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House Recently Built Near Unmarked Graves


To begin, I'm not a professional story teller or writer. This stuff did happen and I absolutely detest people who make up stories or deceive for attention.

In 2002 my mom and stepdad bought a house in the neighborhood I grew up in (after living in an apartment and splitting custody with my dad for 5-6 years). The location I'll keep unnamed. The neighborhood was planned and all of it was built on old orchards and abandoned farm land which goes way back to the old Oregon settlers, as this was the valley down from the mountains.

For about 2 years we never noticed anything strange or weird, muchless even thought about our 4 year old house being haunted or anything like that.

I believe the first activity happened over summer time. My brother, friend, and I were at my dad's house, which was a few miles away. My brother went back to my mom's to grab something but he never came back. Later we found out from my mom (my brother doesn't talk about thing that scare him) that my brother (let's call him Jake) had gone up the stairs and was going to his room in the dark (it was night) and he heard a young girl's voice say "Hey Jake" from the bathroom which was adjacent the hallway to his room. He apparently heard it loudly and very clear and sprinted into his room, slammed the door, and slept with the lights on. The next day he'd asked my mom if it was her and she denied being awake at the time. Things became more concentrated after the incident with my brother and would continue for another 10 years on and off.

Our friend Tony said while he was sleeping in our game room upstairs (largest open space area in the house) he felt someone stroking his hair and heard breathing. He thought it was us messing with him and had gotten up, realized the TV was shut off because it was pitch black, and he was so freaked out he ran downstairs and slept on the couch in the living room. At the time I was 16 and my brother and Tony were 15.

A few months after that little stuff I started to notice things in the game room when the door was open. The small hallway upstairs was perpendicular to the game room and if you wanted to go downstairs you had to walk towards the room and take a right down the stairs. I started noticing things that were blacker than black walking back and forth in the already dark room. At night with the shades down that room was extremely dark and to see things moving back and forth was terrifying. It almost seemed like it were groups of entities walking back and forth; this was before I ever heard about shadow people.

A couple weeks later my brother and I were watching TV late at night downstairs and my brother had passed out. After about 20 minutes, I saw movement in the darkness of the stairwell which was right across from the living room where we were. I fixated on the movement and saw something in a light colored robe slowly sliding down the stairs as if it were floating not walking. I saw a hand or something like it stretched out on the railing which faced me. Initially it scared me and then I thought it might be my mom because she wears a robe at night and also has medium length dark hair. Unfortunately that comfort didn't last but a second and then whatever it was just faded into nothing at the bottom of the stairs. I was already shaking my brother by this point. He didn't really care what I told him I saw and didn't believe me, but it was comforting to gave someone awake with me then.

Things started getting weirder in the house. I noticed my cat always fixating on something in the upper corner of my room, like something was floating around, or talking to her. It freaked me out and anytime she would start doing it, I'd kick her off my bed!

One night my own mother woke me up at 2 AM. You know what she asked me? I was 18 at the time. She asks in a very terrified demeanor (my mom doesn't lie and when she's afraid it's gotta be truly terrifying) "I need you to check under my bed." Of course, unlike any other brave accountable son, I said "Yea, no."

She wouldn't tell me why initially but pressing her on the whole deal, she eventuality told me she woke up because she heard screaming. This was no dream because she said she continued to hear it after she woke up but it wasn't from outside or downstairs. She said she heard it underneath her headboard. Almost as if it was "someone screaming like they were being dragged to hell", those were her words. We both checked and didn't see anything of note and I can't remember if she went downstairs or not for the rest of the night.

Often at night I would be up and usually make myself dinner late. Almost every night for a few months I would get a really anxious feeling being in the kitchen. What it felt like was as if someone strong, angry, big, and terrifying was yelling at you at the top of their lungs to get the f**k out of there. Like you were definitely hated and did not belong there. It was awful when it would happen. Perfectly normal kitchen one second and boom, hateful sinister environment the next. One time I saw what looked like a young kid walk across the kitchen archway; that was unsettling.

More weird things started happening and these were very frequent; loud freakin' bangs, crashing, and chaos. We had a few cats in the house so anytime one of these crashes happened they'd run up or downstairs depending where the noise originated.

Two times that stick out were once I was downstairs watching TV and my mom was upstairs. All of a sudden I heard the loudest crash I've ever heard in a house coming from the garage. It sounded like all the shelving on the wall fell over and crashed on top of glass and metal. The sound shook the house! This was no earthquake, I've had it happen before and this wasn't a bang. This sounded like everything was falling off the walls. I quickly ran to the garage door fully expecting to see carnage but not a single thing was touched or had fallen. I inspected and searched around. My mom and I were pretty freaked out.

Another time I was again downstairs and heard upstairs what sounded like everything in my bathroom being thrown to the floor and all the soap crashing in the tub. Followed by the cats farting down the stairs. Again I ran upstairs, thinking the cats knocked all my stuff over but there wasn't a single thing out of place.

A few years after I moved out, my mom and I decided to do some EVP. My mom actually asked the questions. She asked if it was a boy or girl, clearly I recorded something saying "boy". If anyone wants the recording I can provide it as I still have it from 2008! To be honest I can't remember all the questions but we got other responses in a male voice. Of note, it was just my mom and I and if I spoke it was obvious. There were no other people. I let the device record in the room after we left and you can hear tons of noises like someone is moving around in the room.

