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Ghost Of A Former Property Owner's Wife


I worked not to long ago for a catering place in the Baltimore area from high school through college. I don't remember the exact reason it was brought up, but I believe a few of the guys I was working with were talking about ghost stories and things like that while we were cleaning up. That's when one of my managers told me about this one spirit named Margaret.

Now, Margaret was apparently the wife of the former owner of the building that we worked in. The story I was told was that one day she found out her husband was cheating on her and hung herself in the office, but it is now the loft/storage attic.

I pretty much blew it off and had a good laugh about it. But some of the guys had said they've seen strange things occur in the building. Chandeliers would sway when no air would be going through the room (I've witnessed this a few times after being told about it). A huge Christmas wreath that we would need to plug in would flash its lights on and off without even being plugged in the outlet. My manager even told me that when he was going up to the new offices one night when a few staff members and I were busy cleaning up one of the rooms that he heard the sound of an old time radio tuning in... The thing was that the power was off and we didn't have a radio like that in the building.

And now we come to my experiences with the ghost, to this day I have no idea if there can be logical explanations to it, but I continue to tell myself there are:

Our building is broken into three main rooms used for parties, the walls separating them can be raised or lowered based on need. My first experience was when we had a party in one of the end rooms and the other two were connected and setup for a party the next day. I was headed through the larger empty room to gather some glass racks from the bar the party was in and decided this was easier than going through the huge crowd in the other room. The room I walked through was completely dark except for one or two small lights by the bars at the front of the room. When I got to the middle of the room, I felt a couple of taps on my shoulder. I turned around and nobody was around, I would've seen and heard someone come in because the doors squeak and the light from the back hallway would have illuminated the room. I quickly darted to the front of the room and into the lobby, heart pounding.

My second experience happened a few weeks later. We had all three rooms separated with the right end room and the middle room both occupied by parties. As my party wound down, a manager asked me to put the flower arrangements in the beer cooler in order to preserve them for the parties tomorrow. This was a typical thing, I'd walk them over to the party room on the left end of the building, go behind the bar and then into a narrow hallway that led to the beer cooler. So instead of taking them one by one into the cooler from the room that was being cleaned up, I placed them along the bar in the empty room that was connected to the hallway. There were about 10 in all and when I walked back into the cooler and headed as far back as I could to start placing them down, I hear a woman's voice yell my name, but it was in a whisper. I sprinted out of the cooler and had to gather myself for a few minutes, I had no idea if that was in my head or not. Eventually I got the guts to go back inside, but as I stood there for awhile a dishwasher from the back had come into the empty room and I told him about what happened, he said that once they put a 15-20lbs object they ran through the dishwasher on the far back part of a shelf against the wall and it flew off onto the floor.

To this day I still don't know if that really was a paranormal experience or not. I could chalk up the tap on the shoulder to muscle spasms in my back, and the voice could've been the huge fans running in the cooler... But why was I able to hear it over the fans?

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TruthInDarkness (4 stories) (259 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-18)
taz - I agree with your assessment as well. I'm curious, have you read my 2 latest stories? I speak of the incidents from much the same perspective.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-08)
[at] CoverD,
I know just how you feel when those things happen. I worked in a haunted restaurant myself, and it does make you question if it was real. Luckily I had a mom that knew what to say and how to respond to the situation.
I agree with what taz said. It sounds as if the spirit just wants attention, or assistance. I don't see anything in your story that would cause me to think anything malevolent is happening.
Thank you for sharing.

HappySpirit (187 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-06)
Interesting story. One thing that surprises me about many people who have paranormal experiences - myself included - is how our automatic response is often fear and running. Now, there are malevolent spirits about that will try to physically harm you or try to pull you into their world, but many spirits are the earthbound ghosts of former people who need our recognition and help in moving on. I think it would be very useful if more of us knew how to respond in a calm way and help them on. Such a response would require training tho'; it doesn't seem to be instinctive.

This story brought up another interesting aside for me. I've experienced certain images for most of my adult life that were later identified as past life memories. "I" was a talented singer, regrettably rather unstable and alchoholic, who took her own life over the unfaithfulness of her husband. I've sometimes wondered if "I" still haunt my former house and if so, whether my present self could ever run into her! Beyond the location being in central Europe around the former country of Prussia, I have no idea where this took place. However, since I feel I've worked out the karma/unresolved issues from that life, I doubt there is any need for me to run into the ghost of my former self. I hope she has gone on to her rest because I resolved what she could not.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-06)
hi there CoverD interesting story,
Firstly I like the fact you have thought what it could be if not paranormal, most people don't think like that.
Now personaly I would say you have had a paranormal experiance, but not a bad one.
Yes at the time it would be frightening to be tapped and to hear your name called not for getting seeing the chandeliers moving.
It does sound like a typical haunting were the spirit wants recognition
Thanks for posting

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