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Here I am talking about few of my experiences living in a creepy place crowded by unusual entities. The first place was the flat I shared with my friend, Abdul given that we both rented it together during our college days.

We had our house on the second floor and the room was converted from an attic. Thus, it contained the sloped ceiling, two square windows and a semi furnished flat. That room definitely had something that could put anyone in a terrible mood. However, the room was always cool irrespective of the fact of the weather outside. The second room had a common gate through my room and it was fine with a normal room temperature. For the first few months I spent there, I pushed my mind to believe those mood swings and cold spots were all an imagination, until the time my friends who visited my apartment started complaining of the spookiness of that house. I did not mind yet again, thought it was just some constructional issues and let it go.

Few days later, one of our close friends called us to discuss something really important. It was very late and I knew it was something too important. He worked at a police station and showed us some records which concluded a suicide taken place in the very particular room I lived in my apartment. But, during my stay I never felt anything else other than the presence of cold spots and a depressive mood and I lived there for more years without any other troubles.

Years later, I moved into a housing society and picked the second room of the apartment. I used that room as an office during my college days. Occasionally, I felt like someone else was present in that room. It was the sensation of someone watching you quietly and giving you an angry look from a corner. I just knew something was very wrong with that place but I thought to let it go.

Later, when I was working on a project on my laptop, the screen would suddenly have the weird flicker, as if something magnetic passed by the screen. Periodically it crashed without a warning. I still kept my superficial thoughts at bay.

A few months later, when I was in bed, I felt as if someone was watching from the next room. I woke up and look over that room but found nothing. From then on, I began experiencing something worse.

From the next evening, everything began to change. All three of my cats would line up in that door way all night while I slept. They sat up all night and stared at something all night. Finally one day when my computer was crashing over and over and the feeling of being watched grew on, I went mad and screamed out. "I live here and I am not going to leave this place. I am going to fight with you no matter what." The feeling went away and my laptop did not crash any long. That made me sure of the possession of my house by some spirit.

The last experience was the most interesting one as it made me feel the paranormal. At that time, I was living in a roughly 100 year old building, on the top store. It had been a very warm summer, and I finally became frustrated and bought an air conditioner. So I had finished installing it in the bedroom, and was sitting on the bed, leaning with my head against the conditioner to chill on. I felt as if one of my cats jumped up on the bed. (For those of us who are used of cats, know how it feels when a cat is walking over the bed to you)

I reached my hand without looking to pet my cat, I felt nothing. Then I asked the cat to come over, and felt it walk closer on the bed, but still I was unable to feel it. So I turned around, and felt awkward to see the cat in the other room. I looked down at the sheets on the bed, and saw foot print indentations appearing all around the covers, not of the cat. I called my cat again, and the prints moved closer. It was actually clearly visible.

Later, I found my cat chasing nothing all around the house, playing in the way two cats do, with pounce and jump, stalk and hide type act, but all alone.

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VivekThekote (1 stories) (105 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-28)
Hi Paranormal, It was a chilling account. Animals can sense paranormal activities. Try to Holy Cleansed the House you stay. What happened when you saw your cat playing with unknown entity. Please reply. God Bless All

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