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Hey guys

I am a paranormal explorer having numerous experiences. I have explored different locations and here's an experience that remains fresh to the bones.

This incident dates back to 18 October 2021, Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India). We received a case of a haunted property in a secluded village of Saharanpur. The owner claimed it to be haunted ever since it was renovated.

We explored the property but didn't find anything suspicious until we saw a grave-like platform in the backyard.

After enquiring, we were told that it was taken within the bungalow premises and was made into a walkthrough within.

Using our EMF machine, we detected a high electro magnetic field. Let me remind you that the renovated bungalow was abandoned for years.

Upon enquiring, we came to know that a local peer baba (kind of a sufi saint) resided there. After his passing, people built a mazaar (grave) with a cenotaph in his memory.

It was broken for expanding the property. Ever since, the residents used to hear footsteps in that walkthrough every day. Usually, it was heard in the wee hours of the day.

We were skeptical and decided to take a step further & explore aptly. We set up a camcorder in the walkthrough and the camera person sat beside it. I was seated outside the walkthrough and tried communicating with the peer baba's spirit.

Initially, I thought that we've been fooled and this is just a case of property dispute. Within a fraction of seconds, my camera person yelled and ran out from the walkthrough.

I ran to his aid just to see an impression of a hand on cheeks! In agony, he told me that he was alerted on hearing footsteps and within seconds he was slapped.

A handprint was clearly visible on his cheek. Even I was surprised to see this.

We escalated this to a medium that connected to the spirit of the peer. We were told that he is nonchalant but doesn't tolerate anyone blocking its path.

Through the medium, he suggested no further disturbances in his way. He never intended to cause fatal harm to anyone.

His path was separated by constructing a wall that bifurcates his way from the rest of the house. I hope this will bring peace to the soul and property owner.

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Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-06)
Disturbing the saints final resting place definitely angered him it seems.
talib (58 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-03)
Kudos to you for a well written post about your experience, keep up the good work and maybe you can publish a book about your ghost hunting stories and experiences.

Coming to your story, I don't think the peer baba (Sufi saints spirit) slapped your colleague, rather it was a mureed (follower) Muslim Jinn or
Jinns of the Saint who vist the grave or mazar to pay his/their respects. Sufi Saints are known to have followers amongst Muslim Jinns like they have amongst humans.
The renovation of the bungalow probably blocked the way or path of the Jinn /Jinms to the grave of the saint and that's what angered them.

A similar story about a family who unknowingly moved to a bungalow which was haunted by Jinns was aired on Zee TV India in one of their episode of Fear Files. The plot was that the family bought me bungalow at very cheap price, but was troubled by unseen beings as soon as they occupied the place, on further investigation a Imam (cleric) from a near by mosque told them to leave the property immediately as that the home was infested with Jinns and they were angry because they used to visit a peer baba (Sufi Saint) grave in the mountains just behind the newly constructed bungalow, the house was blocking the pathway of the Jinns to the Saints grave and hence they were troubling the residents of the bungalow.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-03)
Hi BhootHunter and welcome,

Sorry your buddy was hurt. For what it's worth I've read a couple of occasions on here where people have been slapped by spirits.
Do people in your country use the paranormal to help their property dispute cases often? That's really disappointing if it's a common thing.
It's good this has an outcome everyone can be happy about.

Thanks for sharing.
KenS80 (1 stories) (42 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-02)
You must be familiar with the elements of the architecture B.Hunter. Your recollection as told above sounds like someone who is known to that niche.

I have experienced chills and as eerie as those times were, I am glad I was not slapped.

Good read, cheers.

BhootHunter (guest)
12 months ago (2023-07-02)
[at] ladyglow spirits aren't vengeful but here, it was like a sufi spirit, but not exactly a one. They tend to cause minor harm when disturbed.

[at] RCRuskin - I agree with your words. Many paranormal hunting shows are shiatty & staged for TRP. What they show is sheer baffoonery.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-02)
[at] Lady-Glow, well, there was the time when Saint Nicholas, patron of sailors and children, and bringer of gifts on Christmas Eve, punched out a bishop over a disagreement, so while such behavior is not expected, I'm also not entirely surprised.

[at] BhootHunter, also welcome to YGS. One thing I've noticed in those ghost hunting shows, which like most so-called reality shows, is that they stage things for dramatic purposes, including provoking spirits. The thing about this that bothers me is that the ghost hunters, such as you and myself, do not live in the space and thus rarely have to deal with direct consequences of our actions.

In this case, however, we seem to have a reasonable and understanding spirit who just got a little pissed off about being boxed in. This reminds me of many people I know, thanks to recent years. 😠
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-02)
Slapping people isn't what one would expect from any saint.
Was this the only time the spirit attacked someone physically?

Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.

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