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Insanely Haunted House, Part 1


My mother moved into an, at the time, new house with her partner. My brothers and sister. For a few days from the day they moved in, it was constantly haunted.

They would hear voices. Often mimicing my mother's voice to her partner, my brothers and my sister. Especially when someone would be on the toilet, they would think my mother was standing at the door talking but couldn't understand what she's saying so they'd open the door and ask 'what?' and she's not there.

They'd hear screams in the middle of the night for a few nights in a row; they would all see black shadows running really fast past doorways; TV turns on and off by itself, with the volume up really loud; my sister was in bed asleep with her boyfriend and a man angrily yelled in her ear.

They soon found out that the land their house is on, back in the 1990s a man murdered a women there with a meat hammer. I can't remember the specifics of the story but that was enough to creep everyone out and made a lot of sense with the angry man voice and the woman's screams, I thought maybe it's something residual.

Anyway, my sister moved out and I decided to stay over for a weekend, I wanted to witness something. Usually I'm the one who sees/hears things... And I'm interested in anything weird or paranormal. Apparently the house had calmed down and something happened every few days at this point instead of everyday.

Nothing out of the ordinary except for one thing. I was staying in my sister's room on her side of the bed that night, and it was about 12am when I decided I should go to sleep, so I got in bed and I just could not sleep even though I was exhausted. Then I felt the feeling like someones standing behind you. My stomach dropped. I pulled the blanket over my head and stayed still until I fell asleep. But other then that, nothing so I went back home.

A couple weeks later my mother called me really early in the morning. I was making my coffee as I was talking to her and she told me that the night that just passed, she saw something terrifying. She told me she randomly woke up in the middle of the night and was facing her bathroom and she saw her partner army crawling, using his arms and dragging his legs, crawling into the bathroom. She yelled 'what the eff are you doing?!' And heard a voice from behind her sayin 'what' it was her partner lying next to her. He was asleep the whole time... So whoever she saw crawling into the bathroom was not him.

My youngest brother was playing playstation in his room, and his door opened slightly and my brother was standing there looking through the small gap just staring. My youngest brother was like 'what are you doing, stop it go away' eventually he was gone and my youngest brother went into the lounge and asked my oldest brother why was he just standing there staring at him... But he didn't do it. My mother's partner was working that night and my mother and oldest brother where watching a movie in the lounge the whole time. And my brother hadn't moved from the couch.

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