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I have been told that I am highly magnetic to spirits and this would explain a lot. They seem to follow me around and no matter what house I am in, I hear things.

One instance was when I lived in my previous house, I would go upstairs to take a nap in the daytime, which by the way is a common time for them to play with me, and as soon as I laid down, knocking from one end of the room to the head of my bed. I have been awoken by knocking on my bedroom door, and thinking it was my kids, I opened it and no one was there. My mother-in-law also heard knocking at the bathroom door, and she opened it, no one. I have had my head on the pillow and heard a tapping on the pillow right in front of my face. A man said "Come lay with me."

Fast forward, I am in a new house. I separated from my husband and at the house from before, the spirit appeared upset and tossed his laptop of a coffee table 2 times, right in front of his eyes. And his mother had someone hit a bracelet right off her wrist. In the new house, my son came around the corner, and I heard "momma" really loud. And he says "That was weird" and I said "What? Did you hear a little girl say momma?" And he said "Yes". I told him I was so used to things like that, I usually just ignore it but at least it is proof to me that I am not going crazy.

The knocking only happened once in the new house. My husband and I were working things out and he stayed over and thee was knocking on the wall above our heads. I said "So you hear the knocking?" Mind you, I was half asleep at the time, and he said "Yeah, I hear it". He never wanted to believe these things were happening because they usually only happen when I am alone. But he believes now!

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Antu (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-11)

Thank you for sharing! I'm a wee bit uncertain of what your expectations are though, whether you are content to carry on along with the spirits or if you are looking to curtail the activity. If the latter is the case, then I believe a simple cleansing would be in order, please see Rookdygin's page for a simple yet extremely effective cleansing:

Hope this post helps, and best of luck patching things up with hubby!

Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-08)
mott35--I read your recent account and your earlier one from 2011. It does indeed sound like you are something of a magnet for spirits. I have read of people experiencing the rappings and knockings you describe. The voices you have occasionally heard are also intriguing. When I was a young boy I heard (over an at least six month period) the clear but oddly muffled voices of a man and woman arguing with each other. I would only hear it at night and would investigate to find the rest of the house sound asleep. It never scared me but I did wonder what it was. Still do!

Although I have never heard rappings like you describe, for many years I did have dreams of them. For instance, in many of the dreams I would rap on a closet door and immediately there would be three sharp knocks in reply. It was almost always three aggressive knocks in response. These dreams were very frequent but I only have them rarely now. I found them eerie and unsettling for some reason. Thanks for writing your experiences.

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