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This is my first time posting my story and its everything that has happened so far in my life until I moved countries, from Bulgaria to England. (And please excuse my english, as I don't know how to say a lot of things.)

It all started when I was a young child. My mum and my dad had a small apartment, located right next to my grandmothers apartment building. When I say small, I really do mean small; all of us slept in one room. They slept on a double bed, while I had my crib (just to clarify the crib could change from a babys, to a bed for an older child). It also had a living room, kitchen and bathroom. During the winter me and mum would sleep in the living room as it is the warmest and dad will stay in the bedroom because he likes the cold. (This is important, you'll find out later why)

Anyway my memory is a bit weird as I can remember almost everything I did as a child, earliest memories from when I was 2 until 11. (I'm 16 at the moment) However I don't remember a lot of recent things, some are small, others are important but I just can't remember them very well or at all.

So my first encounter with these ghosts/spirits was when I was 3 and me and my mum were sleeping in the living room, while dad was in the bedroom. I woke up suddenly needing the toilet, so I got out of bed quietly to not wake my mum up. The TV was still on and really bright so I could see the kitchen door, which is right next to the living room and a bit of the bedroom door. As I walked towards the door, the end of the hallway was very dark. I reached for the light switch which was outside the bathroom and suddenly this black, shadowy hand grabbed my wrist really hard almost like a slap. I wasn't scared just shocked and it took me about 3 seconds to switch on the lights. I looked around but nothing was there. Dad was still asleep and so was mum, it wasn't anyone from my family as we live on the 7th floor, it was the middle of the night and most of my family lives across town besides my grandmother can't walk so she couldn't have disapeared so fast.

Anyway I wasn't scared just really confused. I went back to bed after I finished my business. A couple of months after that I was sleeping in my bed and mum and dad were still up watching TV, when suddenly this breeze of cold air brushed against my right cheek and whispered my name. I immediately stood up thinking it was my mum as it sounded like a female voice, but no one was in the room. She was in the kitchen washing the dishes while dad was cleaning up the table. (I could hear her in the kitchen and this was right in my face). The windows are closed and so is the door. Stuff like this continued happening until we moved to a new apartment when I was 7.

It was much bigger and we had the toilet and bathroom seperated. Everything was so much spacious. Nothing happened in the first couple of months in the house, but then the whisper thing happened again. This time I was scared. It escalated quickly when I tried to ignore it from things flying off the shelves to shadow people walking around the house. However it only happened to me not to mum or dad but just to me.

A year after we moved mum and dad got divorced, so it was just me and my mum. She had to start working now, so she wasn't home for most of the day. My other grandma came to visit me sometimes as she was worried about me being alone all the time, but I always had my best friend come over so I was fine. However because she was always at mine, she started to notice strange things in the house as well.

One time we were getting ready to go out, but got side tracked with gossip and then my mum called to say she was on her way home so we decided to wait for her. (Her work was only 30 minute away by walking) We sat on the couch, nothing was on; no TV or anything, just us sat and messing about. Then all of a sudden my friend stopped and looked at the glass living room door, the design of the door was made so that you could only tell shapes of humans no features of the face. I asked her what she was looking at and she just turned around and said nothing and laughed. Then I saw something dark move past the door and so did she, as we both turned to look and then it happened again.

We both looked at each other as if to say 'What the freak was that!', but instead turned to the door again to see if it happened again and it did. It looked like the shadow of a man, but the man was the shadow and it was moving really fast. At this point we are freaking out, I call my mum and tell her to hurry up home. Then I grab a knife and go about to search the house while my friend is freaking out behind me. Now I don't why I though that a 12 year old girl with a knife could do something while her friend is shiat scared, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We checked everything in the house, but no sign of anyone else. Mum came back home and we both hugged her and decided to stay with her because we were both worried about her being in here alone so no matter how terrified we were we stayed, but nothing happened when mum was there.

