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My Haunted Hospital Experience


Early 2015, I was working in a small rural hospital. The hospital had a wing for regular patients and a wing for prisoners, who would be brought in from the prison that was located in the town.

The hospital prison wing would only be opened and used if there were 5 or more prisoners admitted. This way, the non-prisoner wing would not fill up with prisoners, making the other patients and their families uncomfortable. I worked the night shift 7p-7a, and because this hospital was small and rural, there was not people/family members walking around the hospital during the night, as you may see in larger, busier hospitals. Anyways, a lab was located in the hospital that blood samples and the like were taken to. If I had time during my shifts, I would run stuff to the lab during down time to help out our CNA's.

There had been times that I had to run to the prisoner wing...alone, to get some supplies or meds, and the first few times I did, I was super creeped out. There's something about the air and the feel in there that would freak me out. I got the feeling like I was being watched. I would hurry so I could get in and get the hell out ASAP. After the first few times of going in there alone, I always made someone come with me.

One night while walking to the lab alone, I passed the prisoner wing entrance, which was dark and empty. You could always feel a creepy feeling in and near there. No big deal, just walk fast and get past it quickly. So, on my way back to my unit from the lab, again, I passed by the entrance to the prisoner wing. This time as I passed it, I heard someone WHISTLING a tune in there! I slowed down, and did a quick 2 second peek in through the opening. It was dark and empty. No staff in there- who would be in there? In the dark? And whistling? I know who. No one! So, I quickly ran back to my unit and told a couple of my coworkers, who believed me, but hadn't experienced anything themselves there.

Fast forward a couple of months.  It was during the summer time, when our patient load is decreased significantly to mostly just locals. Our unit has 20 beds, but this night we had only less than half of that many patients. The unit has only 1 way in and 1 way out for patients. When you walk into the unit, which has an oval shape floor plan, the nurses station is directly in front of you and you have patient rooms on your right and left sides. Each side is a hallway with 10 rooms going down it and there is another nurses station in the back. Each room has a glass front, like an ICU room, so you can see inside the room if the curtain is open. Empty rooms have the curtains open and most occupied patient rooms have them closed for patient privacy.

This night, the patients were placed in the rooms towards the front of the unit, where the entrance is. Most of the staff, the nurses and CNA's, stayed at the nurses station in the front. One of my CNA's, who was assigned to my patients, ended up sitting in the back nurses station because she needed a computer to chart on. I went to the back where she was sitting, and I was standing on the outside of the counter so I could face her directly and speak to her while she was sitting in front of me. As I'm standing there, talking to her, I'm looking over her head at the empty patient rooms behind her. As I'm talking to her I had to stop, and I'm pretty sure I stopped mid sentence and my mouth stayed open. I saw a man, with a patient gown on, walk from one side of an empty room to the other! I saw him, full apparition, go from one end to the other! I KNEW that those rooms were all empty.

The CNA, watching my face, started loudly saying, "WHAT? WHAT?  WHAT'S GOING ON?" and she jumped up thinking that someone was behind her. I told her not so calmly that I saw a man in room 113. I went to tell the other nurses. They checked to see if a patient had died in that room and no one had. The beds in all the rooms are ICU beds and used for ICU and non-ICU patients and we wondered if the bed was one that maybe a patient had died on. There was no way to check.

This was the topic of the night, since it amped us all up. A few hours later, the little old housecleaning lady came in to the unit clean some stuff and overheard us talking about the apparition I saw.  She wanted to share her story and started telling us what she experiences when she cleans the prison wing. She told us that when she cleans in the prison wing, by herself, she will hear someone WHISTLING in there! I was like HOLY CRAP! I heard the whistling coming from there a few months ago! This TOTALLY validated my experience!

When I first started, there was one particular room that was up by the front nurses station that would catch my eye. There were times that I would be charting at one of the computers that faced that room or walking by that room and, out of the corner of my eye, I would see what looked like a man standing at the doorway. When I would look, it would be gone. You could just see it like out of the corner of your eye. I told one of the nurses who had worked there for a while and she told me that a male patient had recently passed away in that room.

