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The Unseen Someone (part 2)


After my creepy experience at our family bungalow, I wanted to know the secret behind it. I questioned my uncle about it, but he was reluctant to tell me anything. I insisted that I need to know the truth because I had experienced something strange and it has been disturbing me ever since then. Finally, he told me everything. It was shocking to know the truth.

A young man named Clayton was staying as a paying guest in that bungalow. One sudden day, my family woke up to see him dead. He had poisoned himself. The reason why he took this extreme step is still unclear. There was a speculation that he was depressed because he had a love failure.

Ever since his death, my family has been experiencing strange things in the bungalow. They have heard voices in the corridors and the backyard. They have also seen things moving by itself. Nobody dares to enter the room all alone in which Clayton had stayed. As far as my uncle remembers, no one has been attacked until date.

I was afraid of the experience I had and I never wanted to visit that bungalow until I heard the story from my uncle. But strangely, I don't have that fear any more. In fact, I'm feeling bad for Clayton. If love failure was the reason why he had committed suicide, I'm sure he would have been madly in love with that girl.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I'll be visiting the bungalow again this week. I'm looking forward to go there. I'm planning to take a stroll in the corridors and the backyard. I might want to enter his room as well. I'm kind of getting pulled towards this presence. I hope I'm not being stupid.

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Darcus (3 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-07)
Hello Bibliothecarious, Thank you so much for reminding me to carry a holy book along with me. It completely slipped off my mind. I discussed about this matter with my parents who believed me as they knew about Clayton's spirit before I could tell them about him. I also expressed to them that I'm getting pulled towards this presence. They were not happy about it and they firmly forbidded me to enter the bungalow all alone.
We visited the bungalow on the 29th of October for a family get together. Though I was very keen on taking a stroll in the lawn, I didn't go ahead because my parents didn't approve. I felt that they were having a close watch on me because one of them always accompanied me wherever I went and this was so unusual of them. I understand that they care for me but I was slightly annoyed with their behavior.
Ever since I returned from there, my eagerness to explore into the unknown world has doubled. I'm restless and I want to know more. I'm not sure what I will find over there but I just want to go. I had a word about it with my cousin Elvis and he is willing to take me there soon. I'm waiting for that moment. I know that i'm disobeying my parents but at least I'll be at peace after this visit.
I also was wondering if my blindness was the reason why I had that experience that day. Can't tell anything as of now. I will surely update you on that. Thanks again.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-06)
Greetings, Darcus.

I enjoyed reading your first narrative, but much of what I thought had been discussed by the others. While I, too, suspected that a prank was a possibility, I was more suspicious of the bride's extended family than your own relatives. Even though I considered this, I dismissed it as a possibility, as people who walk upon grass do make a noise; granted, it's not as much noise as people walking on gravel or upon tarmac, but there's a steady rhythm to the soft crunching of the grass stems.

Now that we have your uncle's supplementary data on Clayton, you have an objective sequence of facts to establish the credibility of your experience, should you choose to discuss it with additional family members.

With regard to your closing statements, I can only tell you that it is never foolish to confront an uncomfortable or scary situation. It is only by acclimating ourselves to the phenomena or events which make us uncomfortable that we can deal with them in a calm and rational manner.

You mentioned that you have "late blindness" in your first story; I presume this means that you did have the capacity for sight earlier in your life, then lost your vision due to infection, illness, or an accident of some kind. You do not have to share specifics with us, but I wonder if your auditory experience with the spirit which may (or may not) have been Clayton was due to the spirit's recognition of your blindness. If you suspect that this is likely, then Clayton is probably very lonely and in search of a sympathetic friend. It is is a sad idea that he is a solitary, disembodied spirit who is ignored by everyone; perhaps you have much less to fear than you suspect.

Take care, Darcus. If you are at all religious, I'd recommend taking a copy of your holy book with you in a knapsack or tote bag; it, or a similar religious object, may be a source of strength and comfort for you, should Clayton prove to be more difficult to deal with than he's leading you to expect.

Best of luck,

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