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The Woman Who Visited Me Every Night No. 2


When I wrote the first story, there were some things I left out. It was my first story, so I didn't think people would pay attention to it. I have convinced myself to write the rest, so read the first one before reading this. Here's the rest.

Every night, a woman would visited me when I was four. As I said, she was all white. (I now call her the White Woman. Just saying.)

This one time she didn't visit me in my bed. People will always say, "It may have been your mom."

Anyway, this one time, my mom and sister were talking. I walked into the room they were talking in, and there she was. Outside, looking through the door. I looked at her, then at Mom. I wanted her to do something about it (always failed to mention that). That's when I began to get scared of the woman. (I want to say this in a nice way, but can't.) After that, she left. I was alone now. I honestly felt safer.

About three years ago, I was telling my sister about it. I told her about how the woman stood outside the door. I tried to convince her, "You saw her!"

She was just like, "I did?" No one ever spoke of that night. Was I the ONLY one who saw her that night?

The woman left as I began to get scared of her. That event was one of the last times I saw her.

On some of the final nights, I sometimes did want to ask, "Who are you?" She look like she never wanted to talk about that stuff. As I said in the first one, I think it might have been my grandma.

That's the complete story for my experience.

(If you want to ask a question, please make it short. Thanks for reading this!)

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