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Weird As Heck Visitation?


Back in the day, my two oldest brothers and I rented a flat in Boise that was the top floor of an older house, above the neighbor, Laney. The house was connected to a mineral spring for hot water and heat. It was usually hot enough on our floor that the windows all fogged, since Laney set the temperature on the radiators from her place on the ground floor. We had a few strange things happen at that address, but the weirdest couldn't be explained as ghosts. So far, it has not been explained at all.

For a time I was seeing a fella named "Mikel". He was a solid, kind soul, very practical and not given to boasting or exaggeration. Even before we took up he had been to our place often enough, as he was friends with my brothers. Which is to say, my brothers had no objections to me dating him.

One spring night, pretty late, we lay down very conventionally to sleep with my head sideways on his right arm, and him laying on his back in a queen bed on a box spring on the the floor (or about 2 ½ feet off the floor). Past the foot of the bed, the door to my room and all the windows were shut as it very cold still outside. As usual though, it was muggy hot, from the radiators we couldn't turn down.

As I was drifting off, I heard a "Shiii-iiiiink" sort of noise (like in the movies when a sword comes out of the scabbard) and felt a very cold draft. Without opening my eyes I could see, shining at the foot of my bed, two figures, sort of outlined, but in different types of light.

To make this vanish, I lifted my head and opened my eyes. But there in goldish green light at the foot of my bed was an adult sized figure in a cloak, with a headband, holding a staff or something to his shoulder, sort of leaning toward a smaller figure outlined in blue light. This one's face was scrunched and wrinkled, and he stood hunched, but long-limbed, like a fairytale dwarf or gnome, just a half foot or so taller than the bed.

Although my brain was rebelling my eyes saw this as plain as day, my hand to any God you choose. It, the dwarf size thing was staring straight at me, sort of grinning like it was waiting for me to holler. The metallic "shiiiink" sounded again and nothing was there. This was all in maybe ten seconds of time.

I put my head back on his arm, and asked Mikel, "did you hear that?", not wanting to scare him, or him to think I am loony. And he says to me in answer "did you see the dwarf?"

I did not know what to think. As real as they seemed, I was counting on a denial from him to make it "all in my head." How could he have seen that too?

Ridiculously, I asked him "were your eyes open or closed?"

He said "I don't think that was real." His heart was beating very fast.

I said " I think we should just close our eyes." It was a mind warp and felt better to act like all was normal, and try to sleep. I was surprised that I was so calm, but sleeping seemed most reasonable. I have always been the type to react or panic a long time after any emergency or danger has passed.

We did, sort of jokingly, tell people the next day. They just raised their eyebrows and shrugged. I am pretty sure they thought we were making it up. Weird as it was, I heard what I heard, and saw what I saw. So did Mikel, but if he wasn't going to bring it up after that, neither was I. We didn't really know what to think. After I moved out of state we lost touch. I don't usually share this story because it makes no sense and people always act like I am messing with them. Why would I make myself out to be a dwarf-hallucinating lunatic?

I have zero explanation for this event, and except Mikel "seeing" it too, don't really have proof. Honestly, if he hadn't been there and reacted, I would probably hope this was an unusually disturbing and very real half-sleep dream. Um, with sound and light effects. Nothing like this has happened to me before or since.

But, this happened and I have no idea what it was or could be. How could two people hallucinate or project the exact same vision and sound, and why a "dwarf"? Not like a human with dwarfism but a fairytale gnomey-type dwarf? I am not saying that dwarves never existed, just questioning the possibility of one glowing in my bedroom in Idaho, to be seen by two people. This was 1997 or 98, before laser Christmas and Halloween projectors were available on the home market, and in any case the room was shut up and dark.

This story sounds a bit crazy written down- I can say that, since it is my story. Although I have gratefully read one similar experience on YGS (from the Middle East) which made me feel much better; even on this very open-minded site, sharing feels a little shy and silly. Maybe you readers can help me find more similar experiences. I want to share, in the name of honesty and exploration, but it is okay if no one else knows what to think of this experience. It is not ghostly or alien, I don't think, just weird as heck. When I think about it, I go back and forth between wanting an explanation and wishing it hadn't happened twenty years ago. Nothing I have researched explains all of it, or the dwarf, or the weird sound.

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annie16 (13 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-24)
This is quite interesting. I must say I have read nearly all of the stories on this site and have never come across anything like it. Maybe one of the regulars have. Hope you find an answer soon.

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