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I have experienced many things in my life and I thought I would share them with you. My first experience happened years ago when my stuffed animal and my brother's stuffed animal became possessed on Christmas day. I was up all night because I couldn't sleep. I do not remember seeing or feeling anything enter my room, but I knew something was there. Then the stuffed animal's eyes turned red and they started moving. I know I was not imagining things because he saw it too. We woke up my mom to tell her but she did not believe us and said we were seeing things. But we went to show her but when we got close to them, they stopped moving and their eyes turned back to their normal black color. In the morning, I forced my mom to get rid of them but she just put them in a bin in my closet. I got rid of them myself. I haven't had an experience for years after that.

My first experience in years was seeing a candle turn light different colors when it wasn't lit. This candle was a special candle that turned different colors when it was lit up. It was a real candle, not a battery powered candle. My mom said it was my grandfather's spirit because she has had experiences with his spirit before. When my mom said,"Hi daddy." It stopped. Another experience with the candle is that it lit up without being lit, it was not my grandfather's spirit this time. It stayed like that for days until it stopped. But now it doesn't work at all, even if we light it.

My latest experience was a little while ago. It was at night, I was going to the bathroom when I heard someone whistle. I looked around and saw no one there. I rushed back to my room.

A little bit after that, my mom started hearing noises on our basement stairs. They sounded like footsteps. They stopped after awhile. I haven't had any experiences after that.

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FalseProfit (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-24)
This is something that I can relate to. I just finished writing my own story, and since I was a little kid, I wouldn't keep stuffed animals in my bedroom. I had too many nightmares of them attacking me and I think I felt one move on it's own once.

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