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My Grandmother's Village


This story take place when I went to my grandmother's house Kota Tinggi, Semenchu at Malaysia.

It was a December Holiday, so my family and I make a plan to go to my grandmother place since we never been there foe quite long. My siblings and I were excited to go to the Kampung (Village). So we going to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. At first my mum disagree because she was pregnant to my little sister, but at last she agree to it.

When we reached there, it was very peaceful place in the day. Hearing birds singing, seeing monkey jumping tree to tree it was really wonderful. But in the night time, its really terrifying. So here's the story:

On the first night, I really can't sleep, due to excitement. So I was the last person to sleep, before I went to sleep I was playing a game on my phone, you know village doesn't have internet or wifi right? Okay, so I was playing games, then suddenly I heard someone knocking the front door at 12 AM in the morning. I was wandering who might it be? So I get up from the bed, and walk toward the front door, when I was about to open, my grandmother stop me and said " Don't open the door, you might let 'them' in the house." I was curious, what let 'them' in? So I went back to bed, and I was thinking what did my grandmother mean by that. I was still awake at 1.30 AM in the morning, while I was trying to figure what my grandmother is trying to say, I heard someone calling my name from outside the window. I was really curious, who would call my name in the middle if the night? Because my parents have fallen asleep same goes to my sibling. I still heard someone calling my name but I ignore it. So I continue playing my games, then suddenly, I heard someone trying to open the window by knocking or hitting the window. Then my grandmother came in my room and she warn me again not to open the window, she come close the window, and read some verse from the Quraan. Then the sound of knocking and hitting of the window stop just like that. Then my grandmother asked me to sleep, and she said that is not good for a young lady to sleep late at night. So I felt asleep within 20 mins.

The next morning, I was so curious about last night, so I went up to my grandmother and asked her what was that last night. She says is a penanggal. The Penanggal is a detached female head capable of flying about on its own. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, and these organs twinkle like fireflies as the Penanggal moves through the night. The Penanggal is usually a female midwife who has made a pact with the devil to gain supernatural powers. It is said that the midwife has broken a stipulation in the pact not to eat meat for 40 days, having broken the pact she has been forever cursed to become a bloodsucking vampire/demon. The midwife keeps a vat of vinegar in her house. After detaching her head and flying around in the night looking for blood the Penanggalan will come home and immerse her entrails in the vat of vinegar in order to shrink them for easy entry back into her body. The Penanggal's victims are traditionally pregnant women and young children. The Penanggal perches on the roofs of houses where women are in labour, screeching when the child is born.

That's the reason why the Penanggal want to go inside of the house.

Enjoy reading my story, and do comment.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-25)
How the heck do pennangals reattach the ending tip of their digestive tract to Proper spot between their gluteus? Not to mention how they prevent ulcers to their internal organs after the constant exposure to acid...
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-10-29)

Like Tweed, I find it a bit hard to believe and not just put it under superstition or urban legends but it's no more far fetched than the belief that 3 knocks is a demon/ evil spirit seeking entrance - and many westerners seem to believe that! 😊
Apparently your Grandmother also heard the knocking because she was able to stop you from answering the door and later your window. That sounds like it was a good thing!
Wouldn't let me use the full name either! Lol
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-26)

Far out, err yes I've read about this entity on here before. As a westerner it's a bit hard to believe. Have to wonder if it's not just superstition and urban legend.

Well, real or not. I for one would never willingly answer the door in the middle of the night. Nor would I be curious as to why someone was calling my name from the window. I'd be more alarmed and frightened. Were there closed curtains on the window? There'd be no way known I'd be able to sleep with someone outside. 😕

Do you think this could've been locals playing a prank?

Haha YGS just told me not to use vulgarity! Not I, it was in the OP's name, I typed it out exactly as it read. Does that mean the OP won't be able to comment because of their username? Imagine that! 😜

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