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Is This A Gift?


It all started when I was about 4 years old.

When I was about 4 years old I always had those "imaginary friends" and I used to talk alone, but I couldn't realize that someone or something was actually observing me.

I'm from a small village in Portugal named São Miguel De Souto and today I'm 16 years old, but what I'm about to tell you is absolutely true.

My family always had this kind of gift to see and hear some sort of things (spirits) and maybe 20 or 30 years ago it was very common to see people with those gifts.

I don't know if I'm different too, but when I was four I heard the voice of a man and I saw shadows on the kitchen, on the second floor. My house could be haunted, but it's completely impossible, because my parents bought it to the man who build it (and that man was very nice and he died inside of an apartment he had in France). I only could hear the voice in the morning, but I saw a shadow at night. It was a human-shaped shade. The shadow had no hair, no nose, no mouth, no ears, nothing. It just had the shape of a human being. The strangest part of this is that the shadow walked around the kitchen when the lights were off and when my brother's bedroom light was on. We could see the shadow walking in the kitchen like if it lived there since ever!

And I saw that shadow for years.

I stopped listening to the voice and I stopped seeing that shadow, but about a week ago (and currently I'm 16 years old), I was walking home from school at 7 p.m. (because I go to school and I come back home on bus) and it was winter, so it was already dark and I entered home and I saw on my neighbour's wall a shadow with a triangular hat and that shadow was running. I turned my head and when I looked at it again it had disappeared!

When I entered the kitchen (on the first floor) I told my mom what I saw and my mother and I heard a stone hitting the door, making a huge noise.

My mom told me to check if it was a stone, I went outside and I saw no stone, but the day after, my mother was cleaning near the door and saw the stone in front of the kitchen's door. It was impossible to throw that stone at my door, because my house had walls everyone, so the only way someone could throw the stone to the door was if someone was right in front of my door! I used to see a hand on my blankets and trying to touch my face (fortunately now I don't see that hand anymore, but everyday, when I get up I look to the place where the hand appeared and that hand seemed to be just like the one of the shadow I saw in the kitchen).

Now, my room is awkward.

Things appear and disappear without us noticing it, clothing appears to be cut by scissors and even blankets!

I hear footsteps and noises coming everywhere. I have dolls at home (which a used to play when I was little and now they just decorate my room) and my mom puts them over my closet and suddenly I hear huge noises and I run to my room and the dolls are on the floor.

I feel like someone's watching me all the time, even in the bathroom, I hear strange noises and I feel like there's something that doesn't leave me alone.

Sometimes, I look to people's eyes and I can know if they're nice or not. At school I feel like something's following me too. I feel like I'm being followed and observed all the time. I don't know if I have a gift or something, but sometimes my mother dreams things that actually happen (two days ago she dreamed our neighbour moved out of her house to an apartment and the next day our neighbour really moved out to an apartment!)

I can hear the bells of the church ringing and when the bells ring at night that means someone died in that moment. I usually ask my mom if she heard the bells too and she told me she didn't. My grandmother (mother of my mother) saw things that I don't want to mention, because she saw and heard things that are really terrifying to know (like spirits hitting on people, and a man seeing witches faces and they threatened him if he told who they were they would kill him and that man never told anyone who they were (fortunately), a man died and she could see him inside of his house, but he had no face and she pretended she didn't see him and other horrible stories that unfortunately are true).

São Miguel De Souto seems to be a very calm place, but there are stories about witches and spirits and haunted houses that no one should ever have knowledge of. Right now I try to learn how to avoid spells, but that's impossible. Here are lots of witches and for the smallest reason witches ruin your life.

I hope I don't see or hear these things again, because I'm the easily-scared type of person and all of the things I saw and heard scared the crap hell out of me, so please if you think to mess with these sort of things I advice you not to, because I rather stay ignorant than have experienced more situations of these kind.

I'm only 16, but I have seen and heard things that are not supposed to be seen by a person with my age. My friends are always curious to know more about these things of spirits and witches, but I rather stay by reading them than by experiencing them.

I don't know if I'm getting crazy, but I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old I used to (randomly) draw pentagrams on a book. I don't know if I still have it, but certainly not. I used to draw people who instead of a "normal face" had pentagrams drawn like nose, mouth and eyes. I used (when I was about 7 years old) to cut (with scissors) my dolls' hair and some random clothing my mom didn't want anymore.

I'm afraid all the situations I experienced get worse and I'm afraid to see and hear everything again. My brother (who's 9 years older than me) also saw the shadow in the kitchen, but only saw it once or twice.

I'm afraid, because my family (on my mom's side) has some sort of gifts and my father's side was victim of witch spells and my father (according to what my mother told me) had a depression and he felt something was inside of him. My mother went to what in Portugal we name Pai De Santo (witches that use spells - white magic - to cure people from the evils caused by black spells - black magic) and my father was starting to get possessed.

One of my mother's brother who died a couple of years ago was victim of a love spell and this isn't any lie, because he had a wife in Africa and he left her to stay with a lady here in Portugal (and he said he never loved that lady). About a month ago a friend of my mom told her that a person of her family made a spell to my mom (due to envy) and that friend of my mom also told my mom she shouldn't have a scissor open at home and the fact is that my mother has put an opened scissor inside the kitchen (where I used to see shadows) and she didn't told anyone about that and that friend of my mom never came to our house! How did she found out that we have a opened scissor inside of our house?

