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Grandpa Was Concerned About the Land


This happened in durango mexico, I live near dallas texas. My grandfather came to visit us last year around this time of year and left at new years, he was a little ill at the time but he was old so it was kind of expected. A few months after he got back to mexico he had a stroke and became unresponsive. He was a a coma like state for about a month, then he passed away.

Nothing happened for a couple of month (I think it was around june or july), then a man called my aunt (my grandpa lived with my aunt in mexico along with her husband, 2 year old kid and a dog) so a man called my aunt and asked to speak with my grandpa. It was then that my aunt told the man that he had died a few month earlier. The man didn't believe her. He said that he got a phone call from my grandpa 3 days ago and he left him a voice mail to call him back. Naturally my aunt began to cry and told him again that he was dead. The man was freaked out. Then my aunt asked him what the message was about, the man said that my grandpa had him fix a machine that he used to fertilize his fields (my grandpa had some land and was obsessed with it, that's all he thought about. Even in his old age he would wake up at four am and ride his bike to the field and tend to it). The message said if the machine was fixed and that he (my grandpa) really needed it back as soon as possible. The man was a traveling engineer of sorts so its understandable that he didn't know he had died.

But the man still didn't believe my aunt so a few days later, when he brought the machine back to the house, my aunt showed his the death certificate and the man got scared. Now this a small mexican town where everyone is catholic and very superstitious. The man ordered the local church to dedicate a special mass for my grandpa because he thought he was being haunted. So my uncle took over the fields after my grandpa died. When they got the machine back, the man put it to use, but after a few days the machine broke again and he tried to fix it.

Well that night or a couple of nights later, my aunt had a dream about my grandpa asking her to get the machine fixed because he didn't want the plants to die because the only reason he worked so hard was to that the land would provide then with everything they needed. My aunt was sad and kind of scared at the same time about the dream, so she called up the man again and he drove a few hundred miles to fix it at no charge, then he dedicated another mass for my grandpa. The machine got fixed and nothing else really happened.

But around august my aunt's son said that he saw my grandpa walking around in the morning. It was then that my aunt called my mother to tell her about it. My mom was very emotional but I thought it was kind of cool. My uncle is now taking care of the fields and they haven't seen him since.

Thanks for reading.

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MissAngelaA (2 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-24)
That is amazing. I know this story was a few years back, but Ihad to comment. Its beautiful that your grandfather was still looking out for you guys! I hope your aunt heard the message!
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-12)
Is it not amazing that the things that we truly prise in life seem to be the most simple things? Here is a Grandfather that wants to make sure that his loved ones are provided for, so he makes himself known in the most basic way. Fix the Machine. I do not honestly know what the connection between electronics and the Unseen, but there does seem to be one. I have heard that as they are both (ghost and electronics) energies, it is "easy" for the electronics to be used.
How nice that your Grandfather still provides for his family.
Thank you.
Annie (202 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-03)
Did your aunt ever get to hear the voice message left to this man from your grandfather? If not, she should ask the engineer if he still has it. That would be interesting.

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