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Intruder In My Dream And The Weird Occurrences


This happened last week. I think it was either Monday night or Tuesday night, I don't really remember. All I know is that whatever it was scared me to the core and I have been thinking about it since.

Now I must tell you this ahead. I am used to seeing some strange things since I have possibly inherited my Gramma's abilities of seeing the dead in her dreams. Even though I inherited her abilities of that, it's a bit different and I have for the lack of better term - upgrades. In my dreams I can see death before it happens and I can also see disasters before it happens as well. When I was young I had a dream about a building on fire and a tall man in it. He was a shadow, but I knew it was someone important to me. I was five when this happened. A few years later, the Station Fire occurred on February 20th, 2003 or 2004. I don't remember, but my uncle died in that fire and his corpse was never seen. Anyways, ever since I could remember I could hear voices close to my ear. Some are faint while others are clear as day. I've had weird dreams that didn't make any sense, but this dream had made a great impact on me...

I was sleeping a dreamless dream nothing unusual there, right? Just an endless dark abyss. However, this 'darkness' morphed into a scenery that I cannot remember and suddenly this black shadowy figure appears just inches away from me. It looked like a humanoid figure, but not completely human, it was more demonic then anything. The thing started to bend in an unnatural way, like it's back bent in a perfect narrow 'U' shape staring directly at me. Now the form was creepy enough, but its eyes were the most haunting of all. Its eyes were in perfect circles. At first they were white and I knew that was a sign of a fallen angel since they are said to have pure white eyes to show their lack of soul. Then the thing's eyes turned black, matching it's body. I wasn't really that scared until its eyes glowed black, like I could SEE the outlines of the eyes. I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe, and I was just paralyzed until I woke up at exactly 2:46am. My mom was up too. I remember going up and down the hallway with a blank mind. I went back in my room to sleep again, but I was too petrified. It took me about 2 to 3 hours to calm down and go back to sleep. I thought I was to never hear from it again until the next day.

The day went by pretty quickly, I think there was a thunderstorm, but it wasn't too bad. I tried to avoid my room for a bit because I felt very unwelcome in my room. I decided to suck it up and claim my room again, but I was confronted with my comfortable atmosphere like it wasn't even there.

My room is very odd because I always have visitors come and go and they usually leave me be or tell me that they are with me. There is this one shadow boy who is with me at this very moment who always stares at me from the corner where my door is and never moves unless I look directly at him. I know he's there because I can sense a curious sort of presence there. He doesn't bother me, though he did startle me once because he showed me what he looked like. He had red eyes and messy 'bed head' hair. Anyways, I was in my room and noticed a mocking sort of presence nearby, so I did the reasonable approach which is yelling at it to leave. I have a very terrible temper and sometimes I cannot control it. Some spirits who are more trouble making or whatever like to feed off that and scare me.

I told it to leave and never return, it did leave, but only for a brief time. The next thing that happened was that next night. I was suddenly awoken by a loud crash. My whole family was awoken by it. It was the boxes on my freezer in the kitchen. They were knocked over. It was around 2am or so when that happened.

That morning I found out that the boxes couldn't have fallen on their own since it was stable on its perch and was secure. It wouldn't even budge. The windows were closed too so it wasn't the wind, and besides the boxes were heavy. So I concluded that that thing came back to startle my family which crossed the line. I went back in my room to find a presence in there mocking me. I glared and threatened it to leave or else. Sadly I cannot see spirits or etc anymore since I was dumb enough to tell kids in 3rd grade so I said I never want to see them again and regret it. Though every once in a while I can faintly see outlines of them.

That same day during dinner, we were all eating. My dad was working. It was around 7:00pm or so. After about 10 minutes into eating we all heard a loud high pitch beeping noise come from my room. We thought it was the AC in my room, but it was my computer. Now m y mom had the machine before I did and it never made this sound. I turned it off when I found out because it was hurting my sensitive ears. I couldn't turn it on anymore after that since my computer was fried. It was working before perfectly, but then that happened. I had enough and told it to leave or else I'll kill it.

It left, but it didn't completely leave until Friday morning because there was a terrible thunderstorm that woke me up. Lightning hit nearby and fire trucks zipped over to the problem, but I never felt its presence again. I think someone or something kicked it out. I told my parents, but they don't truly believe me since they have no experiences with the paranormal like I usually do.

I don't know what it was or why it was following me, but if it comes back I'll have it regret messing with me. I have always been curious about demons and such, but I NEVER wanted to truly summon them, ever since I knew how dangerous they are. I have never seen nor dealt with a demon before so I don't know how to identify them.

Well one more thing that had happened twice during that week which was Wednesday I think. We have two cats well three if you count my ghost kitty that died this year on the same day as my uncle's death. She turned 17 this May. Her name was Shadow. I sense her every once in a while. I miss her, but I can still hear her meows. Anyways, the two cats are named Luna (my 10 year old cat who is gray and white. She misses Shadow too) and Stella who was recently found out was a boy instead of a girl (I call him Stell for short or fur ball. My parents call him monster since he plays like a dog, he's cute and funny also he is a small white kitty with a gray spot on his head. He has green eyes). Well Stella randomly came to my room, but stopped at my doorway to sit down. He looked at me straight in the eyes and stared. I noticed his eyes turned completely black with no whites nor color. I called out to him three times for him to snap back in reality. He ran off afterwards. It creeped me out and his eyes reminded me of that thing. Thankfully the thing is gone and Stella is back to his old self again.

What was that thing and why did it come? I could never debunk it even to this day. I wish I knew, but my gut is telling me to talk to it if it comes back and try to see its side of the story. I think that's insane, but I don't know. I have been told to trust my instincts, but this time I think I'll lay low for a bit.

One more thing is there a way to communicate with the Shadow Boy (he looks to be my age) without scaring him away? It's just a question that has been bugging me. Every time that thing was in my room, the Shadow Boy always comes in to calm the atmosphere, is he trying to assure me or claim his place?

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Siskakes (4 stories) (68 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-05)
No ways! That creature with the bent back and white then black eyes sounds far too scary! Be careful of communicating it opens you up to that stuff. Maybe they hang around because they know you can see them. Maybe try ignoring them!
lady-glow (13 stories) (2934 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-04)
Do not even try the ouija board! 😠

A cat with no whites in its eyes? That shouldn't bother you, its just normal... At least if the cat is not possesed
Ghostbeliever5 (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-04)
Ouija board, I think that is the only way to communicate with the ghost to find out its reason to disturb you, it might help or you could get a priest to bless your home either way... Good luck 😁 ❤

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