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Childhood Hauntings On Margaret Street


This is the first post that I have made on here, please don't judge it lol. Most of my experiences with spirits and the paranormal are from when I lived in my old house, and so I was 12 years old or younger. Please only good feedback, but feel free to submit your thoughts opinions and explanations.

Experience #1:

I remember being in my old house, which was built in 1920's, sharing my bedroom with my older sister. Our bedroom door would fly open and smack the wall, and we'd fight about who had to get out of bed to close the door. I also had a great fear of my feet or hands hanging outside of the covers, I remember feeling as if I had been grabbed and pulled out of bed.

Experience #2:

At that house you could see the railing and the stairs heading upstairs from my kitchen and dining room. Every night we would sit together at my diningroom table as a family and eat, then my sister and I would clean up and continue to play. Sometimes, you could hear someone running up and down the stairs. This was something I had grown up with, so it didn't frighten me at all, but I can remember getting mad at my Mom for freaking out about it, wondering why she was making such a big deal out of "nothing."

Experience #3:

I was always afraid of mirrors, windows, any type of reflection in that house. I wouldn't look at the mirrors at all, especially in the dark.

Experience #4:

This is one of my Mom's experiences. She was outside on our deck one day sweeping, when she heard a loud bang and the glass from the attic window came falling down, she stepped back out of fright before it smacked right where she had been standing. It stood up straight in between the two boards right before cracking. After this incident, she decided that we should move.

Other little things happened in that house. I didn't like to shower, and my I would also hear a fuzzy, sort of buzzing noise whenever I was in the driveway or the garage before hearing voices. My mom says she rememebers me telling her about "the man" and that I said he was always nice and she would catch me laughing at nothing. I also heard my mom calling my name on numerous occasions when she had not.

Does anyone have an explanation or any thoughts to share with me?

I believe that I am sensitive to the paranormal, and my sister (who is a psychology student) believes that I may have also been (or still am) "slightly schizophrenic" or something of the sort.

Thank you.

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Femaelstrom (1 stories) (56 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-10)
Personally, I find that being "slightly schizophrenic" is akin to being "slightly pregnant". LOL

Not meaning to make light of your experiences, dear, but couch psychiatry isn't healthy to believe. (Most psychology students find a diagnosis for their own anxieties... Please don't buy into that nonsense. Get a REAL diagnosis if you feel there are problems)

Blessings and Good (mental) Health
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-09)
I just got done reading your story and I agree with elanoremily, The pipeing in your house can also make noise depending on how some (piping systems) are built (I've explained this to someone on here before, but I'm not sure what story it was). And I also think you should go see a doctor like elanora said.
I'd also like to add that, those feelings you get in that house could also be some to of presence or something in the home that promotes those feelings, and it could be your imagination, but when I was twelve, that was when I stoped letting my imagination go towards the scary stuff, I stopped believing the "boggie man" for instance not long before that.
Thanks for sharing your experience! 😁
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-09)
Ah, my dad's house has these same sort of things happen.

1- Doors flying open is hard to explain away. If it was opening slowly and then lightly hit the wall, it could be put down to lots of things, especially in an older home. However, flying open and hitting the wall hard seems to be a more intentional action.

I think the fear of being pulled off the bed is experiences by many children. I had that as a child, as did my sister, but we never experienced anything paranormal. Maybe that is just us, but the fear of being grabbed in the dark seems to be a popular one (I still sort of have it and I am 24).

2- Obvious question- do you have any animals? If no, how does old in the piping in your house and is there any along the wall next to the stairs? These are all the things we have to debunk for my dad when his footsteps on the steps experiences started.

3) Me, too! It's creepy. Very creepy. There is a lot of mythology/stories about mirrors and their connection to other things- and the brain is sort of mean about trying to create movement and shapes in the dark, which having mirrors around does not help.

4) Falling down outside? That would seem to mean that it was broken from the inside. Did anyone find anything that could have broken the window- whether something fell, was thrown or managed to hit the window? She is lucky that she reacted quickly.
The buzzing can be put down to high levels of electric fields, common in places with badly shielded or old wiring- garages and basements are bad for this.

Have you ever been to a doctor to confirm or debunk your sister's theory?

Some of this could be imagination and general old house movements and creepy factor and some is strange.

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