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The Tiny Voices And The Face Of My Younger Sister


It is my first time to tell stories on this web and I'm not so good in English grammar so please bear with me. After reading so much stories on this site and helping comments, I got the nerve to post mine to share and also to seek some help. Some incidents happened in my life before that I can't forget and until now left me a big question, "What are those?"

My first experience happened at our house in the province somewhere in Naga Zamboanga Sibugay. Once upon a time in the afternoon back when I was still 8 years old, it was about 12 something in the afternoon. I was sleeping inside our bahay kubo (nipa hut) alone because my two eldest sister and my eldest brother at school and my mama and papa are at the farm together with my two little siblings. Then suddenly I was awaken by tiny voices saying "Ayan Na ayan Na! Ye hey! Gising Na siya! Ayan Na ayan Na!" (Here we go! Here we go! Yes! She is awake now! Here we go! Here we go!). I'm so sleepy by that time and I don't know if I'm just dreaming or what so I just simply stand up and walk outside to find out what was that. And being pissed off (really pissed off), I'm so ready to scold someone but the moment I opened the door and expecting that was kids but instead I saw a tiny woman and a tiny man (sized of my third finger) wearing a bikini and the man wearing swimming trunk playing at the water in the big rock at the side of our house. I mean big stone that has so much small hole and during rainy days the rain water will stays there. The moment I saw it I paused maybe 3 seconds and run away shouting! When I reach the house of my ninang (Godmother) just a few walks from our house I'm so cold and sweating.

"Oh? Na unsa man Ka? (Oh? What happened to you?) " my ninang ask me. "Na-Nakakita ko ug baye pati laki ninang, sa dakong bato nagsuot ug pangkaligo tapos gagmay kaayu sila ninang (I saw a girl and boy at the big rock wearing a swimsuit and then they're so small godmother) " and then my godmother just told me that it's just my imagination I must not pay attention to it. So I didn't tell it to my mama and to my papa when they are at the house already because it's just my imagination according to my ninang which is not totally true because I really saw it on my very own eyes and I know I'm not dreaming. But I rather forget that thing than keep my mind think of that weird thing.

Second experience, same place. I was ten years old already and this experience happened with my younger sister Beb, she is 7 years old by that time. Before to start with I would like to describe our house, it is a bahay kubo that has only one room for everybody we are 8 in the family. My papang (father) just put a wall in the center of the room as a divider but he didn't put a cover for that door in order for him and mamang can see us at the other side. Just imagine a square figure divided by two horizontally and the upper part divide into two again. The upper left part is our room (me, my two eldest sister and my big brother) and the upper right part is for mama papa and two younger siblings of mine Beberly which is 7 by that time and Leo 4 years old by that time. And the lower left part of the house is our living room and the lower right part is our kitchen. And the only door we have in order to go at our living room and to the kitchen is in our room. So all our doors inside the house has no covers.

One night when everybody is falling so sleep. I felt so uncomfortable something like I'm not feeling well which made me awake that time. We just leave the lights on during night time until morning (we only has two bulb by that time one for the rooms and one for the dining and living room). That's why you can see everything in the living room and kitchen if you sleep near the door.

Upon opening my eyes unfortunately and in some other reason I don't know why I'm sleeping on that side when I know that, before I go to sleep that night I know I was at the center, and always be. I was about to close my eyes again when I saw my sister Beberly sitting in our dining table staring back at me. She's wearing black dress and yeah our house is small so you can see it clearly because it's so near and the lights are on.

At first I just stare her back and wondering why she is still awake by this hour. So I turned to the other side of the bed to be able to see my papa in the other room and I really wanted to cry/shout the moment I saw my younger sister Beberly sleeping next to my father. I'm so scared by that time but I hide it so much... My kuya (big brother) sleeping next to me is moving so the moment he moved I moved also to the side of the door and to my horror the face of my sister is still there and staring at me and the most terrified part there is she is not sitting anymore she is standing now near our door in front of me. I just closed my eyes and prayed and gathered my strength to roll back in the center of the bed I don't know how but I made it. I woke up next morning placed in the center.

After those incidents happened to me it never stop already and to think it happened every month of February. I am 23 now and still experiencing weird things. But thanks God recently haven't seen tiny people/doppelganger, only voices and sounds of things made by invisible being. And after that two incidents I realized it's only the beginning of my creepy moments and there's a lot more to tell soon. I'm just so confused why it happens every February, and the tiny people wearing swimsuit just so weird, need your help guys and sorry it's long.

Thank you for reading my story. God bless.

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tinch31 (2 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-07)
permramaan: thank you for your comment, maybe it is... Thanks again

Niall_girl: regarding about my sister, as I grew older I found out what it is... It's what they called Doppelganger-a thing that imitates human being.

Migelito23: Yes migel, I can't even believe they does exist.

Sheetal: Thank you for the compliment, yeah maybe I have to do some research about it. My third experience when I'm in high school already and its February. And then the next experience and the next happens every February... And this coming February I'm kind of nervous although I'm used to it already but the fear is still there...
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-06)
Hi tinch31 Your narration is perfect and grammar too. I enjoyed your story... The Lilliputians are really scary 😨 I think you are sensitive to the outside energy... The February thing is really interesting I'll suggest you to search your answers in your culture.
migelito23 (32 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-06)
Hello tinch31. Scary story when you saw your sister sitting in the kitchen staring at you. The most weird thing is about the little people you saw.
niall_girl (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-06)
😆 how can this even happen. Your sister was a living person and not sure about liliputs to be existing. So I suggest you to go get some help and get rid of these hallucinations.
permramaan (1 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
May be as you were a kid, with lots of imagination with the stories told by the people, you might have imagined that. God bless it doesn't happen now or scare you with lilliputians!

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