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Voices And Movement


This is a true story and I have believed in ghosts, afterlife, and haunting as long as I can remember.

My wife, son and I lived in a one story house several years ago that was built in the early 50's.This was in the central Ohio area and from the moment we moved in, we heard voices.

Mumbling, sighs, steps, doors... But mostly mumbling.

The doors would open and close. Or you could hear doors opening and closing. I was putting a bed together and the door started closing.

I opened it, it closed. This went on several times. Finally I said out loud, I know you're here and you are starting to annoy me. Stop closing the door. I felt a sense of disappointment but the door stopped closing, for a while.

The voices, usually at night, would wake me up at times. Again I said out loud, please stop talking, I can't sleep. The voices stopped. My wife had the same experiences. At night when I wasn't home they started. I told my wife to do the same. She was reluctant but it worked.

After that, we had more experiences of a similar nature. Voices, things were moved, noises in the house.

The house was old, the basement walls were damp and some of the blocks crumbling.

If you think the movement and noises were from settling, why would they stop when I asked them to?

We were out of town for a while and we asked a friend to feed the dog and let him out at times over a couple day period. She had heard the stories and was hesitant to go in but she did, for about 5 minutes. The bedroom door closed and she was out like a rocket and wouldn't go back. Her brother said she was crazy and went in to help out, until he heard the voices. That is when he bolted.

I read a story many years ago about someone having problems in a house in which they had just moved in. The person telling the story said they started going into houses and asking for permission to be there. After that, nothing happened. They were accepted and life went on.

I tried it, asking works.

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MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-31)
This story brings to mind my haunted house in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

It became quite clear someone, or something, was there. Doors opened and closed with regularity. When we realized this was not an aggressive or frightening haunting, we began to speak to the actor in a friendly and gentle manner.

As odd as it may sound, we began treating it as part of the family.

Occasionally the activity might get in the way of something we were doing, such as vacuuming, and we would ask it stop opening doors until we were finished. It worked for us.

I still don't understand how it could open a locked door, or one that was very difficult to open. One door in particular would stick closed in a very stubborn way. It posed no problem for our resident ghost, who opened it with ease. No wonder ghosts are regarded as supernatural.

The entity turned out to have been a teen-aged girl, a former resident of the home, who passed in an automobile accident on New Year's Eve.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-25)
Hi Source, I had a chuckle when I read about your friend's brother bolting out the door after hearing the voices too. I bet he isn't calling her "crazy" any more. 😜

From experience, asking politely but firmly does work. I think it's from the Will and the Intent. The strength of your own spiritual belief will lend weight to your request. I've done this at every place I've lived in for years. Prayer, meditation, faith and a clear intent that such "nonsense" will not be accepted. I've learned that from my paternal grandmother.

Thank you for sharing with us. Welcome to YGS. 😊

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