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I'd moved to the small town I live in now about 2 years ago, and for about a year now I've been feeling uneasiness in my house and out of it. At night there are creaking sounds of floorboards like there's a heavy weight walking across the floor, there are shadows/dark silhouettes on my walls where there is no light, there are bangs on doors and from inside the cupboard in my room. This has been a reoccurring thing since I've moved into this house.

Ever since I was little (yes, I had similar experiences where I used to live- however not as bad) I've had this feeling of being watched by something I could never see myself. I remember screaming in the middle of the night when I was in primary school and my nightmares seemed to get worse over time.

Back to the present, my friend has been having similar experiences as me but of course not identical. She used to be a big fan of dolls and has grown up with them ever since she was a baby and has only just, since been in secondary school for a while, has lost her love for them. She's currently trying to sell them but this particular doll has, undoubtedly, a creepy aura about her.

My friend has told me she's seen this doll moving around at night and has even spotted the doll peeking her head around her bedroom door to watch her as she sleeps. This doll has even been heard screaming/wailing/etc at night.

For the past week or so I have been looking after this doll for my friend as the room she's keeping all the dolls she's selling is so cramped (she's a pretty big doll). Also she'd like a break from all the disruptions this doll has been causing. This doll has been in my room (but still as far away from me as possible) and at first I started to doubt that anything was "in" her at all until a few days ago.

I decided to set up a camera on my phone in my room to record her while I was downstairs eating dinner to possibly catch her doing something. To my disappointment she didn't move at all but after rewatching the video half a dozen times I watched her face very carefully and I noticed that at the beginning of the video just as I left to go downstairs her left eye was blood red (her normal eye color is bluey-green) as soon as I turned the light out so it was pitch black. I hadn't properly thought it through and I hadn't intentionally switched the lights off so I couldn't see anything. Once I came back up half an hour later to check on her and stop the video, her eye was back to its normal color.

Two nights before this, I woke up in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone pressing me down into my bed; it was too dark to see what or who it was. I tried to turn my bedside light on so I could see but my arms were held down and there was a feeling of hair dangling onto my nose. My legs were numb and for some reason too heavy to lift so I couldn't kick around much- not helped much by the fact that I'm not the strongest (physically) of people and may be suffering from an illness at the moment that makes me weak and tired 99% of the time. I fear this may make me an easy target. I don't remember what happened after that cause I slipped back into drowsiness and fell back asleep.

That morning, I woke up to find an ugly bruise that wasn't there before on one of the arms that were held down. I was appalled and shaken up by it and immediately told my friend who was just as freaked out.

Anytime either my friend or I look at this doll in the eyes we feel like our energy is being drained from us; my friend has been feeling that for years. It's a new feeling for me and to say 'I don't like it' would be an understatement.

We are not entirely sure what is going on yet but we'd like any helpful feedback you can provide. Sometimes we feel like we are going crazy cause our parents don't believe us- no one we know does.

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