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The Haunted Farm House (part 2)


I'm back with my another experiences at our farm house. I request you to first read my (part 1) for better understanding of this part.

Here are some of the things that I experienced at that farm house. 1) So, I was in this farm house of ours for summer holidays and I was around 5 at that time. It was a hot summer noon and all my family members were inside taking afternoon nap and I was the only one awake because I always hated naps. It was impossible for me to sleep during day time. So I was all alone, awake playing with my candy kitchen on the stairs of the main door of the farm house.

It was all quite and warm breeze blowing I was busy playing when suddenly from the corner of my eyes I saw a man leaning outside from the right side corner of the house's wall. It was like when we are playing hide and seek and trying to hide ourself behind a wall and still trying to peep outside to see whose coming. Just the same way.

He seemed thin and young adult and had some normal cheap cloths. All these I saw from the corner of my eyes. I thought maybe some worker has come to work at our place. So I just turned my face towards to look at him. As soon as I turned my face towards him he suddenly went back behind the wall as if he was really trying to hide himself from me because as soon as I turned my face towards him he did hide himself very suddenly like in a hurry. I found this very weird but ignored it. I thought maybe that person is doing some work in our backyard and will obviously come in front after completing his work because that was the only way to go outside our compound.

I completed playing and was just sitting on the staircase facing towards the main gate of our compound. It was like one or two hours but the man didn't return so I was like what work is going on that is taking so long for him and also there was no sound of any kind of work going on. I just decided to go to the backyard to see what work was going on.

When I went there I was so shocked to see that there was no man, nothing at the backyard. It was all empty and quite. I was so puzzled as to where did that man go because there was no other way of going out and my eyes were stuck on the main gate and the man hadn't come there. I was very puzzled and told my aunt about this she told me I was day dreaming and ignored it.

2) It was during my winter holidays and I was back at this place. So during winters it used to get dark very early. All our family members used to enjoy evening breakfast at the right side corner of the front yard with a huge umbrella and chairs and tables under it. We used to roast chicken and enjoy hot tea.

So all my family members had already reached there and I was the last one to come out from the house. I had my chair in my hand and I came out from the house and locked the main door, as I turned to walk towards my family to the right side was the rice farm. As I was walking I saw some female wearing white, with something glowy in her hand, and walking in the rice field between the rice plants and I could hear the voice of someone walking inside the field. I turned my face to see actually a female all white but she was blurry. It was much taller that the normal size of humans and her both hands in front and was holding something glowy, maybe a candle or a diya or it was just her palms glowing I don't know!

I was stuck in that place and maybe it realised that I could see it and it was slowly very slowly turning its face towards me. I was extremely terrified, I didn't wanted to see its face. I just threw my chair and ran for my life, even one of my sandals flew away from my feet, I didn't care! I ran wearing just one sandal. I was shivering and my legs were trembling. I ran towards my granny who was sitting on a chair, I jumped on her and cuddled myself in her arms without telling any one anything.

Many days later I told my granny about this and also she had her own experience which I'll be writing in my another story. Thank you for reading:)

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
Fariya... Your Farmhouse has bunch of ghost stories really interesting... Do you still own that farmhouse?

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