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Haunted Cabin In Pigeon Forge, Tn


This story takes place in February of 2001 just outside of Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg, TN. I actually got inspired to even tell this story again after reading Purpletrees own cabin experience, and while this didn't also happen in NC, it happened just across the border.

To be quite honest, I had kind of forgotten about this experience, or maybe blocked it from my memory because it was such an active haunting. The experience was so active, I actually researched it as soon as I got home from the vacation it happened in 15 years ago and happened to come into contact with a lady who had strikingly similar experiences in ANOTHER cabin that was a part of the same resort.

On to my story. Forgive me if I've forgot parts of it, time erodes everything. So, the wife (now ex-wife) and I hadn't been married too long and we didn't have kids or any real responsibilities at the time so one week, mid-week, we decided to rent a cabin at a place on a mountain just above Pigeon Forge, TN. We were given a very nice NEW cabin with the large window looking off into forever in the living room that doubled as the bedroom. Typical 2-3 room vacation cabin, built be a resort for just

The living room/bedroom was just one wide open room, that also included the kitchen-dining area, and a sofa with a large fireplace, TV and large windows everywhere. There was a door to the porch that had the obligatory hot tub, and then one other room in the whole house that contained the bathroom, which was simply a door right off the main big-room. The ex-wife was a heavy sleeper... Just to put her heavy sleeping in perspective, I literally cranked a chainsaw and sawed down a tree outside our bedroom window at home early one morning and didn't wake her.

Anyway, the "activity" started the first night we were there. We stayed 4 nights and though time has erased the specifics of what happened on what day, I still remember what happened. I am a very light sleeper and sometimes have a hard time sleeping. The first thing that started was footsteps. All around me, all around the room. One specific set, one specific gait. It would move from the kitchen to the sitting area in front of me, to the porch, back to the kitchen.

At first I thought it was raccoons, maybe on the roof or something causing maybe sound to carry and sound like it was walking on the floors inside, BUT I was to be proven wrong. I woke up to the toilet flushing itself... I woke up to the bathroom light being on and watching and hearing the light switch click off, thinking the wife was up in the bathroom and coming back to bed, only to realize that she was already right beside of me. Sometimes the bed would bump like someone walking by it had ran into it. I also even caught a glimpse of an apparition in the dark... It did not glow or float around but appeared to be a solid human simply walking around in the dark. I could see it was a man, maybe 6 feet tall (average height, average build), no shirt but blue jeans on... Maybe sandy to dark blonde hair. I only saw it for a second or two, I kind of refocused my eyes and sat up and it disappeared.

I figured out that when I had the TV and the lights on in the kitchen nothing would happen, or at least I couldn't hear it, so by the evening of day 3 I was sleeping with the lights on and the TV on all night long. When the wife (who slept through all of this) asked why I was having to sleep with the tube on, I told her that I thought I saw raccoons outside and that it would keep them scared away, never mentioning it wasn't raccoons I was trying to scare away.

Anyway. We got back home and I immediately started researching if ANYONE else had ever had a problem or a haunting like that before and did make contact with a woman about 50 miles away from me who had had a strikingly similar episode with her husband at the same resort, but a different cabin. These are all NEW cabins, or they were then. They are all 15 years older now, much like myself, but at the time, this was a fairly new resort, maybe open a year or two.

I've pondered many circumstances over the years that may have led to that haunting, or whatever it was. Most likely it's some kind of land history, or some conscious residual entity that may not like "people on its land" or something similar.

To this day, all I know is my story and the striking similarity in experience the other lady had who also stayed there. I have often thought about going back just to see if it's still there. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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SpookyGrrl (4 posts)
3 months ago (2024-01-11)
Hello! I love your story and I'd like to showcase it on my spooky podcast if that would be okay? I know you posted a few years ago so hopefully you'll see this! Thank you!
maddzentertainment (1 stories) (4 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-27)
I really enjoyed you reading about your experience. No then followed you home correct? My wife and I actually film and post it to YouTube. We'd like to stay the night at this cabin. Could you tell us what resort it was and what cabin #. Thank you for your time.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
5 years ago (2019-09-30)
Hello Mrs Page,

You should post your experience here so that members can visit your thread and help you with their suggestions.

