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Our Apartment Above The Hospital


After a long time I am here, back again with my experiences.

So this story is about the apartment we bought and moved into, after moving out of the apartment mentioned in my previous story "My Scary Apartment".

This apartment was in the same city as my previous apartment, but was very far away from it. It was situated in the middle of the city in a market area which was always very crowded and the roads were always filled with traffic. It was a commercial bulding. This building had a medical store and a pathologoy lab at the ground floor. A maternity hospital at the first floor. And there were three more floors to the building and a terrace at the top. Each floor had two apartments. My parents bought one of the apartment on the floor just above the maternity hospital. The another apartment on the same floor was owned by the owner (doctor) of that hospital. My 10th grade finals were going on during the time my parents purchased it. So I was not able to visit it before moving in.

The apartment was really nice and comforable and we didn't face any difficulties for a long time. Only after some time when my brother became friends with the boys living near by and started coming home late at night. He would feel as if some one is sitting in a corner on the stairs that would connect our floor and the hospital floor. Every time he used to come home late, he would complain of this feeling. He would say that enough though he wouldn't be paying attention and would be busy in his cell phone while walking up the stairs, at that exact spot his subconsious mind would alert him to move a bit away from that side while walking, like our brain does when we are about to collide with someone. It automatically makes us move to a safe side so that we don't bump into them. Though he couldn't see anything, he always felt someone sitting on the stairs. As it was a maternity hospital, there used to be few deaths of the pregnant women due to some complications during pregnancy or while giving birth. We came to know about one such incident, a good 6-7 years before we moved into that apartment, pregnant woman was admitted in that hospital for delivery and she was unable to deliver in a natural way, so doctors had to perform a operation. While operating her, the doctor (who lived next to us), accidently had cut one of her veins, which led to severe bleeding and she couldn't survive her delivery. The family members of that woman were so angry they thrashed the doctor very badly and even broke down everything in the hospital. I am not sure if its her soul still lingering around there. Maybe she is still caught up in an around the hospital area. That is why presence of something could be felt only on the stairs which were exactly next to the hospital door. The stairs where someone would normaly wait at if he/she is waiting to get inside the hospital.

Another experience at that place was by me. It was only a one bedroom apartment. I & my brother used to sleep in the bedroom and my parents used to sleep in the living room on a mattress. We only had one bed and it was in the bedroom. One day my mom was not well so me & my brother advised our parents to sleep on the bed and we both slept in the living room on the mattress. It had already been 2 years in that apartment, but it was my first time sleeping in the living room. I never felt scared in that house and never had trouble sleeping the bedroom, but here I was feeling extremely scared for no reason. I was just being scared and so uncomfortable my heart was pounding & I was feeling so uneasy, but for no reason. My brother was sleeping next to me at my left side and I could see my parents sleeping on the bed in our bedroom as that room was just in front of us. The lights were dim through out the house. And my brother fell asleep quickly, but I was just feeling crazy.

That time we had 2 pet dogs in our house. I covered myself in blanket & eventually fell asleep. After some time I was woken up by extremely huge and heavy breathing just next to me at my right side. I was still in my blanket all covered from head to toe & it was as if someone has tilted their face towards my ears and is breathing extremely heavily. It was really heavy. There was a sofa chair right behind my head and I was laying on the floor in such position that my head was touching the front legs of the sofa chair. I got very irritated and the only thought that came to me was of my dog sleeping on the chair and taking those huge breathes. Though it never did that. But that was the only possible reason for those noises. So without taking my face out I just stretched my hand and hit it on the arm rest of the chair and asked my dog to stop it. And it stopped and I fell asleep.

After some hours those noises disturbed my sleep again, but it was morning by now, around 6 am & my mom was up. I could hear her work in the kitchen and could hear those noises next to my ears again. I pressed my pillow against my ears and fell asleep. I woke up around 9 am and told my mom about how my pet irritated me the whole night up until morning. And then my mom told me that both our dogs were sleeping with our parents the whole night. And even at 6am when she was up, the dogs were still asleep in the bedroom. I was so shocked and so confused. I never slept there again. But I couldn't ever figure out, what it was.

Even at this apartment I used to be alone through out the day time. Many a times I would hear someone knock the front door, and when opened, there would be no one. This used to happen mostly during afternoon time. At least 1-2 times daily. The doctors wife who was also a doctor would also hear knocks at her door. She claimed it to be the kids who used to come the top most floor for their coaching classes. She would always scold them and warn them about reporting a complaint against them. But we had a cctv camera on our floor which monitored the entire floor. But we were never able to see any of those kids or anyone stopping at our floor and knocking at the doors in the cctv recordings. Not even once.

