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My First Experiences, Seeing And Hearing Things


I've been reading stories on this site for maybe two months now, I've just made an account so I can share my and my family's experiences online, for the very first time.

Okay, first off I will start off by telling you that me and my mother are sensitive I guess. Out of my family it's always been me and her who have seen things. According to my nanna, her great grandmother was a clairvoyant and she said before she passed that she will pass her gift on to someone else. I think maybe that's why we are sensitive as my aunty's a psychic, and it must run in the family. (My brother has had an experience too with my mum at the same time, but I will post that in a different story.)

Anyway. For me, it started when I was around 12. At that age, I was very creative, I used to draw all the time. I had a crappy childhood due to my father being a drug addict and abusive (this info is relevant in some parts of my story). One night, I was in my bedroom drawing, late at night maybe around midnight, everyone was in bed. It was how I use to unwind I guess. Out of nowhere I heard a lady singing in my ear. In another language. Sounded kind of African. I could picture the lady as it happened, kind of chanting but singing. I sat there for a few minutes after it stopped, terrified, ran to my mum's room and woke her and told her. I was crying so she let me sleep in her room.

I think that experience is what kick started my depression. Once I got depression, things got worse.

Experiences that I can remember after in that house was when I was around 13. I started having nightmares of being raped and strangled. Always by a man with dark shoulder length hair and pale skin. I'd wake up with scratches around my neck, and bruises over my body.

I'd start seeing spirits. I was on the computer late at night, had a feeling someone was in the lounge (our computer and desk was in the dining which is basically connected to the lounge). I looked and saw a man he looked around 23-24 sitting on the couch. He looked at me, I turned back and looked again and he was gone. I wasn't scared of him though. My mum saw him the same night once I went to bed, standing in her doorway. We found out that someone in our neighbourhood died that night and we think it might have been him passing through.

With my being depressed, I was seeing a counselor. Slept most of the time and didn't want to shower unless forced to get up. I'd sleep to block out everything in life. So one day, when I did get up for school (I missed a lot of school), I had a shower. I was looking down at the floor still tired. I felt something there.

I looked up and a little girl about 3, in a white dress with blood on it and a blanket covering half her face (it was a small comforter blanket like a lot of kids/babies have) was standing there and she put her hand on the glass. I shat myself and closed my eyes but I got from her that she died in a car accident on a very busy highway near the city. (I got the sign of that highway in my head at that time.) She was gone when I opened my eyes so I got out grabbed a towel and told my mother I was heartbroken for this girl but that's not something I want to see when I'm in the shower.

My parents started hearing their bedroom doors (double doors) shaking every night like someone couldn't get in because it was locked. And the buttons on their alarm clock being pressed repeatedly.

We got the house blessed by a priest. The priest kind of stayed away from me (maybe it was the black hair and band t-shirt phase I was going through lol) but the priest blessing the house didn't help at all. I started feeling the girls presence alot.

I was on the phone in the kitchen home alone, talking to my best friend at the time who knew about my experiences. But we were just talking about ordinary teenage things, then I saw the little girl in the lounge she quickly ran to the TV and I couldn't see her then (house was set up weird kitchen and dining together but lounge off of the dining if that makes since like an 'L' shape.) The TV was on but the channels started flicking through to a kids' channel. I told my friend everything as it was happening (nice to have a friend who doesn't judge). We ended up moving not too long after this, and the girl didn't follow.

I will post another story of what happened in the next house soon, as that's not where it all stopped, only started.

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