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Ghost? Shadow Man? Both?


I'm new to this site and have signed up in hopes of seeing other peoples thoughts and interpretations of my experiences with a ghost and/or shadow man in my childhood home. I would love to hear you thoughts and read your own similar experiences. These things are fascinating to me and I hope you enjoy my story.

I am an 18 year old girl and I have lived in a house in the county with my family of 5 for 10 years now, so I would have been 8 when we first came here and many ghostly, unexplainable things have happen. Our next door neighbour has lived there for many years and he says many families have moved in our house but never stayed long which he thought was strange and that we are the first to stick around. The family of a mother and her 3 daughters who lived here before us did not stay long at all, my mum spoke to this lady and she told us to be careful jokingly because strange things happen and that's one of the reasons she left. She said she would see shadows and hear noises and that her youngest daughter of 5 was convinced that a man and a cat lived there with them, apparently she would talk to the man and stroke and play with the cat on the ground. I recall the woman telling my mum that a washing basket full of clothes was aggressively thrown at her in the kitchen by nothing one night. The middle child who was a year younger then me showed me the fire place in the front room and told me she was scared of it and to stay away and that her younger sister was obsessed with this cat. Which of course freaked me out but my mum decided to take the house anyway because it was a steal and her nor my farther were believers.

Over the years we have had similar experiences, our 3 small dogs would regularly bark aggressively and stare at seemingly nothing and back away in fear on the stairs, in the downstairs hallway/ kitchen area. We would see shadows walk through the hallway and up and down the stairs, mostly always in the corner of our eye but sometimes clearly from the view from the front room.

The spirit seemed to have a course in the house, a route it would often walk. From the kitchen, down the hallway, up the stairs and into my old room my brothers now sleep in but it would stay from that sometimes and things have also happen in the front room.

We often captured orbs in videos and pictures taken in the house. We would frequently have a feeling of being watched or someone was in the room. Many times me and my mum have been convinced someone is in the room with us and talk to them but when we turn around no one is there.

Every winter time around Christmas these things would happen more frequently and whenever we had a year with snow outside we would hear snow balls being pelted at the front room window. One time this happen around midnight and my Dad, convinced it was stupid kids rushed out there to confront them, but no one was there. He looked down the street, nothing, snow marks were on the windows. We joke that the ghost doesn't like our family friend because every time he was left alone in the house to house sit while we were away on holiday or something he would report strange things happening to him. His things would disappear and turn up somewhere he didn't put them, which also happen to us. He would hear noises and several times he said that something had flew at him. I believe this because I was there once, he was stood in the kitchen and there was a child's car seat on the counter and it literally flew off the kitchen side and hit Drew like someone had swooped it off at him.

No one was there for this but he told us one day the washing machine door was left wide open and when he walked in the kitchen it slammed shut. Nothing aggressive has happen to anyone else though.

My mum when upset often does the washing up over the sink looking out the window and she's said that she will feel a hand brush her shoulder or her hair but no one is there and she told me that once in the garden she heard a child's voice calling mum, mum but when she came thinking it was me or my young brothers we said we hadn't called for her.

One time my dad was taking a nap on the sofa and he woke up half asleep and thought we was holding my mums hand so he stroked her hand with his thumb but then he let go to rub his eyes and when he looked up to speak to her she wasn't there, no one was.

In my old bedroom which now belongs to my two younger brothers I remember always feeling terrified, I hated that room. The feeling of being watched was overwhelming. I still get a sense of dread when I go in there to this day, although my brothers have never reported anything strange happen to them.

I feel like the most things happen to me for some reason. I would see shadows and hear noises a lot more then my parents although they did as well and often I would come downstairs early in the morning to play sims on our old computer while everyone was still asleep upstairs and on two occasions I heard smashing and banging come from the kitchen, it was so loud and it terrified me. The first time it happen I just sat on the floor frozen, listening to the ruckus, waiting for it to stop. When it finally did I got up and walked into the kitchen and everything was how it was, nothing was broken or out of place. The second time it happen I just ignored it.

