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Pennhurst State School And Hospital


I have been to Pennhurst with a group of friends. One minute I knew we were together down in the tunnels but I looked around me no one was with me at all. I was by myself at that point.

I decided to go into a building of course didn't know which one. I went into Quaker building (which is the darkest building you would ever walk in). I entered and I was ok. I felt calm and relaxed, next thing I know I had fear rushing over me (like a sugar rush). I knew the entities that are in Quaker. I tried many ways to get rid of the fear. I blinked my eyes and took a deep breath, after that I got back to normal. Maybe 5-10ft in front of me I could make out four sets of glowing red eyes.

I do know in the basement of Mayflower building there is an angry doctor who likes to throw tools or other objects. But in Quaker I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but one of my friends found me and she saw the same thing and I did blink again. In that moment I asked about 10 questions before the four sets of glowing red eyes.

In my honest opinion Pennhurst is 100% haunted. I have talked to my friends and they say "Pennhurst is extremely haunted". In my own opinion I believe each of the buildings have their own pulse and function. Quaker in my opinion is the darkest building out of all over 20 buildings.

Pennhurst has 112 acres of land, and was originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic which then got renamed to Pennhurst State School and Hospital and its been that way for years. Here's a history note: Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution was built in 1908 and closed in 1986, there were at least 3,350. Way back in the 1950s.

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Dreyk (9 stories) (27 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-12)
Way back in the 1950's... What? Seems like there was one more thought that didn't quite make it into the story. There are still countries that use institutions like Pennhurst with "varying" degrees of success.

You see news stories from back in the day (70s, 80s) talking about the terrible conditions in these asylums. You see people on the floor, covering their eyes and ears and rocking in what looks almost like terror. How much of that was due to the haunting activity. If you think about it, these hospitals have pretty much always been haunted - it comes with the territory. So, you have thousands of already distressed people, locked in their cells all night with who knows what kind of terrifying activity going on. As scary as it might be to visit one of these places now, after its been long abandoned. What must it have been like for the patients...
funeralmass (1 stories) (27 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-12)
I agree, that story was interesting yet unclearly written. Of course Pennhurst is an infamous place, right up there with places like Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Whaley House, Cohen Bray House, Eastern State Penitentiary, The Sallie House (which I'm pretty sure is just as much of a hoax as the Amityville house), etc...

Did you wander around and that's how you were alone or do you mean that you were all together and your friends mysteriously vanished. The red eyes also could use some more clarification. Did they appear to be what may have been red eyes or were they clearly red eyes? Was there some incoming, ambient light that could be reflecting a glow somehow? If I saw multiple sets of red eyes staring at me, I would open fire.

K_marie82 (1 stories) (23 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-12)
What I understood was that they saw 4 sets of glowing red eyes and asked 10 questions thinking they were eyes belonging to spirits. I would like to know what the questions were, if you got any answers and what happened to the red eyes? Like did they just disappear or did you not get any answers and therefore maybe you just left? Interesting story as I'm sure most of us have heard a lot about that place, just wish there were more details 😉
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-27)
You need help with what you have experienced... I need help to understand your experience.

Do you mean you asked the ten questions to the red eyes? If so, why did you do it? Do you know of other people encountering these eyes?

In my opinion, a little more info would be useful in order to understand your story.

Thanks for sharing.

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