I understand how terrifying it must be for you. I felt the same way when I first experienced spirits visiting me.

They mostly need help moving on or have a message for you. In my case I have a stubborn spirit who doesn't know the meaning of NO.

I've been using Rookdygins cleansing method since joining this site with much success, recommended to me by Dee a lovely member here. All the members here are lovely and have a fountain of ideas to rid spirits. Secret being diligence. Don't stop, keep using the method. I find when I stop, my stubborn spirit returns. 😕

Here's Rookdygins profile page. On his first page in his Bio you will find his cleansing method. A lot of members here swear by it. When you finish, your home smells lovely and not to mention your home will be really clean.


Keep us posted.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
MrsPage (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-30)
I been trying to research this stuff. I just stayed in a cabin on a mountain right above Pigeon Forge, TN. IT sounds very similar to the one [at] snowboarder300 stayed in. I have been on the fence about paranormal activity. Wasn't sure if it was really real. I have never experienced it before. But last week while I was in the cabin I saw an old man standing in my room. I also heard footsteps in front of the bed like someone was pacing back and forth but I saw no one. There was more paranormal activity that went on. I'm trying to make sense of all this and figure out what was going on and why this happened to me! Someone help! I'm actually terrified. 😨
AdelePhytler (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-12)
Even if the cabin was only open for a year or so at the time, that's still enough time for one of the guests to have died there. Someone once told me that many spirits don't confine themselves to buildings, and will instead be attached to the land. That makes more sense to me, as that other woman had a similar experience at the same resort.

Also, if you can, try to remember the style of the pants, that may give you a clue as to the timeframe of this spirit's life. Were they tight or baggy, high or low waisted, boxy and thick selvidge like old work jeans from the 1800's, or newer, stylized jeans? Bell bottoms? You get the idea.
snowboarder300 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-12)
This happened so long ago, I had actually forgot about it until I read purpletrees cabin story. Growing up within a 75 mile radius of the area, you hear all sorts of stories about "men of ill repute" hiding out in the areas up there in the mountains, and many did pass thru. My own personal homestead has a legend of buried treasure on it somewhere, and an actual indian burial ground (we don't mess with it out of respect). There would certainly be plenty of places to hide up there. The apparition I saw only kind of from the back and side. It was dark and the "jeans" might not have been jeans at all, because it was quite dark, and it was not "glowing" or anything like that. It struck me as a kind of mountain man kind of apparition for sure. You just got that feeling being near it. What troubles my idea that its some ancient "pioneer" is how its loop played right into the layout of the cabin, which was very new at the time. It felt at home in the cabin, like its goings about were attached to it. I would venture to say that no one had died in that cabin, surely, by that point, and yet, it seemed almost in place in that cabin. I have even wondered if maybe it wasn't a dead spirit at all, but simply the residual energy of maybe several people, alive and well, who have had great experiences there. Less a ghost and more just an imprint.
RedBlackRosemama (34 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
You say you saw a man no shirt on but blue jeans on? Sound like cowboy maybe could be back in 1800 spirit that you made had seen. I know they still make blue jeans now gladly they cause I am always wear blue jeans. Maybe he was there before the cabins build.
DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
I'm not sure I'm following your comment vjhchef. Does it have something to do with this story?
Vjhchef (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
Slightly annoyed that I can't share my experience due to the plethora of false stories. I worked at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. The place built on a Civil War battlefield where 10K lost their lives. VERY active location;I saw odd things within 2 weeks of being there.
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
These are so weird - yours, purple trees' pegged-legged thing (yes it still bothers me!) and the 'what was here before cabin 112' story - all in the same area and all very active despite nothing around for miles.

So many questions running through my head... Is it a good hide out area for people of questionable morals? If the mountains were known as being haunted (from old Indian legends or whatever) bad guys could easily have made their home there, leaving their mark from the 1600's to recent, kind of like the banished Robin Hood and his Merry Men without the merry men - or the noble causes.

All I know is I will be staying out of the Smoky Mountains. No thanks.

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