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Haunted Property Inside And Outside


Again, the people who read some of my other experiences on this site, or are first timers to reading my experiences, you can go back to my first published experience, "Very Unexplained Experiences".

This is a mix of some of the other crazy Unexplained experiences I've had at my sister's property on Des Voignes Road in Denison, Texas, just outside town, before she sold the property to a "flipper".

One night, I was in the living area of my 30 ft camper. My wife and I were living in on my sister's property. It was in July. Just about an hour after dark.

I just started hearing a Christmas song, don't remember which one, just barely loud enough to hear all of the words to the song. It played over and over for for 2 to 3 hours until I fell asleep. That's all that happened that night.

My wife never experienced anything on this property while we were living there (about a year and a half). She did believe in spirits because the house where she moved from, when we got together, she'd said she'd see a transparent old lady and a cat sometimes.

At my sister's property, as I would be having an experience, it would stop every time she'd come into the room or near me, wherever I'd be.

I'd go to the restroom in my camper we were living in on nearly any given night. I'd turn out the light and I swear to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that shadows would start swirling around fast every direction until I'd turn the light back on.

I'd get my wife to come into the restroom with me and we'd turn out the light before or after it'd happen to me... NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN with her in there. Ever.

I'd be up front in the camper and she'd be in the rear in the bedroom. Some nights, I'd hear what sounded like a few people whispering outside the windows.

Then I'd immediately start hearing what sounded like knives scraping the windows, trying to get the windows unlocked. Like on old houses with the cheap windows which with a knife, you could turn the lock latch and open the windows. I'd call my wife to the front while it'd be happening, and it'd stop.

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lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
1 week ago (2024-05-17)

So many things happened there. I can only count on what I truly experienced. But my niece told me so mm e of her experiences before I ever told her I had any, and few were very similar. Similar enough to believe her about some of her experiences, if not all. What I experienced, very few "seemed" to be related possibly to each other. That's why it was so crazy! You'll definitely need to see my next experiences I'm going to write. Maybe tomorrow. Not sure. I just fell down some bug rocks when walking down the dam at Lake Texoma dam to fish. I got pretty cut up and bruised up but my leg is killing me so I'll probably go get it checked out tomorrow. So depends on that when I get to do my next writing. It's some of the last things I experienced there.
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
1 week ago (2024-05-17)
CantumSEEit74 and Rajine. Thank you both for y'alls input and read! My next experience I'm going to publish has a lot more about more crazy crap at the camper inside and out.

CantunSEEit74, I've only seen one (1) shadow figure at the lake I'm at now. It was behind me. I heard twigs snapping about 25 feet behind me. I looked...nothing! I heard it again, I saw a full shadow literally all on the ground, of a person running away from where I heard the twigs snappng, behind my garage. I was at the corner of the rear of my house and rear of my garage which were next to each other. About 12 feet 12 feet apart. I saw this run the length. Of my garage and disappear. There was no lighting for a shadow to even be there. But the swirling ones where I used to! The camper only had a small window above the shower and I had it covered with cardboard but it'd still happen. If you never saw "your shadows" again, it stopped for a reason. You'd KNOW if it was explainable or not. I'm sure you were seeing something. Alot of these things don't make sense. I know you know!
CantunSEEit74 (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-05-13)
Wow I sure am thankful most of my visitations were 6 seconds or less your many voices visitations can mentally drain a person. Glad your off that property.
I had shadows driving me crazy, strait in front of my recliner is front door landing, a pillar separating sitting front room and the Livingroom opening so it's almost a 4 ft opening as soon as you come in front door a 5 ft long big skylight is in ceiling above front door opening sheet rocked 5 ft up to the roof. I had to dismiss all the shadows at this pillar even full moon nights a bird could throw shadows on wall flying buy but we both would say did you see that. We could only see doorknob from our seats I thought spirits were constantly coming in by the shadows moving by.
To the right of my recliner is main living room around 22+ ft to fireplace set in the corner and 10 ft wall with 2 windows and a glass door. The fireplace is angled in corner with glass front, and I would be watching Tv and yorkie next to me, I would catch movement out of the corner of my eye and look to see nothing. This went on for months and one night it seemed over 7 times I snapped my head sideways like something was doing jumping jacks just out of view trying to get my attention, drapes are closed and white. I am very mad now and had enough. I tell myself I am going to open my eyes as wide as I can and hope I see the little shiat that finally got my goat in the corner of my eye, I see movement and I open my eyes like never before and NOTHING, I slowly look over there NOTHING. From that day I have seen no shadows nothing at front door and no jumping jack next to fireplace wall. Was my mind playing tricks on me, I thought maybe I had an oddity in my right eye corner. All I know is since opening my eyes extra wide I have seen no shadows and it's been over 2 years now. Hope you did not bring any shadows to your new home. Good Luck out there.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-05-13)
The place that you lived at seems to be a very haunted place, with so many incidents happening, perhaps the history of the area will be able to shed some light on those incidents.

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