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Vanishing Intruder


This story occurred when I was about two or three so I don't really remember much of it myself but have been told the story several times by both my mother and sister, on different occasions and both of their stories match up.

My mum, sister and I were all sitting in the living room at about 9pm when we heard the back door open and slam shut and then footsteps crossing the kitchen floor, this is a very distinctive sound as we have vinyl flooring and so shoes tend to squeak on it.

We thought nothing of it as my dad was on the late shift and assumed that he had returned. At this point I shouted for him but when there was no reply, we all went to investigate but found nobody there, we even checked the backyard but still found nothing. At this point my mum and sister were growing scared so called my dad to ask where he was and found that he was still at work. To this day we have no idea what caused this incident.

Two things that are very important to point out are that the backyard is sealed off from the street by a six foot wall and plastic roofing so would be very difficult for somebody to get into the backyard without breaking the lock on the door, which was intact after the incident and secondly the back door is quite heavy and would not have been blown open by the wind as it was a summer night with barely any breeze as my mum and sister investigated.

This incident may be linked to my other story as I have had many experiences in this house but these have been the most physical and frightening.

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