My brother's friend used to stay at the top most apartment. He has been living there since long time before we moved in. After moving there, ever since he has been suffering through a lot of problems. He was always sick & had a very bad health.

No pets would survive in his apartment. Every pet would die within one week. He tired bringing pet dogs, cats, fishes, white rats. But nothing would survive there. They would die in mysterious ways. Some of his cats would fall down from his window, and falling from the third floor, they would die on the spot. Once my dad was standing outside the building when he saw his cat jumping on his window as if someone is chasing her and she was so frightened and her tail was all fluffed up, she was trying to fight something in the room, but my dad couldn't see it as it was on the third floor, he could only see the cat, as it was on the window. The cat was using her front legs to fight something and within few second she just gave the scariest scream a little kitten could ever give and just jumped out of the window. Before she let her last breath she again gave an extremely scary scream but a little slower one and just died.

My dad was in utter shock. He was so curious and also extremely angry at my brother's friend, he was unable to think of the reasons he did this to his kitten as it was surely chased and trouble by someone and he was the only person living there. But after some hours my brothers friend came to us asking about his kitten, he said he is not able to find her. He had been out since early morning and just came back home. My dad asked him who was at his place this whole day. And he said his apartment was locked the entire day and only his kitten was there. My dad told him everything and he was shocked and broken at the same time.

We couldn't come to any conclusions about these incidents. But we assumed it was because of the hospital, as these things are very common at such places and hold a very negative enegry.

We lived there for 4 years and had a good time there. Though there was not much of things happening there but it was still there! But it was still all good!

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Fariya (7 stories) (52 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-09)
Thank you so much everyone for your valuable comments and advices. I appreciate it very much. I apologise for not being able to reply everyone individually because of my hectic schedule. Thank you so much.
nabeelfx (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-13)
Hi Fariya...
I have fb page with 471k followers...
And I want you to send me msg over there! I need to talk to you pls!
Https://www.facebook. Com/mosthauntedplace/
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-20)
Wow, that IS frightening! Honestly, the only thing I can think of is an energy imprint (similar to what you mentioned at the end). A hospital would have an abundance of energy, both positive and negative (negative as in sadness, anger, etc). I'm sure the woman who passed away giving birth left an imprint of sadness, desperation, etc. This energy can cause a sort of "replay" which would include sounds, feelings and even manifestations.

However, there may be spirits "stuck" for lack of a better term. I'm sure there have been tragedies, but also wonderful experiences in the hospital. I don't know about the incident with the cat, I'm sorry I can't be of much help.

❤ ❤
Aprajita (3 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-19)
Dude I'd love to hear more from you. This story is really the scariest of all those previously mentioned by you. If its actually due to the hospital then y'all are under a constant threat. This is quite possible too as hospitals witness so many deaths so its obviously some kind of negative energy is associated with that place. Do write more bout it! Much love and tc
Chin2Raval (1 stories) (23 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-29)
Dear Fariya,

I read all of your stories. All of them. The only thing which comes in my mind is that maybe you or your family are like magnet to these things. No Offense, but see the situations. Wherever or whenever you people stay at any house, there is always something Paranormal Happening.

As you said in your story earlier, that maybe some jealous people must have done something on your family. Yes, maybe you are right. And I really appreciate your decision to not to use Ouija Board. Because only use it under presence or guidance of Medium, Psychic, Parapsychologist or Holy Persons only.

Maybe because of black magic, maybe, your family always finds some place with the supernatural phenomena.

I suggest that you should consult some Molana or Spiritual Person.

Have faith in God. Everything will be alright. Untill then keep your home Positive with Fragrance and Sun Light. As you are Muslim, always recite the verses of Kuran loud in the home.

God Bless you and your family Sister.

My deepest apology if I or my words hurt you in any kind of manner.

Thanks & Regards
RCRuskin (9 stories) (807 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-27)
A good time, but punctuated and sometimes interrupted by some mysterious events. Though I'm not fond of cats, I'd never hurt or harm them in anyway, so it saddens me to hear of your upstairs neighbor's cats, and other pets, dying. Only thing that comes to my mind, ghostly thing anyway, is the ghost of a nurse trying to chase pets away from patients.

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