After I moved out of the house into my first apartment, I felt like whatever was at the house actually attached itself to me. I still feel that way to this day, I constantly have cold winds in my house around me at night when there isn't a window open or I'll hear voices of people that aren't in the house calling me. I hate it.

Anyway, back the first apartment. The first and only experience I had there was the first couple days my roommate and I moved in. There was a Duck game going and I was getting on my laptop to find out what the score was (this was 2007 and smartphones weren't as common as they are nowadays, plus internet was terrible on them!) and I heard the nastiest, most guttural growl come from my room while I was sitting in the living room. We didn't have cable yet and I didn't have any TV on or music. It literally sounded like one of those Demon Dog/gargoyles from Ghostbusters. It scared the sh*t out of me! I remember the sound to this day, don't know why it happened, but it never happened again.

A few years go by and the most activity me and my roommate have is him saying he sometimes hears someone walking around in my room or in our kitchen and he thinks it's me but I was never home when he heard these things. Actually this kind of stuff happens a lot even now. My wife says she heard me walking upstairs or fiddling around in my record room but I'm either not home or asleep downstairs. Just creepy stuff.

I eventually had to move back to my mom's place after my roommate decided to move home to save money. My mom later moved out and my girlfriend, who is now my wife, moved in. She isn't one to admit to seeing things but one time she saw something in our bathroom mirror while she was doing her hair and she refuses to tell me even to this day exactly what it was. She'll never admit when she's scared, even horror movies. She'll get up and go to bed acting like the movie is dumb when it's actually scaring her. So one day maybe she will feel up to it. She was vulnerable and scared when she told me about it but quickly zipped her lips and now denies ever saying anything about it.

Anytime I wasn't living there nothing would happen. Nowadays nothing happens anymore but I feel like whatever was there is with me now. Popping up briefly here and there.

I actually had a spiritualist tell me that something was partially possessing my life or something negative was attached to me that wasn't a part of me. I went through prayer with a few spiritualist healers once when I was 21. It was pretty weird at first but I felt it, felt like something left me for awhile and my life felt more positive. Eventually whatever it was has slowly infiltrated me again.

Anyway, feel free to message me if you can.

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Metalluthier (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-21)
Thanks for all your comments!

I left a few things out when I wrote this on accident. I've never written all this stuff down before and tried to recall all that has happened. I didn't even think I was going to be writing that much.

About the unmarked graves;

The house we moved into which was brand new only had one family live in it for 2 years before us. The owner was the man whose construction company was contracted for that development. He told us the only weird thing he saw in the house was his sons room (my room) door knob turning and opening on its own.

Other than that one of my moms longtime friends lived near farmland in the same area further North and she has a ton of activity in her house. So much that they have a name for the entity. She said about 10 years or so ago (this was 10 years from 2005) she looked into the areas history and found that the area near her house and the development which had been Filbert orchards prior were actually old settlement graveyard beds from the 1850's on to the early 1900's. I tried l research this online years ago but couldn't find anything.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-16)
If I were you, I would start researching methods of cleansing and shielding depending on which belief system (s) I subscribed to or felt comfortable with. Whether its internet, library, religious institution, spiritualist church or new age center/store - choose that which fits most with your beliefs and go to. From prayers to spells, holy water to crystals, there are all sorts of options out there and don't be afraid to try out several so long as you believe in them.

If you feel comfortable specifying where your personal beliefs lie, I am sure folks will be able to recommend more specific options as there are members here from many different schools of thought and religious/spiritual beliefs- but only if that is information you don't mind providing.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-15)

Sounds like a lot of activity! The loud bangs you described... I have a story where my parents experienced this. Here's the link if your interested, it sounds similar:

As for your cat staring at something you can't see; pets are more sensitive to energy and anything "we don't see", it sounds like your cat was more curious than frightened. Maybe there is something harmless in your house too?

Of course, much of what you described does appear to be unnerving and frightening. Your title mentions unmarked graves? What information do you have regarding the cemetery/graves? That would probably help us give better advice and information on what you're dealing with.

Thanks in advance, great story. - Dee
GraveArchitecture (1 stories) (7 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-14)
You story was very detailed and definitely gives a very good sense of the frightening stuff that you've been encountering. I do have one question, though. The title of your story alludes to the house in question being built near unmarked graves, but you don't go into much detail about that in your story. Is that something that was confirmed? Do you know how many burial sites might be nearby or when they date from?
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
Metalluthier - I'm rusty at offering advice or even just leaving comments so bear with me.

I enjoyed reading this very much. Having others experience things, even though they aren't necessarily what we have experienced, sometimes helps alleviate the "OMG! Am I crazy?" paranoia LOL Or even just having someone to share your experiences with that may not have believed the activity was happening can be a blessing. I hope one day your wife will be able to share with you what she experienced.

I know what you mean when you said you felt the attachment leave. I had a friend who is a Reiki Master ask me if I wanted her to make my attachment leave. I literally felt the attachment leave my body. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever felt. And I am forever grateful to her for her help.

Have you tried smudging your home and yourself, or any type of cleansing?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and welcome to YGS ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜

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