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The Only Haunted House I Lived In


Like I wrote before, my family is not religious but superstitious. This happened in the early 90's, we lived in a house in Williamsburg, I was 7 I think. The house seemed like any other nothing out of the norm.

My mom was a single parent and was getting assistance with her rent. (that played a big part of my experience). After about a month or so things started to happen, sounds were first, bit by bit the occurrences got more and more frequent and noticeable. My sister was 3 or 4 she had an accident that made it hard for her to talk. But every morning she would say " who was the white lady who went my (meaning me) room last night?"

My mom and I never paid that much attention, she was little, my mom was just happy she spoke at all. I'M a dead sleeper only an act of God could wake me up.

This went on for months but didn't happen if we had house guests (my mom's boyfriend, my aunt, mom's sister, her little brother with his girlfriend and some of my mom's friends). Some how I developed insomnia and cable in the early 90's ducked after 8. I was scared of my uncle (mom's little brother), I don't know why now that I look back. But one night I was laying in bed and my uncle walks in my room with a pillow in his hands, how you would hold it like you were going to suffocate someone. I was so scared that I covered my head until my mom got me up the next morning.

I told her what happened and she called him and cursed him out for sneaking in and scaring me. He told her he was at work or something. My aunt (his girlfriend) confirmed it because she dropped him off there... Then their car broke down. My sister says it was the "white lady", (not her race but the color of her entire appearance) my mom like most parents didn't listen.

Until (this part she told me when I became a teenager), there was an all white figure standing and straddling her in her bed one night. My mom was not small at all back then (400+ lbs), the figure had to be at least 8 or 9 feet tall to stand over her and still not touch her with their legs. After that she believes everything my sister and I told her. The occurrences happened so frequently and so bad I was terrified to get up in the morning. Seeing apparitions, stuff moving (only my stuff) around, the different noises and so on.

The really scary stuff only happened to me, I lost so much sleep and couldn't eat that I got really sick. I'm sure you're asking why we didn't move... That goes back to that whole rent assistance thing I mentioned before, my mom couldn't brake the lease unless the place became unlivable. I was wasting away, that's how my mom described the state I was in. My mom still had a few more months left before the lease was up so I was sent to my aunt's house in Yorktown.

Almost over night I bounced back and was a regular kid again. My mom told us that once she, my uncle and boyfriend got everything out of there, she looked back that one last time. She said she saw an old lady in the window of my old room laughing as she drove away. Years later I had over heard my mom and aunt talking about the house and how just weeks before we moved in the former owner died there... Where at? Yes, my room, they also were saying that this lady hated kids especially boys. I guess the fact I was a boy and her bedroom was then my bedroom made things worse for me.

Years later the house is still there with another family living there, I hope they don't have boys. (A side note, my mom's friend from high school moved in to the house sometime later and said nothing happened to them there, while she was there talking to her friend, a voice whispered in her ear, " I'm still here, how's your son..." Mom said she booked and never step foot in there again.)

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