supposed to live through it and I was one of the lucky ones. After three weeks of being in the hospital, I was finally released. The first thing I noticed when I got outside, was that the creature was gone. I don't know how to explain this, but there was a sense of loss, I mean, it had been with me for so long and now it was just gone.

Fast forward another two years, and an old friend of my mother's is driving me back to my dad's since I lived with him during the week. While driving I thought that I noticed the creature, but I am not really sure. A week after I thought that I saw it, my mother's friend was killed.

I don't mean to ramble on, and maybe I lost a few people with this, but I've been really confused as of lately. I can't find anything about the shadow wolf, and while some people have similar stories, it isn't quite the same. The wolf didn't have yellow eyes, and it definitely didn't have a solid body. It could only exist in the shadows. I don't know if there is anyone with the answers, but I am tired of thinking that I am seeing things and going crazy.

Ever since it showed up again, I have started noticing other stuff. I wrote it off as me being tired, or having an active imagination, but my little sister noticed the shadow person too. I am kind of scared to acknowledge that there is something there, but at the same time I am curious as to what exactly is going on.

I can't keep this to myself anymore, and I am tired of pretending that things are normal. I am sorry for spilling all of this out, but I have been holding it in since I was 14.

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anonimos (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-13)
Hi, thanks for giving me some kind of answers! I know it's been a year, and I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I really do appreciate your guys' help. My family has moved in this time, and it's been a lot of adjustments.

Neehunter30: "emerging" might have been too strong of a word. The head of the wolf would stick out from the rest of the shadow, but the body never left the shadows. So it only existed in the shadows, but the head would come out sometimes.

Wish-Not: yes, but it's not only shadows anymore. In the previous house I saw a little girl with messy curly hair and wearing a floral printed nightgown with two rows of pink frills across the top. I only saw her for a second, but her image was as clear as day. That's the only time I've seen something like that though, and the rest has only been shadows. I haven't seen any in a couple of months though, and my sister only brings up seeming them if she starts to doubt herself. Sometimes she sleeps in my room because of it.

Bibliothecarius: I can't really talk to her about this, because she doesn't want to hear anything of it. She was freaked out by her mother's openness and it scares her. That's why she gave the Ouja board to my aunt. The only person I can really talk to is my mom, and she only remembers a few things that her Nana taught her. Thank you for the harbinger suggestion, that gives me somewhere to really start researching.

BadJuuJuu: that's kind of a sweet explanation. Someone I never even got to meet is still checking up on us. And, yeah, my mom nearly killed me when I told her we used it. She went on and on about how her nana told them to never mess around with it and that we didn't know what we were doing. We just asked a bunch of questions because my aunt believed her house to be haunted, and as I said, no words I know were spelled out. We just put it away, and my mom got upset about that as well. No one has touched it since. And I haven't seen the shadow wolf since the week before my mom's friend's death. I'm not really complaining, since something bad happens when it appears, but at the same time I want to know if it's just been a coicincidence with each appearance. So far nothing bad has happened though, and the wolf hasn't appeared.

Again, thank you for everyone who commented! I'll try to be more punctual with my replies and update everyone if anything happens. Thank you, really. This has been weighing on my mind since I was fourteen.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-22)
Anonimos, look up the word "harbinger." I suspect, given your Polish ancestry, this manifestation my have appeared to relatives from previous generations. If they lived in rural areas, it may have become part of your family's folklore: check out this possibility with your grandma for verification. It wouldn't be the first time an immigrant family brought superstitions or supernatural forces with them to the new world (Irish familes have seen their banshees, for example). There is a very good chance you have an improved awareness of your family's protective spirit.

When you have seen the wolf, be extra cautious and be sure to tell your family that you've seen the wolf again; you mentioned their openness to spiritual matters, so being informed it's a good week for being safe should not be too hard for them to accept.

newhunter30 (2 stories) (137 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
I agree that there is no reason to worry as BadJuuJuu it may come to warn you, another thing is that it may be an animal spirit guide who comes to you when you may need it. I am not trying to downplay your incident but I do need clarification on one item. The beginning of your story states that you would see it emerging from the shadows but later on you said it could only exist in the shadows. Do you mean that you never saw it appear in the daylight only from shadows?
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
Don't be sorry for spilling it out, it's a good thing you did, it gets some weight of your back. In all the stories I've read on this site, I've came across dozens of stories with shadow animals, but never a wolf in particular. If I find out Nything about this or that may help; I will let you know. And BadJuJu & Wish-Not may be correct also, it's not often for them to be incorrect. 😁 😊 😉
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
anonimos- Welcome to YGS. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. I too came to YGS for answers to what I had been experiencing. I was fortunate enough to get some answers. Yay.

You stated that since the wolf's return you started noticing other stuff. And then mentioned that your sister is seeing a "shadow figure". Is that what you were referring to as other stuff?

I think BJJ is correct that the wolf is there to warn or protect in some way. So one might take notice of situations.

Keep us updated.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
7 years ago (2015-03-19)
To me, it sounds like the wolf could be a warning of sorts. I don't think the wolf is anything, in and of itself, to fear, but it could be telling you to be cautious. When it appears, just try to be a little more observant. Don't go on high alert or anything, but just try to keep a little closer watch.
It's interesting, to me at least, that it appeared only after using a family heirloom. Yeah, yeah, the heirloom was a Ouija board, doom and gloom and so on and so forth. As long as you were respectful during the session and closed it out correctly, I doubt the board is causing any trouble. You will no doubt be told off severely over using the board, told to burn it and bury the ashes after dousing them in holy water, probably a few other things I can't think of yet. I don't suggest using it again, but don't suggest destroying it or any other extreme act. It's a family heirloom, after all.
Ok, my actual point concerning the wolf appearing after use of the board. The wolf could be an ancestral spirit that has chosen to watch over and warn you in times of potential risk. I've heard the theory, and believe it, that humans can appear however they wish after death. It's not impossible that this wolf is a departed relative, and simply wants to see the family remain safe. It's difficult for a ghost to intervene directly, but they can give warnings. Using the board may have caught an ancestor's eye, nothing more sinister than that.

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