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Little Gifts Out Of Nowhere


Those of you whom have read my accounts are aware of the fact that I am a widow that was married to a truly wonderful man. The love of my life. However, I realize that I'm not the first, nor will I be the last widow on this planet, but on with this account.

It was only a couple months after my dear husband's passing. My mother-in-law, Mary, had been departed for a few years at the time this happened. I'm mentioning Mary for a reason, as you'll soon see. John, and I were very fond of World War II documentaries that they would show on WVIZ, a special television channel with what we called intellectual programs to watch. They would, also, offer those programs on VHS tape/DVD that you could order. John, and I were considering ordering this one documentary on the war with Germany when his condition worsened, and he became extremely weak, and ill. From there he was in, and out of the hospital, and rehab. Nursing homes for over a year until he passed. I was extremely depressed, and distraught. It was all I could do to focus on day to day obligations. Such as going to work, and paying the bills.

As I said before, a couple months had gone by. One day I came home from work to find a box leaning up against the apartment door. It had my name on it, and was from WVIZ T.V. In Boston. What? I was perplexed, but I took it inside, and opened it to find the exact DVD documentary about the war that John, and I had 'wanted' to order, but I never did. I couldn't see ordering something that 'he' wasn't there to share with, and enjoy it with me. Why bother? I called the 800 number for the station the next day, and inquired as to 'who' ordered it, and when? All the woman could tell me was that it 'was' ordered about three weeks ago, and paid for. How could that be? I didn't order it. She could only say, "well, you have it now, and it's been paid for. Enjoy it!".

I did mention in my first story about the haunted house we lived in in Willoughby, how items would disappear into thin air only to turn up much later in the most unlikely places. They are called apports, but I wasn't sure about 'this'.

Now to Mary, my mother-in-law. Years before while they were both still around, John, and I went to visit Mary. She didn't live but a few minutes away up the road in a mobile home. John was outside mowing her lawn for her, and Mary, and I were inside. Mary was going through her jewelry box. If you're a woman you have one of those, too. She claimed that it was getting cluttered, and she was rearranging it while we were there. She took this lovely broach out, and laid it on the coffee table. It had tiny orange/gold/yellow/brown mosaic tiles that formed the picture of flowers against an orange background. I was admiring it. She noticed. She asked me if "I" liked it. I told her that I did. She, then, asked if I would wear it, to which I answered that I would. She said that when she passed that she wanted me to have it. However, I told her to stick around because I loved her, and I wasn't all that anxious to receive a piece of jewelry. She chuckled, and said she'd stick around as long as possible, but that she 'did' want me to have it.

Of course, she did pass at 82 years old, but I never gave the least bit of thought to that broach. Here is where it gets amazing. I got that movie disc first. Then a week later, whilst cleaning the place, and straightening out the slip-cover on my couch, I found that very broach laying on one of the couch cushions. Yikes! Where did 'that' come from?

I was overwhelmed. I just had to sit down, and start crying. I mean crying very hard. I was trying to find a reasonable explanation for these two items that just came out of nowhere. I had to talk to Beth, my sister-in-law. Her, and I were extremely close. We talked at great length about it. It was Beth who came to the conclusion that those items were, in fact, gifts from John, and Mary since they 'knew' how much I wanted, or liked them. I wanted to argue the point, but I couldn't. I just couldn't dispute it because it 'did' make some sense. Beth believes that they 'are' gifts from them, and "I", likewise, want to believe that, also.

My family never knew about the movie disc that we wanted to order, or the broach. No one knew. Only John, Mary, and myself knew about them. I don't know if you can call what happened apports because I'm not too sure they fit into that category. Therefore, I have more, or less, accepted the fact that they are gifts from John, and Mary. I'll treasure them forever as such. Let me know what you think!

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-02)
What a lovely way to show you that they are still around and wanted to cheer you up!

Thanks for sharing this touching story.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (137 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-24)
Anina, thank you for your sincere wishes. I deeply appreciate it!

Take care! 😊 😊
BaiAnina (3 stories) (41 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-24)
I would have had a breakdown if that were to happen to me! Rest their souls and may you find peace in your grief.

I do believe they were gifts, and a clear message that though they may be gone in body, they will always be with you in spirit. How lovely these two souls are ❤
Linjahaha (24 stories) (137 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-22)
R.C.-Mary was living with her eldest daughter D.D. [at] the time of her passing. She did call us to come out to her house to look through the personal belongings. However, John was very emotional, & only kept some of the most personally significant items that he wanted. Like her Bible, a couple Rosaries, pictures, a Missal, & some cute little trinkets that he had bought for her for past occasions.
The broach was not among them, & I did not go through Mary's things as I felt that only her children should do that. Around that time, I had completely forgotten about the broach that she wanted me to have.
'That' is what makes the incident so amazing. It wasn't even there. Anywhere at all.
I have no idea 'where' it went to, but it wound up on 'my' couch cushion from out of the blue. However, the broach showed up shortly after my husband passed. I do believe it 'is' a gift from her. I, also believe the disc was a gift from John.
I don't impose my beliefs on anyone, but 'that' is what I, personally, believe. I hope this answers your question.
Thank you for reading, & take care! 😊 😊
RCRuskin (9 stories) (820 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-22)
May their Memories be Eternal.

I have just one simple question, if you will allow. When your MiL Mary passed, did the family get together to divide up her things?

Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-22)
Hi Linjahaha

Our loved ones that have passed on will always give us signs to show that they are around, losing someone is never easy but we live by the wonderful memories.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (137 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-21)
Thank you again, Lost V., for reading 'both' of my posts. It would, & 'did' make sense. My sister-in-law, Beth, was the one who brought that to my attention. She was rather excited when I told her about it. Although I was crying [at] the time because I was so perplexed & touched to see items that 'really' meant something to me personally.
She fully understood my tears & let me cry it out of my system enough so she could calm me down to explain to me what her opinion was.
I still have those items. The DVD & the broach. I was afraid to even 'wear' the broach for fear of losing it, but Mary wouldn't want that. She wanted me to wear it. Whenever I do wear it I think of her. I think of my John all the time. That will never change, but it feels good to have confirmation that they are still around, but in a different way & on a different plane. I like to think that they 'do' manage to visit us from time to time. However, I know they are in a much better place where there's no more pain/suffering. Yet, I believe, that they are still very concerned about those of us that they love that are still on this earthly plane.
I'm not pushing my beliefs on anyone else. This is just how "I" believe!
Thank you again for reading-I enjoy your insights/comments!
😊 😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (246 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-21)
Hello Linjahaha, what incredible gifts, and such validation that our loved ones still communicate and connect with us from the other side!

I think you were spot on, both John and Mary knew you were a sensitive while they were alive and selected items to gift you that you would know ONLY came from them and in the untraditional way they were delivered as well! They left no room for doubt. I also get an image of them chuckling on the other side when you got these gifts and were stumped, trying to rationalize the sudden appearances of these items!

What a gift in and of itself to have such connections in life and then beyond life as we know it, more proof that love transcends our physical existence and what we know. The journey always comes full circle! Thanks for sharing!

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