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My short story is a clear memory I have from my childhood that will stick with me for life. I'm 24 now. This happened when I was around 6, but I can remember the incident like it was yesterday.

I'm a logical thinker so life after death is hard for me to rap my head around and would be a complete skeptic if not for my own encounters with the paranormal.

Like I said I was a 6 year old innocent boy that had no clue about ghosts or the paranormal when I had my first experience. I'll start off by saying I grew up in an old two story Victorian style house next to the beach in a town called Kinghorn in Fife Scotland with my mum and younger brother and had an amazing childhood at the beach, with my auntie and two cousins living above us in the two story house.

The encounter I had was brief but very strange. My house had a large living room with a long hallway leading to the dining room which lead on to the kitchen. In the long hallway between the living room, dining room was the bathroom.

It was during the day, not sure what time. Me, my brother Jordan and two cousins David and Sammi were playing in the dining room whilst my mum and auntie were chatting in the living room. I, as I normally did, went to go for a number two in the bathroom in the hallway between the two rooms. Being a child I never used to shut the door or even bother turning the light on. As I sat there doing my business a mass around the size of a person floated past the door extremely quick. As it did, the light came on with the string light switch going ping and left swinging around hitting off the wall.

The thing did not have human shape. It was more of a human sized mass and the way I've always described it was like a fuzzy static tornado

Zoomed past the door and turned the light on for me. I say tornado because of the way the static was moving fuzzy and swirling. After it happened I remember not reacting at all and carried on playing.

I sort of repressed the memory until a few years later when we had moved out and my mum and stepdad were talking about ghostly encounters in that house.

It wasn't scary at all, probably because I was so young. I am interested to know if anyone has a theory on the difference between static entities/people, shadow entities/people and just your normal white ghosts?

I do not think this thing was malevolent in anyway but in fact was trying to help me. I've also read a lot about demons and how they deceive people. I'm not sure what to think about my experience, any thoughts?

Thanks for reading

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Jamboking1991 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-11)
Thanks for the comments guys I appreciate them all.
I've never really thought about that but out of all the things a spirit could do for a person turning the light on is pretty comical and trivial lol.
Yea I was struggling to find much on static apparitions that's why I wrote my story to see if anyone had similar experiences and could shed some light on it.

Thank you for the link. Your right though this stuff happens, it's as real as you or me so there's a science behind it the more we share and discuss these things the more exposer it gets more people will research and gain knowledge on the subject. Paranormal should be researched just like physics astronomy biology ect.
Thank you everyone for commenting I will write about other experiences I and family members have had.
😊 Jamesking.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-10)
Thanks for your post. That's an amusing experience to me; a spirit putting on the toilet light for you. Strange what compels spirits / people to do what they do... Of all the things that a manifestation could achieve, it decides to put on a toilet light...

It would appear that spirits can appear in different forms / shapes / colours depending on how they decide to reveal themselves and who's perceiving them and what their motives are.

As far as "demons' go; well my opinion is that we all the same when we pass over; except we lose our bodies. So if you are a loving, generous, kind person, you'll still be be you on the other side. However if you an insufferable, nasty, violent sadistic type when you pass, there's a very good chance that's who you'll be on the other side.

I doubt were being tricked or deceived, probably someone wanted to make sure you didn't pee on the floor (I have young kids)!

Have you had other experiences in that house or elsewhere?


flowersgrowback (5 stories) (22 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-10)
If the entity didn't terrify you, then I would say to go with your gut and assume it was harmless. Even children (in some ways especially children) can tell if something is "good" or "bad." As a child, my brother-in-law was horrified of a "little boy" living in his childhood home. He knew better. Actually, to this day, if we get in the mood to screw with him-not that he's the kind of man you'd look at and think he'd be fun to mess with-we can just say 'I hear Jimmy calling you,' and at thirty years old he goes pale and gets TOTALLY spooked. But anyway, point is- kids know what's up.

And spirits manifest themselves differently for all kinds of reasons. There's only one spirit that haunts my grandmother's home, and I've seen her in the forms of mist, full body, orbs, and a walking silhouette. Sometimes it takes more energy to travel in certain forms. To my simple, basic understanding, light orbs are, for example, a lot easier for them than a full body, totally visible showcase. So that can have something to do with it.

But some things, especially entities that aren't deceased humans, just have a particular appearance anyway and different motivations for looking a certain way. That's when you start getting into demons, imps, different kinds of woodland entities, angels, things that I have absolutely zero knowledge of and my religious beliefs are, um, let's say "not fully formed." I'm also not well researched. There are lots of other, intelligent people here who could get into that much, MUCH better than I could.:)

Thanks for sharing your story!
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-08)
I've been athinkin and you know how static from a detuned radio or TV is said to be distant remnants or echoes, or whatever, from the big old bang. Well, maybe these static entities are utilizing some of this energy to manifest, or maybe they're even made of it completely, an as yet unknown entity. Phwoah, trippy.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-08)
Interesting account, I'm trying to think of which paranormal link it was I watched way back were they caught 3 or 4 ghost flying around a house. My son who was about 10 at the time, saw something similar fly down our hallway and go through the wall. I was in the next room at the time, although I never saw anything our xmas tree fell over right at the time my son saw something fly into the wall, what ever it was, it had enough energy to knock it over.I'd immediately asked my son in the next room if he saw anything, thus how I know about he's account. The only theory I can offer probably relates to flying in our dreams. I think most people have dreamed of flying right? When we die, we still dream for a period of time according to the Edgar Cayce findings. So perhaps a soul who has unfinished business or some emotional attachment to the earth realm is dreaming their flying? The difference being their dreamland is our physical plane?

Regards Daz
valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
6 years ago (2016-01-08)
Well, no one can state with 100% certainty why the differences in the way spirits manifest themselves, although most seem to agree it has something to do with their energy level. Perhaps how open/sensitive a person is also comes in to play.
When you say 'white ghost' do you mean the filmy transparent figures often talked of?
Demons are not the same as a malevolent spirit. In fact a demon is not a ghost at all, simply because it was never alive, never had a human form. Although a spirit can act quite demonic, that doesn't make it a demon. I really don't think they (demons) are as prevalent as folks like to think, thanks to the Hollywood treatment they've gotten. Now days folks have confused evil spirits with the fallen Angels that became known as 'demons'.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-08)
Ahhh! Jamboking, sorry if this makes no sense I'm very tired and probably in no frame to reply to anyone...BUT, it seems at least one person out there has experienced something darn similar to what you describe. Here's a link to their story:

I suggest follow your gut, if it felt like a positive presence, it likely was. Sounds like it to me, they turned the light on maybe thinking you could use a little light in there.

As for demons *yawn*, yeah they probably exist, why not. But if they do I doubt their anything like their fictitious versions.

Shadow people, in my opinion, can sometimes be a semi-manifested human ghost or another entity. I feel the 'red eyed' variety shadow person is a separate entity, based on their behavior I wonder if their a nature spirit.

White ghosts, no idea, Casper springs to mind. I guess any kind of apparition, like mist or smokey whiteness could be anything from elemental to, again, semi-manifested human, or even an individuals aura, maybe don't know, just some thoughts.

Big thanks for sharing your experience with the Static Entity! I was soo intrigued when I read the other person's experience, he was just as confused as you! I believe the more people talk about their paranormal experiences the more humanity benefits... And these static guys definitely wet the appetite for knowledge! 😊

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