See? Like I told you! My family must have some sort of gifts, because strange things happen to us and when something wrong happens another one happens in the same time. I can't explain this, but something's wrong in here. My mother is always saying in a joke way that probably there are witches, but I agree with that. The matter fact is that I think that probably my family has someone haunting them or has someone wanting something from me. I did nothing to anyone! I didn't hurt anyone! So I'm asking me if I'm crazy or if I'm getting crazy or if I have some sort of gift.

This isn't a fake story, because all of this REALLY happened to me and I'm so scared...

If anyone could tell me what am I experiencing exactly I would be so thankful, because even though I'm 16 everyone tells me I have a huge maturity. At first I didn't want to share this with you, but I really want to know if there's someone living through the same situation I am and I want to know what's wrong with me exactly. I'm so scared.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-02)

Even at your young age, it could be helpful to do a blessing/cleansing/shielding on your home. You could perform it yourself, or share the idea with your mother so she can choose one in accordance with her beliefs. There is an experienced member here named Rookdygin that has a generic (not any specific religion) home cleansing/shielding method that many here use and advocate. It is on his profile page under "About me":


If you or your mom have a specific faith that you are more comfortable with, then I'm sure you can find a home cleansing/blessing/shielding method online that is in accordance with your beliefs.
These should be carried out periodically and may be required more frequently at the beginning, especially if there seems to be something resistant. Initially you might have to do several, but after that you or your mom can do them periodically to continue the shielding. Some people perform them every month, some several times a year, and others once a year. It depends upon the level of activity and your beliefs.
Since your mother does believe in the paranormal and she is the adult homeowner, I do recommend giving her the respect to make a decision concerning this. It is after all her home and her wishes should be respected.
I am a middle-aged homeowner and would want some say in what happens in my own home, so I think she would wish the same.
Also, I think it is important to mention that during the teen years paranormal activity can increase. If you do a bit of research, you will probably find this mentioned often. I do recall when I was about your age I started becoming more aware of these things around me and praying to guardian angels for guidance and protection, which seemed to help me a great deal.
My advice is only based upon my own personal path and experience. We all have our own path to walk, our own connection to spirit, and our own beliefs. I wish you the best in your quest and your spiritual journey.

Meruza (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-31)
RedWold, you may be right, my land is probably haunted, because my grandmother saw a man dressed in black with a black hat and with no face and she ignored him so he couldn't harm her.
Vesuvius, I saw the shadow of a child, because it was small and had a triangular hat and this shadow was seen by me on last year's winter.
Tweed, I'm not suffering from superstition, because seeing a man hangged on his door and the man had died a few weeks before I saw him is defenitly not a superstition. My father was posessed by a spirit due to alcohol issues and deep depressions he had and everyone knows those people are easy targets for spirits to posess and I already had a depression about two years ago because of these things I see.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
Hi Meruza,

It sounds like you're suffering from a lot of superstition and the fear it creates. I think there are some paranormal activities going on. But I want to throw a big doubt over love spells because it sounds like your family doesn't know what they're talking about. Sounds like there's a lot more to that situation than he wants any of the family to know about.

Gift? Personally I don't like this word, I prefer 'ability' and believe everyone has 'it', just some choose to acknowledge more than others.

What else was there... Oh yeah your age 16, it says you're a 'young adult' don't know what's going on there.

I had the impression the stone happened recently, as in was happening right now, days ago, but there was some mention of winter time.

I would suggest to not pay much attention to superstition. Given your age, you may have a poltergeist and look into cleansing/shielding methods for this.

Err ok now I'll read the other comments...

Yeah, pretty much the same stuff I thought.

Meruza, I hope you can clear up our confusion, I'm sure if we sort through it we can help you sort it out. Also saying something is true over and over doesn't go down well around here haha.

Either way, take care.
vesuvius01 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
Yes lady glow I live in england and it certainly is summertime, one of the first thing I noticed about this story, but I think it was a mistake the timings of leaving school rings true because on the continent a school day is broken into 2 parts you return home on a afternoon for a couple of hours when the sun is at its hottest then return back to school, I believe its just mistakes although I could be wrong lol
Best wishes
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-27)
I agree with you on the discrepancies. Another thing that makes me go hm and think it's not a true story is when the author says the story is really true, this is not a fake story. Another one that teens and young adults write is their story is 100% true.

You contradicted your self by saying your house could be haunted, but it's completely impossible. Just because your parents bought it from a nice man who built the house doesn't mean it can't be haunted. Land can be haunted also so you see it's not completely impossible.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-27)
Meruza: welcome to YGS.
I couldn't finish reading your story after the following sentence: "...but about a week ago (and currently I'm 16 years old), I was walking home from school at 7 p.m. (because I go to school and I come back home on bus) and it was winter..."
Er... How is this possible? Isn't it summer in Europe right now? I googled it to be sure and I was right.

I know English is not your first language and I have to admit that your narrative is very engaging, but this little discrepancy casts a shadow over the credibility of your story.
Could you please explain?

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