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My Scary Apartment


If you have read my previous stories you might know that I have had a bunch of experiences since I was a kid. 'm 19 now and it still continues.

So in 2009 my family shifted to a city called Badlapur in Maharashtra state of India. Badlapur city has a very vast history. It was the market place of King Shivaji. Many wars have been held in Badlapur. Many true stories can be heard about Badlapur from people who live here.

So my family rented a apartment room on the third floor of a building. My maternal grandparents and uncle used to live on the first floor of the same building. There was a huge and very old garden in front of our building. The area on which our building stood was said to be a graveyard before. There was an extremely creepy black coloured bungalow directly in front of our building. No one used to live in it. It had overgrown and unkept plantations everywhere in its yard. Though that bungalow always gave us (me, my mom and my brother) the most scary feeling ever, my dad being a non believer was keen on buying that bungalow.

The owners of that bungalow used to visit it just once in a year, that too only for hardly 1 or 2 hours and used to go away. They never cared about cleaning or maintaining it. Nobody in the locality knew anything about them. My dad tried to contact them and laid an offer about buying that bungalow, but owners didn't even let my dad complete his sentence and just refused about selling it.

I always felt so weird about the owners. Like why do they come just once in a year and what do they do inside such an unkept bungalow for straight 1-2 hours and then leave, without cleaning anything and not even opening any windows. How can anyone stay in a house that has been locked for straight one year? It must be so dusty and suffocating.

Anyways, so we started living in our apartment on the third floor. We had 2 windows in our bedroom and one of them used to open at the big and very old tree. The branches of that tree used to enter through our window into the bedroom (if the window was open). Directly below that window was my bed.

Few days went fairly well. Our building was a three floor. There were no rooms above our room, it was just an open terrace area which was locked 24/7 and was only opened for hardly 5 minutes in the evening by our secretary who was a very old woman who could hardly walk. She used to go there for switching on the water machine.

After some days during night time around 12 or 1 am I started hearing footsteps of someone running on the terrace. As it was right above our room we could clearly hear the footsteps if anyone would run on the terrace. First of all I thought maybe our neighbours kids are running and playing because it sounded exactly like some kids or people running heavily. This continued for many days. I used to share my bedroom with my brother and he used to hear this too. We both made ourselves believe that its just our neighbours kids. But I was sure that no kid in the world would play and run in the house at 1am at night. Sometimes it's okay, but this is not possible for everyday. Our building was full of little kids. And all of them were my friends no doubt I was way more older than them but I enjoyed playing with them. I asked them why they are awake so late. Their mothers confirmed me that they all are asleep by 8 or 9 pm and nobody in their house is awake that late.

We continued to hear someone heavily running above our room and jumping and stamping their feets. After some time these sounds used to start as soon as the sun used to set. It could be heard in our entire house. If I were sitting in the living room after sunset I could hear the same voices from directly above me. Same in the kitchen too.

Once I was home alone at like 7pm and the power went off the whole house got pitch dark and suddenly these sounds started but they were so heavy and fast as if someone is purposely jumping and running right above my room. I was so scared I ran out from my apartment and rushed to the first floor to my grandparents' apartment.

Later my cousin started staying with us for her further education, she used to sleep with me on my bed. She was specifically scared of the other window of our bedroom that was on the right side of the bed. It used to be very dark in that area. She used to sleep on the right side of the bed and used to continuously feel as if someone is watching her through that window. While I was scared of the window right above our bed obviously because of the creepy branch of the tree entering our room through it. After she said this to me even I started feeling being watched.

She used to be alone at home the entire day and I, my mom and brother used to come back home at evening. After some days she started feeling very sick. She used to feel very tired and would always feel very sleepy. She used to be asleep almost the entire day and would again sleep early at night. She started losing weight very rapidly and would always be very scared of being alone at home.