Soon after I decided to tell my mum what was happening from the beginning. Here I'm going to mention that my family has a long history of psychics and mediums in it, as well as some witch history or so my great grandmother told me. My mum looked really disturbed at this point and told me she had a dream about demons living in my room. So she decided to bless the house but nothing happened, it didn't stop. She then decided to put a Virgin Mary picture in my room, the minute she came in the room with the picture my head was hurting so much I couldn't stand it, I insisted she take it out but she didn't.

I left it in the room but turned the face upside down so she wouldn't look at me, I couldn't even go passed the church without my head killing me it just gave me this strange feeling of being scared when I walked passed it.

A couple of year later mum got re-married and we moved to the UK, nothing strange has happened since except the really strange nightmares and the feeling of always being watched. However until this day I can't stand walking passed a church. I don't think it's ever tried to hurt me, but just make me acknowledge it. Also I haven't ever been afraid of it exactly just shocked.

If you have an idea what it could be please let me know, because it's still a mystery to me however my mum thinks its something negative although to an extent it feels loving to me. I've read loads of things on what it could be still no clue.

If you have an idea please tell me, and also thank you.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-17)

Even though the house sits empty most of the year... Or maybe BECASUE it sits empty most of the year I think a Cleansing would do it a world of good.

You can find many different versions in various places OR you can call on Church Clergy to preform a Cleansing and Blessing. I do have a method posted on my profile as well.

An unused space can allow things to 'fester and grow' (negitive energy attracts negitive energy) and without a regular source of positive energy... A family living full time in the home... Then the darkness 'grows'. A Cleaninsing and Blessing would go a long way into remeoving any negitive energies or spirits that may be with-in the home.

Thanks for the update, please keep them coming.


littlemiss (2 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-17)
Hey guys thank you so much for all the advice! It helped a lot! Just a quick update on the house, we still own it as my mum doesn't want to sell it due to the fact we sometimes come back to Bulgaria for the summer and need somewhere to stay. Some summers I come by myself meaning my family stays in the UK while I visit my dad, grandparents, friends etc. So anyway because my mum doesn't want me to live alone I stay at my grandmothers house. On rare ocassions I go down to our house and when I enter I feel terrified. A feeling of someone watching me is constant. I don't see anything there but I can feel it. Even thou I moved conturies I feel like a part of it follows me everywhere I go. I don't see the shadows but I have nightmares about them.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-16)
Littlemiss, a few of the things that happened I'm not so sure a bout, but most of what you explain towards the end of your story was probably a shadow person, your description fits it. Good thing you moved out of the house. If anything like this happens with you again (like seeing the shadow people), just leave a bible open in the room (s) it happnes in. You don't have to be religous for this to work, it worked for me, I actually started on the first book in the bible left it open and flipped to the next one everyday, after I went through the the whole thing I just left it open on random pages: and there it still sits where I first left it. (This is the first time I've told someone how I removed the shadow figures from my home, I did a couple other things along with the bible thing, but I think that this is what really did the work).
beyondthisworld (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
Just wanted to recommend that if you have a bible have someone, or yourself open it to psalm 91, its supposed to protect you and your home also if you can, get like 4-5 (doesn't matter) crosses and have them blessed and put them like near windows or doors. Hope this helps god bless you. ❤ ❤
DreamOfMe (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-09)
Miss. To me it seems like you really need to go to well known shaman/ spiritual healer / priest who can remove the bad stuff from your body.
Base on my experience: I do shaman way healing or exorcism. I have encounter many people who have similar situation like yours. A normal weak spirits shouldn't cause this problem unless the thing is powerful enough to cause you that headache.
By the way don't think that shaman are witch doctor that do bad stuff. I'm mix Buddhist monk healing + shaman style + other style to make it more effective on healing.
Try meditating, think if nothing, close your eyes and think of a god and say it's name. Ask for if there anything in your body that is affect you spiritually. If yea, give a hints. I'm sure you will get a answer. It's better to remove this bad negative things that follows you asap.

This stuff usually affects your mood, body feeling tired and lazy most of the time, having frequent weird nightmares, you felt someone is watching you or some black shadowy figure just pass by feeling. Seeing any god picture will make you go angry and have terrible headache.

Anyway hope you are well. Godbless

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