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I previously wrote an experience on this website titled Ghost at my bed. This is another experience I had at that same house and I believe the same ghost.

My mother, sister and I had just moved into a new home. It was about 7pm and the sun had just set. I had been in my room on my laptop and realized I was pretty hungry.

The house was quiet when I walked out of my bedroom and I wondered where my mum was. I looked all around the house and the back yard but couldn't find her.

I then walked out the side door which lead to the front of our detached garage. I opened the door and could see light spilling out of the garage as it was open to just below my knees.

I walked closer and stopped as I could see that it was obviously a mans legs standing in the garage. He wore beige long pants and sneakers. I knew it belonged to a guy because he had very large feet and my mum never wore clothing like that.

I freaked out, I thought someone had broken into our garage.

I ran around the house to the backyard and tried to think what to do. I didn't own a cell phone so I couldn't call the police.

It took me about two minutes to decide but I plucked up some courage and went to the side garage door. I yelled at him to leave right now and that I called the police. I was ready for a fight when my mum opened the door.

She looked pretty bewildered at why I'd be yelling at her like that. I asked her frantically if there was someone in there with her. And she told me it was just her.

I looked past her into the garage and there was none there it was an empty garage beside some boxes.

I explained to her about what I'd seen and she went pale in the face.

She'd been in the garage for about an hour sorting out boxes.

The whole time she felt like something was watching her and she was too scared to turn around in case she saw something.

It really freaked her out and she confessed some of her own experiences of seeing the exact same young man I had been seeing.

Not long after this experience my mum had to go see the owners of the house.

I can't remember why but it was privately rented though them.

She came back and told me that when she was in the house she saw a picture of a man who looked like our ghost in his house.

Turns out the owners son had died of cancer when he was 19.

We never told the owner about the ghost we kept seeing.

And we never found out why he was drawn to that house.

Thanks for reading and letting me share this experience.

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RCRuskin (9 stories) (820 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-16)
Like Argette, I'm wondering if the young man ever lived in the house. I would suppose he had, and having died there, the owners moved out and rented it, not wanting to break ties with their home.

Just an idea.
Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2017-03-16)
Good one, 323astina!

So the owners' son never lived in the house?

Is it possible he hung out there, or played a role in it somehow? Did odd jobs, or maybe even met up there with his friends, unbeknownst to his parents? Maybe he is returning to the scene of happy memories?

Scary. This is the sort of thing that sends chills up my spine.

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