One day she felt very sick, doctors couldn't understand what the problem was. She was not able to drink or eat. She would just roll on the floors crying and moaning in pain. She used to just keep on crying and we used to get chills watching her do this. After some days when I returned home back from school I was confused to not find her at home. After some hours searching for her I got a phone call from her saying that she was extremely scared to be in our home alone and so she called her relative to come and take her to their place. I was shocked because she didn't even tell us and just suddenly left for another city.

Even after that things didn't change. Now even I started feeling very scared of the right side window and felt as if some one is sitting on the window looking at me. Many times when I used to be home alone I used to hear sounds of vessels from the kitchen.

Even when I used to be at my grandparents' apartment on the first floor I used to feel weird. The strange thing about that apartment was food used to get spoiled very soon. Pickles would get spoiled in day or two. No matter how much care they took no pickles in the world would survive there. In India pickles are considered as sacred and holy they are made and stored with utmost care and spoiling of pickles is a sign of extremely negative energy.

When I used to be alone at their place I used to feel as if someone is walking right behind me. I would keep on turning and looking back but there would be no one. No matter how many lights bulbs were placed their apartment would still be so dark and cold. And no pets would survive there. They brought 2 puppies which died unknowingly. A kitten which too died without any specific reason. They brought white rats. They too died without any reason.

Thank God we left that house after staying there for 2 years and my grandparents left that house just 4 months earlier.

I'm glad those things were left behind with that apartment. THANK YOU FOR READING:)

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Staybloody (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-01)
The old lady used to go upstairs to switch on the water machine. However good a machine is, does it take only 5 minutes to fill the tank? Didn't she had to switch it off?
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-23)
I suspect anything built on a graveyard is not going to be a happy place. My dad worked in a building built over a graveyard and they also had footsteps on the roof and odd stuff going on.

I'm sure the landlady knew about the roof, which was why she rented the top floor, instead of living there herself. Wouldn't it make more sense to live on the third level if you have to get to the roof every day?

The bungalow sounds totally creepy! Were the funky windows facing the bungalow?

Tending a shrine yearly makes sense, although I had vampires in mind while reading, ha! Your dad was probably spooked too, but curiousity was winning and he wanted to see inside. Glad he didn't move everyone in!
Amzu15 (19 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-14)
I totally LOVED IT. JUST AMAZING. I do believe your building was haunted. Thankgod you moved out!
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-14)
Loved the story. I could imagine the building and garden clearly! I get the feeling that the location of the building, upon rumored burial grounds may be at play in the haunting of the building and, possibly the bungalow. I don't know why but I get the feeling the couple used to live in the home or it belonged to a deceased relative, perhaps they have a shrine in the home, they tend it, leave offerings and then leave. I'm guessing there is activity there too, maybe it was abandoned for this reason? All speculation but I just get an image of them tending a shrine in the bungalow.

As for your cousin, being left alone during the day in a haunted building (not sure how this furthered her education by the way) would be enough reason for me to want to leave, maybe she was scared silly all the time and felt she was not going to survive if she stayed, which to me, seemed to be the situation, ill as she was.

I too am glad you moved on, dosnt sound like a healthy place, for anyone!
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-13)
Very interesting story. What an odd little couple that owned the bungalow. Coming to their house only once a year for only 1-2 hours at that. I wonder what if anything they had in that place that they come only once a year and refuse to sell. You are probably very lucky they did refuse.
I also wonder what was running around on your roof? Why did the old lady refuse to allow anybody up there and only went up there once a day to turn the water on. I assume the sprinklers or whatever was on a timer. I'm sorry your cousin got sick but I'm happy that your family moved out of the creepy apartment after 2 years.
Somewhatsceptic (2 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-12)
Interesting story very well told, its a refreshing experience to see the cultural difference in stories, it really gives me faith in such things. You should definatly look into the buildings past might unearth an interesting past.
miana16 (2 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-12)
pretty scary fariya its good that you left that house and did you try asking the secretary about the footsteps on terrace. If you get to know more about that creepy bungalow please tell me.

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