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Imaginary Friends?


So this is my first post here as I have pondered if it was best to share some of the things that have happened to me throughout my life. I have decided that I would like to share these experiences with this site and hope to get some feedback and perhaps some insight.

Well this incident happened when I was just a few months old, so a lot of what I'm saying is what I managed to get out of my family members.

When I was one we lived in a small flat at the edge of my town. I lived there with my mum, dad and my two older sisters. My oldest sister was four and the youngest was 2. This made the fact that my oldest sister still had imaginary friends even weirder. She was a popular girl and had lots of friends but still insisted when at home to sit and chat away to her 'imaginary friends'.

I've talked to her numerous times and she always gives me the same details. She had three different imaginary friends, there was Dinder who was as she described a tiny women with a droopy face, there was Mrs. Campbell who my sister remembers little about other than she was a sweet person who would play with her for hours, but the one that really makes it creepy is the final imaginary friend. His name was Topsy. My sister when talking about him gets quite fidgety and being a 24 year old woman she says it still freaks her out. Topsy was described as a tall man with weird eyes. My sister continues to compare them to snow globes but I can never imagine what that is like personally.

Anyway now that introductions are out the way we can talk about different things that happened before leading up to the climaxing incident. My sister used to make my mum set out three plates at the table and would refuse to eat unless there was spaces for her friends. One time in particular she threw a huge tantrum and went stomping to her room where she got into an apparent shouting match with her friends. Interestingly enough no one else really paid much attention to her when she had these kind of episodes, assuming that she was just a stroppy toddler.

My sister would also be prone to sitting about in the living room staring into far corners and would at time burst into fits of laughing saying that it was something funny someone had said. She would even come out with big long words that she couldn't have known at the age of four.

So with strange things going on quite regularly with my sister, and my mum just assuming she was an odd child, it came as a great surprise when one day she came and sat at the table for dinner telling my mum to put away her three friends' plates. My mother was curious as she had always wanted plates for her friends so she asked "Why don't you want plates out? Have you fallen out with Dinder, Mrs. Campbell and Topsy?"

My mum swears that what my sister said next was the first time she ever considered running away from her child, "No Mummy, Topsy took off Mrs. Campbell's head and I think he's eating Dinder. I told him to go away, he won't come back." And that was that. No more mention of imaginary friends or anything out of the ordinary again. She just went and became a normal kid again.

We have since moved out of that house into new one, where we have moved from there again to a new flat that I still live in. I have more personal experiences which I have seen and heard which I will consider sharing in the future.

Please leave me so comments and ideas about what you think of this.

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Somewhatsceptic (2 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-18)
I've asked my mum and done my own research but I could never find anything about it, I even went to the landlords address to find she had passed, I do occasionally ask some older people in my town but to no avail.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-18)
This was scary indeed! I am agree with Caz that it is impossible for a 4 year old baby to made such name and stories 😨 May be they were the owner of your house... Thank god I never has imaginary friends... Thanks for sharing
Caz (342 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-17)
Interesting story Somewhat and it seems to me the names are kind of unlikely to be made up by a four year old child! Did you ever ask your mum if there really was a Mrs. Campbell? A neighbour perhaps? Thanks for sharing!

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