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Experience In A Haunted House


Back in 1983-84 I was attending a prep school up in Maine when I saw something that could not be reasonably explained. The school was started back in 1908 but before that the lands used to be a farm. I was housed in one of the dorms, Mass Hall, which was originally built in 1850 as the farm house. We had heard stories of at least three ghosts that were supposed to haunt the building; one was the farmer's wife, the other was one of the hired hands and the third was a former student.

Now, this incident happened in December of 1983, just before Christmas break, and a group of four of us were studying for mid-term exams in one of the dorm rooms up on the third floor. It was probably around 11:30 when one of my friends, call him Todd, let out a startled yell. We all looked up and there was, the best I could describe it, a glowing cloud in a vaguely human shape moving across the room. There were no real discernible features, but it did appear to be human shape. We left the room rather quickly and the person who was housed in that room spent the night in someone else's dorm room.

We met and talked about it the next day, trying to find an explanation for the shape. At first someone said it must have been the moonlight, but the shape definitely moved. Someone else suggested maybe a car passing by, but the school is on a hill and the only road that passed by is at the bottom of the hill. There is a driveway to the school, but the room is one the side of the house that would not be hit by headlights that were on the driveway and besides, the room was on the third floor.

The room was part of the original farm house, where the hired help used to stay, he died after falling into the well one night. Could it have been him? A few other odd things happened while I was is school there, one which I will write about later, but there was something or someone (s) in that place that was not part of the student body.

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mrmonty (8 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-20)
Is was frightening at the time but I never felt threatened. There were a couple other things that went on while I was as school there, included the teacher who had someone not his wife (or living!) get under the sheets with him. There was a lot of stories/history around the place.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-18)
It was scary mrmonty... I feel it was the ghost of the spirit which you have mention... As during 83-84 there was not so much technology so it is impossible to made a cloud/human shape look alike...

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