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Vanishing People Near Bandipur,karnataka, India


This event happened around 4 years ago on Oct 2012. We were a group of 8 people travelling in an Innova car towards a National Park, Bandipur from Bangalore, Karnataka. In order to avoid traffic we started the journey at 11. 30pm in the night. After a few hours, all except the driver, my cousin and my friend had dozed off. My friend was sitting in the middle in the back behind my cousin's seat, my cousin beside the driver.

Anyone who has traveled to Bandipur National Park would agree that after Nanjagund the road is all empty except for a few passing trucks and buses. This area that I am referring to has no street lights since it meanders through villages and small towns. My cousin in suffering from Insomnia so he was wide awake when the incident happened. I guess the driver was driving fast because when he braked, I heard the screeching sound of the tyres rubbing against the road and was almost thrown off my seat. Luckily, my cousin and the driver were wearing seat-belts.

I opened my eyes and I saw in front of the car near the bonnet 2 men standing with hands on each other shoulder, they were wearing white shirts which were soiled and had a tired look on their faces. All I could see was up to their waist. The only light source was from that of the headlight of the car.

My cousin and the driver got down from the car frantically, the doors were open, I thought we had run over someone. I was still a bit hazy from my sleep. The light went off for a couple of seconds might be for 3-4 seconds and the area was plunged in darkness, then all of a sudden the lights were back. My cousin and the driver ran back and slammed the door, the driver accelerated and drove at full speed. I kept on asking what had happened, however no one was ready to answer the query. My cousin said he was asking for directions from the 2 people and asked me to sleep.

We came back to Bangalore after the trip and it was not after a month that my cousin told me the whole story. It was around 3.00am, when we were passing through a deserted village and almost out of nowhere 2 men appeared on the road with hands on each other shoulder, the driver applied the brakes and that's when they had got down checked what had happened to them, it seemed they had no legs and they hurriedly ran into the car and the driver literally took the car through them, they just vanished in thin air when the vehicle started to accelerate.

I am sure I had seen the 2 men, my cousin, the driver and my friend, we all had seen it. I have traveled many times after that incident to that particular place, however I have never encountered any such thing again.

If someone has experienced such things on the Bangalore-Bandipur route do share your experience.

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rashdilawari (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-31)
same also happened to my cousin at some different place. While he was coming back to home from his friend's house on his activa around 2:00 AM. One lady in saree just collided with him... He tried to help her but no one was there...
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-19)
One my friends has the same experience while travelling in night, not on the route you have mentioned. They saw a lady in pure white with big hair asking for lift. They all saw her but luckily driver drove fast. You were lucky that you didn't met with any accident. Scary story indeed!
magicwand (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-27)
Thanks for sharing your experience... Such experiences are very common in India... Every highway or small roads have such stories...
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-25)
An incident that can make anyone afraid out of wit. I have heard about many routes in India being haunted. Some have stories of tragic accidents behind them, suicidal attempts or even devilish occupancy and even one such site is in my locality. And not all people who go by these routes experience the same and that's the reason probably you never met those mysterious people. Try to find out the history of the place and that route.

Thanks for Sharing! 😊

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