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DarriuxDarkk (6 stories) (79 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-13)
[at] RCRuskin, on the tooic regarding looking at possible John Doe's chart on said room 113 through the computer can be very tough especially with regards to HIPPA. Your user id gets flagged by the IT if keep on searching for names especially if are deceased. I work in the hospital and one time I kept searching for my own medical records on the computer and I got a verbal warning the next day because I was supposed to go through medical records if I wanted to know my chart, with that being said, it is much harder and troublesome if you search for other people on your computer database that are not part of your care.

Anyway in regards to the story, I just want to say that it's like in every hospital experiences, the ghostly paranormal ones will always be a part of it.

It brings back memories for me way back 2020 at the height of pandemic when I worked in the Covid ICU and people died left and right almost like 5 deaths in one shift. The overwhelming heavy aura was palpable in the air especially me being empathic by nature, it was really hard for me.
Limey (3 stories) (33 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-03)
A very interesting story GhostGal, and one that has a nice ring of truth to it. Supernatural events in hospitals tend to be easily believable for me, and the same with funeral homes. It seems unnatural to me for nurses, doctors and funeral directors to be making up stories like this. I have a good story about a funeral home that I'll post.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (815 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-03)
I have several thoughts on this. It's long winded, so please hear me out before responding to anything.:)

First off, there is a stigma attached to prisoners/convicted criminals. It seems we get very defensive and on edge just knowing someone of this sort is around. And it seems, generally, we are equally alarmed by all criminals, though the threat is not necessarily equal. Someone who murders in a fit of rage is a different sort than a serial killer, just as an example.

Knowing that there's a wing of the hospital specifically to house and treat prison inmates would certainly creep me out all by itself. So, maybe this is all it is.

Except for that whistling. It might be some non-ghostly thing, just wind blowing over a window, or through a microscopic, or at least very tiny, crack. It is still unnerving but if it ends up being a specific song or melody, well, it is harder to say "it's just the wind" in that case. But either way, it still creeps me out.

Do you recall if there was a specific melody or tune to the whistling, or was it just random whistling?

And now the incident in empty room 113. You say there's no way to check, and I think there might be but it is not an easy way, given how everything is computerized these days and thanks to various HIPAA laws, or is it HIPPA? Well, either way, thanks to laws and regulations, we can't just look up John Doe's medical records to see if he was put in room 113. We need to have some recognizable need to know, and then we can put in a request for someone to find the backup tape for the dates when John Doe was in room 113, load it into a computer, search for the record, print it out, etc.

I'm quite certain, however, that at some point in the history of the hospital, some patient was in room 113, and that patient died there. As Rajine pointed out: people die in hospitals. It probably was not recent, however. Or maybe the pandemic? I don't know, but I'm sure someone died there.

"This was the topic of the night, since it amped us all up." So now the whole staff is on edge and twitchy, but not from anything specific. Or rather, it is from a bunch of little things, things experienced by everyone but not all at this specific moment, just over time. So we have a bunch of nervous, jumpy energy bouncing among us and just getting us all more on edge, more jumpy, nervous, etc.

All this creates a spooky experience. But this all happened 7 years ago and though I have many questions to ask and be answered, such as whether it was a tune being whistled, I don't think any answers can be found at this late date.
Rajine (14 stories) (772 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-03)
Hi GhostGal10001

Hospitals tend to have a lot of ghostly activity because of the number of people that pass away there, some with unfinished business and some who unfortunately died before their time.
whatsthestoryghost (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-03)
There is something about hospitals, especially any variation of the number 13. I knew a girl and a guy (years apart) who were both treated for Cancer in room 13 in a hospital here in Ireland. Both recovered but neither ever said there was a malevolent spirit but they could always sense something. But the nurses, god the nurses had some stories about that room. It was like a clean room. Through one door, gown up, wash hands and then through another door and I swear I always sensed someone in that room while I sat with my friend. It was mad.

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