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Greetings, this occurred in 1999, when I use to live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My husband and I had just purchased a brand new mobile home located in a very nice, and well taken care of trailer park. It was our first home for us. My husband, 5 year old daughter and newborn son, and I. It all started when we had a christening for my son there at our home. My uncle is an ordained minister (Baptist) and we had about 30-40 relatives and friends there. During the christening, some of us (not everyone heard it) heard what sounded like a cinder block being dropped on the floor in my son's bedroom. My uncle heard it, as I did and 15 other people. I don't understand how the other 20 people didn't hear it, anyways after that happened things started escalating.

A week after that my daughter came running in my bedroom one night scared out of her mind. She wanted to sleep with us because she seen a man come through her wall and out her window. I figured she had a bad dream so I told her she could sleep at the bottom of the bed. 5 minutes later she said "mommy I see that man again, he just went in my bathroom". If you were laying at the bottom of the bed, you can see through out the whole trailer. This scared me, and I asked her if the man went into my son's room, she said no. The next morning, when I got up, I went to get the baby (my son) and noticed the "brand new" blue living room carpet had a small patch of white larvae worms coming out of it. I'm a clean person, so naturally this freaked me out. I told my husband about it and he got rid of it.

A few days later, my daughter went to stay with my in laws for a few days because she was scared to sleep in her room plus she loved staying with her grandmother. A couple days after she left, I was on my way home from the grocery store with my son, I pulled into the driveway and noticed a perfectly round shape black spot on my daughter's bedroom window. It was the size of a cantaloupe. I went in the house, put the baby in the playpen and went to my daughter's bedroom to see what it was, it was blow flies, big ones. They were only on her window and not anywhere else in the house. I killed them all, and I counted about 80 flies. I called the exterminator to come out and have a look, this is what really freaked me out, after analyzing under the trailer and around the entire house he said," ma'am, you don't have anything dead under or around your trailer, and its strange because blow flies only come around dead things." He didn't treat the area, but after that, I never saw the bugs again, and I did some investigating and found out my neighbors were having the same strange issues and also found out the property itself was haunted. It use to be a pig farm back in the 1800's and the owner was murdered there on the property.

Eventually, we moved because my husband and I were having marital problems. I apologize for this being so lengthy, but every bit of it is true and other spooky things happened when we lived there, but I'll save that for another time. Thank you for reading my story.

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whitelightlady (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Hello Shelbyloree:
As far as I know, the other neighbors were seeing and experiencing strange things too, but not with the carpet. This was a brand new mobile home we had bought with new carpet. The worms were in one specific area, my husband was a carpet cleaner at the time and cleaned it, it was an area about the size of a tennis ball, and it looked like someone put them there, the worms weren't actually coming from under the carpet although I assumed they were because I couldn't explain how else they were there. After the area was cleaned, I never saw them again. The day after that, if I remember correctly, is when I saw the black circle of flies. It was extremely unnerving to say the least.
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Gross! Were the other neighbors experiencing circles of flesh eating bugs or just had a problem with the guy walking around? Was the carpet replaced with brand new? It does sound like something out of Hollywood. Ew!
whitelightlady (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-04)
Enlightened, when my daughter said he didn't go in my son's room, I laid there and listened, if I would've heard him crying or screaming, I would've made a mad dash. I don't think this entity ever meant harm, he was just mischievous. My son slept soundly every night. I also had a baby monitor and never heard anything strange, coming from his room, except during the Christening.
Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-04)
Hello Whitelightlady,

Very interesting and freaky experiences. I always associate that amount of flies with demonic entities. Really creepy.

When your daughter said she saw the man go into her bathroom, did you not get up and check your son? I think I would have brought him in your bedroom to sleep.

I would love to hear your other experiences. You should look up my experiences and read the one entitled "The Unwelcomed Tenants" You will know why I asked you to read it.

Thanks for the read, and it was not too long at all.

whitelightlady (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-04)
Thanks lady glo, yes there's more to this story. My daughter said he was elderly and walked with a limp, Which is strange because I had a vivid dream about him walking down the hallway towards me, back when the haunting was going on. She even told me his first name only, which is "Billy" which corroborates when I found the info at the library.
When I saw the maggots and flies, the only thing I could think of was the movie Amityville and it seriously freaked me out.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-03)
WLL: welcome to YGS.
Your story is very interesting and knowing that some of the neighbors were experiencing some paranormal activity surely debunks the possibility of the man in your daughter's bedroom being only a dream.

Did you ever ask your daughter to describe the man? Do you know if any of the neighbors saw him in their homes?

The part when you found the maggots on the carpet and the flies on the window is very creepy.

I'm looking forwards to read more of your experiences.

Thanks for sharing.

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