A few years into living here my dad decided to take out the fireplace and replace it with shelves in the wall for gaming and TV purposes and we all noticed that after he did this things calmed down a lot. After all the strange things happening he decided to google this house and see if he could find anything like a death or fire or something but nothing came of it.

This is the last thing that happen and after this nothing strange has happen for a long time. I was maybe 12 and swapped rooms with my brothers, my bed faced the door and could see into the upstairs hallway, I always had to sleep with the door wide open for some reason and most nights I started to see a blue flashing light. I would wake up almost every night around 2am and see this bright blue light slowly flashing, it seemed to come from the downstairs hallway or bottom of the stairs and beam upstairs. I told my parents about this and they said it was nothing, it was probably the light on the Wi-Fi box that's positioned in front of the stairs on the windowsill next to the front door but I knew this wasn't the case, that tiny light could not project so much light and flash slowly in and out the way this did but they wouldn't listen. Months went by and I got used to constantly waking up at this time and seeing the light so I started not to fear it, I never went to investigate though, now I wish I had but I just used to go back to sleep.

Well one day I was in my mums bedroom sat on her bed playing the PlayStation with the door wide open and all the upstairs lights off, I only had the light from the TV and the light that was coming upstairs from the downstairs lights being on because my parents were down there watching TV. From where I was sat I could clearly see out into the upstairs hallway and as I was playing my game all of a sudden the same flashing blue light started happening, I saw this and just thought oh, there's the blue light again. I did think it was strange that it was happening when some lights was on and other people were awake and earlier on in the night because that had never happen before, but I didn't take much notice because again, I was somewhat used to it by now so I just continued playing my game while this was happening but then the light just turned on, no more flashing, and it was brighter then ever, it filled the entire upstairs hallway and flooded into the bedroom. In the door frame in front of the light was a very tall black figure, I couldn't see any facial features, clothes, no details just a pitch black figure appeared in the light, facing me in the door frame. Its head almost brushing the top of the door frame it was so tall, nothing other then the shape of the silhouette told me this was a man but I was certain. I never saw it move, nothing happen, it didn't do anything other then stay still and stare at me, I couldn't see eyes but I knew it was looking at me. Obviously I see this and it has my full attention and I am screaming terrified calling for my mum but she doesn't come because she thinks I'm being silly or something. The light and the man stayed there like that for about 30 seconds which felt like forever and I never looked away, I was too scared to look away and then he just disappeared, the light along with him, it was all gone and I got up and ran as fast as I could downstairs to my mum and dad and told them what happen, I don't think they believe me. After this night I never ever saw the blue light that I had seen for months ever again. To this day now, I have to sleep with the door shut.

Nothing else really happen after this, everything calmed down and now years later, nothing weird has happen for a few years, not even a shadow going up the stairs, the dogs don't freak out anymore either. The only other thing that's happen since that night was maybe 2 years later I had sleep paralysis which is the only time I've ever had it and I saw what I believe to be the same figure of a man stood over my bed looming over me while I'm unable to move but in this moment I didn't feel fear because I knew what was happening to me so I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep. So yeah, that's my story. I don't think its anything crazy or evil but I 100% fully believe in ghosts and would love to hear your thoughts. The ghostly things happening in my house and the blue light and shadow man could very well be un-related as one could be a spirit and the other could be a shadow person which I've heard about but I'm not sure. I like to think that the reason nothing has happen the last few years is because whatever this spirit was had found peace and moved on.

I say nothing has happen but the past few weeks 2 things have happen that are probably nothing but I just find it strange. One night me and my friend were watching the Conjuring 2 and we heard a really really loud knock on my semi open window, it sounded like the typical rhythmic knock you would do on someone's front door, this super freaked us out and we had a look outside. No one was there. There's no trees outside my window and we replayed the movie and the noise wasn't in the film, its funny because that night I had been telling her about the ghost.

Today that same family friend I told you about who's staying here for a few nights, told me this morning that last night he felt a cat crawl over him and paw at him but then he realized no cat was in the room, the only cat we have was in my room with me with the door shut but that's the first strange things for a while.

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