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This past December I once again visited with my parents in Mozambique. Differences this time were my aunt was not invited and I had undergone a big operation at the end of November and was not allowed to drive so my parents came to pick myself and my kids up. Due to the fact that I had a lot of pain after the operation, my contact with my three resident spirits - Adam (4-year old who died in the house), Charlie (my guardian) and Gran (my maternal grandmother) had been affected. My medium friend, Tim, told me that they can feel my pain and in most instances, it amplifies whatever pain they felt, so they kept their distance. I had little reassurances that they were there (little noises and so on), but no touches.

Christmas week we went to a lovely resort and stayed with friends of my parents. Or rather, they rented a beach cabin, and because they are all friends with the owners of the resort, managed to get it approved that we set up a tent to stay in the 5 days we were there. We literally only used the beach cabin for the bathrooms, which was a little uncomfortable as you felt like you were invading other people's space. However, we made the best of it.

On Monday, 23 December, one of the girls staying in the beach cabin, let us call her Mel, told her mother-in-law (who is my mom's friend) that while she slept in the loft of the cabin on Sunday night, she woke up to someone sitting down on her side of the bed. She felt the mattress give way under the weight of someone, and she knew it was not her husband because she was lying with her back against his. She said she was so afraid she just lay there with her eyes closed, too afraid to look until she eventually fell asleep again. Everyone who heard what she claimed laughed it off as a wild imagination. My mom and I just gave each other knowing looks, but obviously did not join in the conversation. I had known, the first time I set foot in the cabin, that I was not alone.

To give you an idea of the layout of the place, you enter the cabin from the left. Upon entering, you have a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom directly in front of you. Next to it as you proceed to the right, is an entrance to a bathroom, downstairs bedroom and the stairs that lead to the loft. It is built entirely of wood and the roof is thatch. That is the entire cabin. The kitchen is located a few feet away from the cabin, as your basic entertainment area. All reeds and thatch, with low brick walls for support. But except for having a huge spider run around the table repeatedly while seated in the kitchen, which of course made the women squeal and jump on chairs or run out of the kitchen, nothing else happened there.

The Sunday night, 22 December, as I took my boys into the cabin (the first room upon entering) to take a shower, I was immediately aware of the fact that we were not alone. I also knew very well that both Gran and Charlie were with us, but the other presence I did not recognise. After my kids were finished, I sent them out to my parents and I got in the shower. From the moment the boys left the room, the feeling of being watched was immense. I heard soft knocks on the wall right next to the shower, which was just Gran letting me know she was there. But every night as I took my shower, I knew I was being watched. I also knew that Gran was with me and Charlie was outside the door.

On Monday we went to the beach, glorious weather but it gets so hot there that by 9AM you literally burn blisters on your feet if you walk on the sand. Mel and I were standing in the ocean, with my kids playing around us, when I told her that I believed what she said about someone being on the bed. She was astounded.

Later that day I contacted Tim and asked him what he could sense in the cabin. Feedback was, this is not a nice entity and try to avoid the middle of the cabin where the loft and other bathroom is as this thing will try and get to you there. Luckily I have ghostly "bodyguards", and my intuition was spot on. I avoided that part of the cabin at all costs. Whoever this entity is/was, at least it never left the cabin.

Needless to say, I was relieved to head back to my parents' place on Friday, 27 December.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
As usual, I love to hear about your Gran and Charlie. Thankful though your hunches and they also knew, to be aware of this entity. Hopefully you have made a great recovery, and are feeling well. Love cabins and the outdoors, wish I could have been there! 😊
broiquapride (22 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-23)
you are so lucky that you have guardians and also I am glad that he told you where to stay away from so you didn't get hurt you very lucky 😊

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