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The Karate Classes!


This is my second experience. It happened when I was 6yrs old. My mom, aunt and uncle are karate masters. My aunt and uncle used to teach karate at a nearby hall. It used to start at 6pm and end by 8pm. I used to go with them.

One day it was my break time around 7:45 something and I was standing on a plastic chair which was near the window. It was totally dark outside and I was just looking outside the window and feeling the cold wind that was blowing outside. Suddenly I felt the need to look at the other side where there were tall bushes which were up to 5-6 feet tall. Suddenly I saw something that had human like features like hands and head, couldn't see anything else cause this happened in a fraction of seconds and I saw this human like but still unhumanly thing as if freely falling on me. I was still on the window, frozen!

When that thing with a lightning speed came towards me as if falling on me all I could see was it had thorns like things on its entire body but the thorns were very big in width and it was full of thorns and on the face, chest, hands, everywhere. I was so scared and I tried jumping off the chair but I was shivering and felt so weak. In an attempt to jump from the chair my legs crippled and I fell on the floor fracturing my right hand and breaking my nose. After that I never went to that karate classes again.

Even today when I think about it I can still remember how it looked and I can still feel the shiver of fear. It was so scary but I still couldn't understand what it was!?!?!Comments are welcome:)

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Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-12)
Hello Fariya,

I didn't mean to say that Dryads are evil creatures, which they aren't. They only don't really like humans.
And Dryads can be found in any tree, bush, etc., not only deep inside the forest, although they are more common there, of course.
Fariya (7 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-12)
Hello sheetal, I was terribley scared and I myself couldn't understand what it was and the fact that my mind was totally distracted from this incident towards my injury. And I didn't knew how to tell this to my parents because at that time I didn't knew how to express this thing in words. I don't know if anyone else experienced it or not because I didn't go there ever again. Thank you:)
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-12)
Hey Fariya... Anyone else experience the same? And did you describe the event with your parents and what they said?
Fariya (7 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-11)
otteer, Bonifaz, RedWolf: Yes I have also heard about "demon" or something, I don't know what word should I use to describe it, in the form of trees. I have heard about tree like evil things, which are able to move or something like that and they are mainly found in deep woods or near some thick plantation.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-11)
Hi everyone,
Back for 1 night because my back isn't as bad. I won't put myself in the position that the puppy can get me on my back anymore. Although when I let out a loud gasp and curse she jumped up and stayed by my side until my son came in the room.

Sorry about tha Fariya
I also thought it was some sort of nature spirit. Young children can see things that jaded adults can't. There were and are still times when I see or hear things in the woods that others can't. A couple of years ago my son and I went down a steep slope because I wanted to see the condition of a stream in woods that a lot of people use to get deeper in the woods to do drugs or use as a shortcut to get to a strip mall. We were looking for a way to clear the stream so water could flow from a lake through to the stream because someone made a foot bridge. All of a sudden we hear an EEP and a splash my son said that it was a frog but I couldn't see it. But we just turned around because we would need shovels and other things to clear it up. It rained the next few days and washed away dirt and made habit too hard for me to get down a slope. But we still joke about that EEP which I think was a wood nymph we scared not a frog.
Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-10)
Yes, I would also say that what you saw was an elemental. These are non-human nature spirits of very different character. Some are very lovely and playful, other are quite mean and nasty.
I, personally, think that you saw a dryad, a tree nymph, who was living in that bush. They are normally not very keen on human beings, considering the fact that we chop down "their" trees and cut down "their" bushes. But I don't think that particular dryad wanted to cause you any real harm. It just wanted to scare you and chase you off.
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-09)
How terrifying for a little child! I don't know what you saw, maybe an elemental? Perhaps you startled it and it went on the offensive, realizing you could see it! Children are much more open to the strange and wonderful things we normally cannot see as adults, you just happened to be at the wrong place at the right time. Such is the mysterious universe. So sorry about your injuries, yes, I stood on a plastic chair as a kid and got dumped myself! Lesson learned lol.

Thanks for sharing!
Fariya (7 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-09)
sushanttkar: Umm I cannot say much about it now because its been years. And I was standing on plastic chair because without it the window was very high and I couldnot see out from it. And while I was on break everyone else was busy practicing. So no one had noticed me doing this maybe that is why nobody stopped me from doing this:) Thank you for your comment:)
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-09)
I don't understand what you are trying to describe? I don't know what kind of safety is maintained by your uncle's Karate academy for the small kids? Standing on a plastic chair probably after a hard session of practice... It might had slipped by your body movement and the surface may also have played a roll in it.
Mutilated body, thorns, heads and hands... 🤔 😠

Although I fell sorry for your broken hand and nose. No offense meant.


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