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North Garden, Va Ghost


I grew up in North Garden, Virginia. Until I was 21, I lived on a farm off of Plank Road (*Editor's note: Name of farm has been withheld due to privacy reasons).

When I was younger (in middle school) I had one of the most awesome experiences ever! I was playing Nintendo 64 with my father in my room when my mother yelled in order to let me know I needed to answer the phone in the next room. I quickly walked into the computer room in order to pick up the phone and talk to my friend. We talked for a few minutes, and then suddenly I looked across the room and saw something that simply froze me still.

Only about 3-5 feet across from me I saw a woman. This woman was transparent (partially) and was wearing a white old looking dress. She didn't look that old and didn't say anything. I stood still and froze and opened my mouth only to say, "Oh my god" on the phone. I wasn't scared at all, just amazed. Within a few seconds the ghost had vanished.

Looking at it now, I can still remember it as if it just happened yesterday. I still have no idea as to why I saw that woman. Maybe she lived around there back in the day? I have no idea.

I can recall my father telling me that historians had come up to our farm in order to attempt to find the location of where a house used to be. Despite their efforts, the location of the house has yet to be found. I can recall once I had an extremely vivid dream where I found an old house in the woods, but never tested out my theory.

If anyone knows any information please feel free to comment back. I've been attempting to figure out who this lady may have been. My father told me a couple days ago that the prior owner's last name was Knight.

Submitted by Heather

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lady-glow (14 stories) (3042 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-22)
This is an interesting experience.
Have you tried researching the town records for the history of the house and its previous occupants?
Would it be possible for the lady ghost to be one of your dead relatives paying a visit?
Have you asked your parents if she fits the description of someone they know?
Assuming that your parents still live there, - do you know if any of them has seen this particular ghost?

Good luck finding out who this ghost could be.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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