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After School Classes


What I am about to tell you this story occurred about twenty years back, I was doing my ordinary level exams those days.

We had after school classes and almost every other day on weekdays because of the reason that our parents believe that schools do not teach us right except on after school classes.

It was hectic to go on classes after school, tired and hungry and wearing same uniform from morning to evening.

My friend was not schooling in the same school as I am but we went to the same extra class after school and now he's doctor and about to become a plastic surgeon...Damn!

This extra group classes was at Ja-ela (A town In between Colombo and Negombo) and we go there by bus, my friend (let's call him "Thilo") schools in Negombo and me in Colombo, school closes at 1.30PM and the class starts at 4.30PM. My friend and I get together at Seeduwa (A Junction). Have lunch from the small restaurant there and take a bus again to Ja-ela for the evening classes.

Seeduwa is where he kept his bicycle locked in the shop where we take lunch, he use the bicycle to get to the bus stand, I on the other hand take a straight bus to Colombo to my school in the morning.

So on this day since our exams are getting near, our tutor decided to do some past papers until 9 in the evening. In between he gives small breaks but yet it was extra headache for me.

It took us about 30 minutes to find a bus that night going towards Seeduwa, when we got down it was already 10 PM and feeling so hungry and tired all together we decided to have dinner from that little place where we normally take our lunch. By near to 11PM we finished our lunch and it's time to go home.

Thilo took his bicycle and told me, he will drop me at home since that time no busses to go home for me.

To get to my home there are two roads, one is with a mountain that we have to climb and the other is a normal road but on this road there is a cemetery and alone we do not take that road after 9, there were no incidents reported about ghosts or anything like that but still it was a unnecessary risk.

Since we both were tired and we were two, we decided to take the road with the cemetery.

Half way through, the cemetery was on our site in about 50 to 60 meters, we could see a person wearing a white shirt, sarom and white head cloth walking toward us. Thilo stopped the bicycle and I looked at him.

He asked me if I can see such person and I said yes, this person was walking in the same phase as if he was on a loop yet not getting anywhere accept walking in the same place.

I got down from bicycle so did Thilo, hit the bike's stand and ran to the opposite of where we were going. Panting heavily and we could not even talk, trying to chat our breath but I felt like fever, I felt as my eyes are burning and then I fainted.

When I woke up I was at home on my bed, my mom looks worried and dad has left to work. Even my sister had stayed home and it was mid-day.

I still had fever I could tell that because my whole body was aching. My mum asked me what happened and I told her everything.

She said an army truck which was passing by had picked us up dropped me and my friend at my place, they followed the Postal ID address which I had with me in my bag.

After they dropped us at my place, we both were conscious but talking gibberish. My father had called Thilo's home and his parents have come and took him to home.

My mom said we must have got scared of some white paper or something but I told her it was nothing like that but a person, seriously a person not more the 50 meters away was walking towards us but in the same place.

By afternoon my fever went off after our church priest came and blessed me with holy water.

I called my friend Thilo and he was also feeling ok by that time. Next day was Saturday, I was at home and so was my friend. Other friends visited us, made some funny jokes about me and Thilo but it was me and him who truly know what we saw was real!

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Pasindu (9 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-29)
Hi Lealeigh, Sarom is a dress our elderly locals (male Sri lankans) mostly wear. It's a waist to your feet long cloth which is been stitched from both sides where you have to get in from the top or bottom.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-29)
Hi Pasindu,
Good story but I have one question. What is a sarom? I tried looking it up on Google but the results from the search aren't giving me a clear picture of what the garment may look like.

Honestly, in my part of the world, the search results keep bringing me reviews of a local restaurant.

I'm imagining it to be a long, flowing garment.

Sorry for the rambling comment. I'm not so good at brevity. 😁

Best Wishes, Maria ❤

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