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The Spencer's Gifts Light


I've had paranormal experiences throughout my whole life, but this one really stands out for me.

If you have ever been to the mall and you've gone to that store Spencer's, at the back of the store they have all the crazy lights and lava lamps. Well I happened to buy this lightning-plasma lamp that is blue and shaped like a spring.

I brought the light home and plugged it in and fell asleep in my room. Now the house I live in is my parents house, which is a very large building that was a former Lutheran church converted to a house.

The Spencer's Gifts Light

I was awoken to my mom scared and telling me how the front door and screen door both slammed open and our cat sleeping in front of the door was picked up and thrown outside and then the doors slammed shut. Our cat, who is an indoor cat, was so scared it hid under the bushes and was hard to coax back out.

Keep in mind my light is still plugged in downstairs so after this I go downstairs and hop back up on my bed and turn the light off. There was the sound of footsteps pounding up the basement stairs, which is were my room is, and then silence for the rest of the night.

I know that there are a lot of spirits in our house due to it being a former church, so could the plasma light have been giving whatever it was the energy?

It's a cool light and I don't want to have to get rid of it, but if it's making something violent towards my animals I might not keep it around. There is always the sound of someone walking down the stairs, quiet talking, stomping, etc.

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The-Cool-Bus (2 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-02)
Yes the cat is just fine, he is a fat spoiled cat that spends his days lounging around the house. That was the only incident that could be viewed as negative in regards to the pets. And I did not do emf readings but if I can remember I will try to get some next time I'm at my parents house
The-Cool-Bus (2 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-02)
Hello everybody I'm very sorry I am responding 4 YEARS LATER I found the plasma light in my storage unit and accidentally broke it after bringing it back home, of course, with my clumsy self.


I had a feeling that was the case here hahaha when I went into the store and they had all of the other lights on display I was wondering if that could "enhance" activity. Forgive me for sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about, because I really don't when it comes to paranormal lol
Anyways yes my mom has heard what she describes as a woman talking and laughing but it sounds like it's coming through a tunnel for instance. The happenings at the house itself will be another story on here. So I believe the house was haunted even before my parents moved in because the now grown neighbor girl (age 25) said she has seen shadows, lights turning on, etc when the house was empty and for sale and when she was younger her and the other neighborhood kids would play hide and seek in the yard and they were all scared of the then church building. Since the "skeleton" of the house is very old and like I said in my previous post it is a former church building converted to a house I shouldn't say I know for a fact that it is haunted, but me and my family have experienced enough weird stuff happen there that I legitimately cannot find a logical explanation for.

And I did not do emf readings but that's not a bad idea
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-27)
The-Cool-Bus, I concur with Rook, Seraphina and Redwolf. I am a data girl myself. And I also have an added thought about your entity. Perhaps you have a former minister who stays. Cats are not allowed in most churches (sad). Perhaps it was a, "What is this thing doing in here" kind of thing. After all of your data collection, you might just have to let it know that the cat is okay to stay. Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing. I think a former church would be cool for a house. The Eurythmics with Annie Lennox bought a former church for recording. Great acoustics.

Thanks for sharing!

Hecate 😊
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-25)
The only thing I can add to Rooks advice is to get small recorders. They may pick up the foot steps or even voices. You can also ask if any spirits are there. Given that it used to be a church it should still be hallowed grounds. Since dead people are blessed there should not be any malevolent spirits. A spirit doesn't mean it's malevolent because it doesn't like cats unless it starts to harm them and other animals.
Some people who are so rotten in life will be earthbound until it can be crossed over but be will have to somehow make amends with the person it hurt most. Just a theory. But if it does cross over it will be in Outter Heaven it will not cross the Pearly Gates
Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-25)
Hi, T-C-B,
Rook gave you some solid advice about the EMF meter. If you try using it as he described, I hope you'll let us know the results.

BTW, I know what you mean by churches or temples often having spirits. At least that's what I've picked up personally. It makes sense. I'd speculate that, for example, christenings, baptisms, weddings, confirmations or bar-mitzvahs, and funerals certainly can be overlaid with emotion. And for some people, spirituality was woven through their everyday lives. Why not stay at a site that reminds you of strong emotional events or spiritual experiences? ~Seraphina
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-24)
The simple answer is YES.

The reasons may not be so simple... It is MY OPINION that lights of this nature ADD EMF into the enviroment and that added EMF can be used by spirits to either manifest, move objects, knock on walls, cause their footsteps to be heard... If it's a Haunting the added energy in the enviroment can 'assist' them.

This does not mean any of the 'possible' spirits are negitive in nature... But it sounds as if at least one of them may not like cats and THAT (IN MY OPINION) makes it negitive (😉).

A simple test would be to unplug it... Leave it unpluged for a week, I mean a full 7 days, and record any 'odd' happenings or feelings you or any family memebers experience...THEN...plug the light back in and do the same thing (keep an eye on the cat 😲) after the 2 weeks are done compare your notes.

If you really want to take it to the next 'level'. Get an EMF metter (beg or borrow) and take base level readings at specific times each day 0800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 0000 and 0400 (every 4 hours)...then when something happens take the EMF meter to that area and record the levels again... Do this for both weeks.

Your situation seems like a good 'case' to capture some good 'hard' data concerning EMF and possible spirit activity.

Thanks for sharing, ask any questions you may have.

I do have one questions for you... You stated this...

"I know that there are a lot of spirits in our house due to it being a former church..."

What makes you think a 'lot' of spirits would hang around a 'used ta be church'? I am not trying to be 'mean' I am just curious. Thanks again and welcome to YGS.



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